President of SOCEPP Gets Death Treats

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Press Release

The president of SOCEPP, renowned poet and human rights advocate Ali Hussein, has received death threats from agents of the repressive regime in Addis Abeba. This is not the first time Ali Hussein has been harassed by the agents of the repressive regime but this latest death threat, received during the holiday season, is particular in that it clearly asserts that Ali and his family would be killed without doubt. Canadian police in Winnipeg are investigating the affair.

Ever since its formation in March 1995, SOCEPP has been a thorn on the body of the regime in Addis Abeba. SOCEPP was deemed illegal from the start and its web site has been blocked for what the regime says are “political” reasons. SOCEPP member, lawyer and human rights activist Tesfaye Tadesse was knifed to death in Addis Abeba in the late nineties by the agents of the regime. The repressive regime in Addis Abeba has tried many times to divide and weaken SOCEPP and has gone as far as supporting satellite self-declared human rights groups including a so called SOCEPP Canada that has proved a failure. The president of SOCEPP, a longstanding activist and admired poet, has travelled to many places in Europe and the USA to mobilize Ethiopians in the Diaspora to struggle for human rights and to support SOCEPP as the advocate of justice. Elements linked to the regime and to foreign powers backing the regime have been trying to stop the activities of SOCEPP and thus have taken Ali Hussein as a target. Late night phone calls and abuses, death threats, insults and harassments are the least the SOCEPP and its president expect from the repressive regime that has jailed more than 35,000 political prisoners, practices torture routinely, dislocates people from their land, commits massacres and disappearances.

SOCEPP condemns the death threat sent to its president and calls on the Canadian police to protect him and his family from any harm perpetrated by the Addis Abeba regime and its agents.


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  1. It’s a wonderful undertaking. Involving the youth ensures the continuity and strength of the cause. Free all poltical prisoners in Ethiopia!!

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