Things That You Should Know When You Become Pregnant At The Age Of 40

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Many women become pregnant in the first time at the age of 40. Although we cannot deny that the rate of becoming pregnant at this age is lower than the popular age of becoming pregnant a lot. When you want to become pregnant at this age, you can follow some following small notes:
After 45 years old, it’s difficult for you to become pregnant.
The chance of becoming mother at the age of 40
When you are 40 years old, the natural chance of becoming pregnant is only 40% and this rate will reduce according to your age that is more and more increasing. After 45 years old, it’s difficult for you to become pregnant because before the period of menopause about 15 years, the amount of ovum will begin to reduce remarkably. However, your reproductive ability doesn’t completely depend on the amount of ovum, it also depends on the quality of ovum. After 40 years, your ovum can have the problem about structure or chromosome. This thing will increase the risk of miscarriage and inborn defect for fetus.
How to cure and support with medicine when you become pregnant at the age of 40
At present, IVF method (Insemination Vitro Fertilizing), and ICSI are 2 methods that are used most to support for giving birth at the age after 40 years old. Using this method, among 10 cases, there is one case that is successful to pregnant women at the age of 40. In some big hospitals, this rate can increase. You can think about using the source of donating ovum to become pregnant. In reality, there is over a half of babies that are born from fertilization in vitro for mothers that are over 40 years old. All of them use the source of ovum that is donated.
Advantages and disadvantages of becoming pregnant at the age of 40
Advantages The biggest advantage of becoming pregnant at the age of 40 is that you are really stable about psychology and finance. You have time to experience life, so you will have the wise decision in bringing up children. 143059218 At this age, profession will bring you a lot of certain relationships and your income is also higher. After giving birth, you can come back with your work quickly without affecting advancing in work. When you are 40 years old, you will pay attention to your demand less. You will pay attention to the happiness when they love their children. Especially, at this age, if you become pregnant naturally, the ability of having twins pregnancy is very high. Therefore, when you are in the period that is near the age of menopause, the hormones will operate stronger to fall ovum and it will lead to the thing that 2 ova fall at the same time. If those 2 ova are fertilized, they will be grown in your uterus and as a result, it will create the twins that have different ova. When you are 40 years old, you will pay attention to the happiness when you love your children more. Disadvantages If you have problem with health, doctors will arrange you to the group of pregnant women that has the high risk. This thing means that you need to receive the best caring from doctor and your family. When you become pregnant lately, the complications will increase double: pregnancy diabetes, pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, forward placenta, placental abruption. When you meet these risks, having cesarean is the best method for you. When you give birth, you can also meet the dangerous complications such as having difficulty in giving birth, premature birth or babies have light weight. Testing in pregnancy is very important to you because when you give birth lately, the rate of catching Down syndrome will be very high. 200 babies born by babies that are over 40 years old, there is one child that can catch this syndrome. In addition, the change of chromosomes at this age also increases the risk of miscarriage. A half of women that becomes pregnant at the age of 42 has miscarriage and this number increases to ¾ at the age of 45.
Things that you should do when you become pregnant at the age of 40
You should let yourselves have the best chance to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. Changing lifestyle is the first thing that you should do, including giving up cigarette, wine, beer and keeping your body balanced and healthy. 14310218 When you want to become pregnant at the age of 40, you should give up cigarette, wine, beer… If you have sexual relations about 2-3 times / week without using methods to protect and you don’t become pregnant, you should go to see doctor to find out the reason why you cannot become pregnant. Some diseases that can make you have difficulty in becoming pregnant: uneven menstruation Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and other diseases that relate to the genital tract. If you really want to have children at this age, the thing that you need to do is that you meet doctor to receive the supporting about medicine (if possible) or the consulting to help you have a stable pregnancy and a healthy baby.
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