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Police raid warehouses in Addis Ababa for pirated Eurostar products

September 1, 2016 – EURO STAR Press Release

As the volume of pirated Eurostar electronic products mainly satellite dishes and receivers flooded Ethiopian market, the multinational company and police conducted raid in suspected shops in Addis Ababa.


Commenting on the magnitude of the problem in Ethiopian market, “Though piracy is a global challenge, we have not faced as big as this a problem because of stricter import regulations in other countries,” said Junaid I. Khan, Overseas Satellite Sales Manager at Eurostar Group.

During this morning raid in two warehouses in Merkato Anwar mosque area, a total nearly 8,690

pirated satellite dishes, which deliberately produced and imported confuse customers with the genuine Eurostar dishes. Eurostat, Eurosolar, EurQstar Lifestar are among, the confusing brands confiscated satellite dishes.

“The level of damage it has created for our brand is infinite. Finally we are glad that the Ethiopian government agencies have supported us to conduct this raid today, which gradually help us to stop the import of duplicate goods,” he said, commenting how they finally are allowed to raid shops in Merkato area, which are suspected of selling pirated Eurostar products.

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Court, the office of intellectual property, local police and Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, among others are helping Eurostar Group to bring identify pirated product sellers and face charges, according to Mearaf Bedru Nur, Lawyer and legal adviser of Eurostar in Ethiopia, who has been following the case for the past few years.

“Inferior products mainly satellite dishes and receivers, which are deliberately produced and labeled to make them look like Eurostar products, are flooding Ethiopian market. The traders are importing these pirated products just to make easy money by fooling the consumers and become rich unlawfully,” Mrs. Mearaf said indicating that Eurostar has been in Ethiopian Market since its inception 20 years ago and was registered in Ethiopian trademark office in 2009.

“Such practice has been badly affecting our company, which has registered its trade mark in Ethiopia and our customers’ who deserve quality products for their hard earned money,” she argues, indicating that the company is planning to aggressively work raise awareness raising campaign to help the consumers differentiate genuine Eurostar products from the pirated ones.

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Eurostar enjoys a very reputed and long standing legacy in Ethiopia and other Middle East & African Markets, according to Mr. Khan. “The Original Digital receivers of Eurostar only guarantee performance and warranty for a purchaser. Due to the reputation of the product quality, inferior products are imported by some importers to make quick money and cheat the consumers,” he said.

“We are very much committed to educate the consumers and continue to seek support of the government agencies to stop such piracy issues. This has to be done regularly. The consumers have to understand the damage. It’s our duty to inform them to buy original goods only. We will also continue to empower our local traders,” Mr. Khan said.

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