Police: Man tried to abduct children from neighborhood playground on Easter

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 – A 37-year-old man from Silver Spring, Maryland has been charged with attempting to abduct two children and exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl in Montgomery County on Sunday, according to officials.

Police say around 6:45 p.m. on Easter Sunday, they responded to the area of 11550 Stewart Lane in White Oak for the report of an attempted child abduction. Two boys, ages eight and nine, were playing at a neighborhood park when Jemberu Bekele Geda approached them.

Geda grabbed the boys wrists and attempted to bring them to his apartment, but when the boys told him they did not want to go with him he let go of their wrists.

Earlier that same day, Geda exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl in the same neighborhood, according to officials.

Police found Geda at his home and he was arrested. Geda told police during an interview that he did not know they boys and that he grabbed them because he wanted them to come over to his apartment to play.

Read Aloud:   Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News November 6, 2017

Geda has been charged with one count of indecent exposure and counts of attempted child abduction. He is ordered held without bond.


  1. You must be kidding me. Is this one of those fake news you see in abundance these days? I don’t believe what I am reading here. Pedophiliac among us? I am totally gobsmacked by this news here. Among the Wahhabis? Yes. Among the Saudis? Yes. Among those from the Arabian Peninsula? Yes. But among any ethnic group from the old country? It will take a mountain of hard evidence including admittance by the accused to convince me this is really happening by someone from among our Diaspora. Or was this just a misunderstanding, something lost in the translation going awry? Would someone please shed some light on this one. How long this individual has been living here in the USA? If he is new, did anyone told him that befriending young children in the absence of their parents is a no no here with all these child abductions by pervert sex offenders we hear everyday? Grabbing and inviting them to come to an apartment? That does it. You will be accused of child abduction and May The Almighty be with you to have anyone to listen to you especially with an accent these days? Just forget about it. This is a different environment where parents are legitimately worried for the safety of those children. When is the last time where there was no news of child abduction on daily news and the missing being found dead? At least once a week, right? As a father of two wonderful children, that was my biggest worries the whole time they were growing up. Don’t talk to strangers, Run from strangers if they try to grab or invite you to their cars. That was my daily reminder, ad nauseam!!!

    I am asking anyone from the area to verify this for all of us. An Ethiopian pedophiliac? At this stage of my life I just do not want to believe it. Just like the great Reagan said: Trust but verify. I am just gobsmacked by this news.

  2. @Ittu Aba Farda

    So your countrymen can’t be a pedophiles but others are? Man! how old are you?. In ethiopia they sell their little girls and boys to sex tourist and that is a fact. just ask human right agencies and save the children.

    • No they are not pedophiles. Yes there has been a tradition of kidnapping spinister women by men in the old country but that is not committed at random. It usually stems from the fact the hideous man that commits the kidnapping thinks her family would not allow the marriage or does not have enough resources to cover the dowry required. This does not mean such kidnapping is not a crime because in such cases the victim is not consenting. In fact she is always brutally raped. But in most cases the local elderlies get involved to smooth it out. I hope such despicable conduct would be outlawed with severe punishment in the old because it is a human rights violation against our women. But this one involves kids he does not know. It is alleged thar he had exposed himself naked to the kids. And it is also alleged that he tried to coerce the kids to come to his apartment. I never heard of such pervert conduct in the old country. Never and ever. But among those from the Arabian Peninsula? Yes because I had lived there and seen some of those who were sent to the gallows for the crime in the 1950’s and 60’s. May be things have changed in the old country and such repulsive behavior has been making news. But I never heard of it until this came up. That is why I am urging those from the area to shed some light on this very disturbing news. This may not be punishable by death if murder is not committed but dire consequences are awaiting him in prison from other inmates just like that devil Jeffery from Wisconsin in the 1990’s.

  3. I can tell you from what I witnessed personally that those Perverts child sex criminals are treated the worst condition possible, not by the judicial system but by inmates themselves all across USA in jails and prisons . He is better off dead to say the least. This guy is going to bring a lot of heat among other Ethiopians that are currently serving time too if they try to protect him .


    • I am not trying to defend this person but as far as I know whether holding hands of young boys , indecent exposure or soliciting sex to a thirteen years old girl is not a crime in Ethiopia.

      Especially on Easter day you cannot walk a block in main parts of cities like Addis without seeing a drunk guy exposing himself trying to empty his bladder.

      Holding hands of younger children is also very common in neighborhoods within Ethiopia unless they drag the children by force into their house in Ethiopia it would not qualify as kidnapping for just holding hands on public places. . so I am assuming he did not know the laws of the USA and he behaved the way he behaves back in Ethiopia, since it was Easter day he might have been celebrating having one too many drinks getting carried away with DC’s almost easter celebration that make us forget we are outside Ethiopia and acted the way he does back home after he celebrated Easter . Or maybe since he seen western tourists go out with 13 years old girls in Ethiopia he might think that he was being westernized by acting the way they do by soliciting from a 13 years old girl.
      Many people from around the world visit Ethiopia to get prostitutes as young as 12 years old for cheap at legally operating nightclubs , bars and restaurants of Addis Ababa because it is done in open with no fear of being accused of crime in that country. . Currently since the 2005 election dispute that ended in 10’s of thousands of young girls and boys getting raped and sodomized in concentration camps, Ethiopia’s nightclubs and bars are flooded with male homosexual prostitutes for almost a decade now . with some of the male prostitutes being as young as 12 years old in Ethiopia. Please click the link below to read both the Amharic or the English version which was published in Ethiopia’s “Yegna Press” a weekly Amharic Newspaper in regards to the eve growing pimping of Amara and Oromo boys that is being done by rich Tigre night club and bar owners in Addis Ababa. No wonder Oromo students are dieing just to be protest the expansion of Addis Ababa into Oromia . .



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