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(Capital) Fifteen people in Akaki Woreda 1 were arrested by police suspected of mixing Teff flour with earth, sawdust and other cereals’ waste products and baked Injera using unpurified flour. A microenterprise known as Belayneh Kinde and His Friends S.C. was associated with the crime.
From the 15 people who are under custody by police, three are shareholders of the company while the remaining are employees.
After receiving reports, police and Akakai Trade Bureau members went to the house on April 12 and seized 12 barrels of teff dough which was going to be baked. The sample of the teff flour was sent to Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute for laboratory test to know the exact nature of the mixtures.
According to Akaki Trade Bureau, the enterprise had been selling Injera to hotels, restaurants, cafés and residents of condominium houses in Akaki area. Police said the suspects were engaged in the illegal act to gain more profit. It pressed charges against the suspects at Akaki First Instant Court. The hearing is scheduled for next week.
Sawdust is commonly used by Injera bakers as a fuel.
Inspection and Regulatory Officer at Akakai sub-city Trade Bureau Shifrew Alemu told Capital that a team of officials from Addis Ababa Trade Bureau, Consumers’ Protection Authority and other stakeholder institutions that work to combat illegal trade will visit the baking house on Monday, April 25.
He said the case is an alarm that points to the need to supervise enterprises that engage in food preparation.
Similarly, police had arrested a dozen men in Merkato who were caught red handed for mixing red clay with red pepper, butter with banana, and edible oil with many strange things.
Consuming adulterated food stuff can cause health risks by accumulating residues of foreign particles in organs. Sandy/soil particles especially cause kidney and bladder stones.
Source: Capital Newspaper Addis Ababa

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  1. We hear some business people owning supermarkets and restaurants in diasporas claiming they bring baked injera from Ethiopia. Many other diaspora restaurants , stores and home made gourmet bakers say they bring the teff from Ethiopia and bake the Injera in diaspora themselves. If people sell sawdust mixed with teff for consumers in Ethiopia eventhough the consumer can physically inspect the teff as they purchase it, imagine what they could be selling to export TO North America injera warehouses like http://WWW.ETHIOPIANGOURMET.COM . Exporters in Ethiopia are accused of Capital Flight stealing 3 billion dollars out of Ethiopia each year IN COLLABORATION WITH THEIR DIASPORA/FOREIGN PARTNERS so how can we thrust these export business people not to export sawdust or any other harmful chemicals mixed with teff especially when it comes all ready to eat from Ethiopia ? We recently heard on many news medias that numerous Ethiopia meat exporters are in jail in Dubai, U.A.E. after trying to sell spoiled meat.I urge Ethiopian diasporas in the U.K., Canada, and in U.S.A. states to start buying injera and teff from wholefoods Supemrarket. Wholefoods has been selling quality healthy injera since OCTOBER 2013 without getting as much consumers as expected for the last 3 years, right now most stores are thinking to stop selling injera because there is very little or no sales of injera/teff. Wholefoods is inspected by Federal Foods Adminstration Authority of the USA , UK and Canada while most that diasporas eat are not inspected even by the once that serve the injera in their restaurants. We should buy wholefoods before they6 decide to stop selling it in their supermarket leaving us no choice but to eat sawdust in diaspora .Let us make this FASIKA/Ethiopian easter Wholefoods injera eating so the store keeps selling injera.
    reports that $26 billion left country in 10 years

  2. Knowing the hardship our people are going through, this news is not a surprise to a level headed person. On the other hand, saw dust may have nutritional value depending on the type of tree the saw dust is coming from. The Germans in 2nd world war used saw dust to help stretch their food supply.
    The people who mixed saw dust with Teff flour are not criminals, they are survivors in the land of constant hunger and greed. The criminal act is the government telling us how great the country is progressing while hunger and disease is ravaging our people. A long time ago, Thomas Hood said the words below, it is fitting to the current situation in Ethiopia
    O God! that bread should be so dear,
    And flesh and blood so cheap!
    That is the land our people are living in. A country divided along ethnic lines and language to serve the ruling party. If any politician believes such a condition is fertile for fighting hunger and disease they are day dreaming.

    • Dear Tesfa, I agree with your statement bar the opening. People who adulterate foods are criminals no more no less, yes saw dust/wood can be edible but selling it is greed and no respect to food, as an Eritrean the commonality between Ethiopians and Eritreans is food is the most respected and handled with care as for the TPLF, I pray to god to help Ethiopia get rid of the modern day cancer which is being supported by white house to kill and Ethiopians and disintegrate Ethiopia.

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