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Police Arrest 19 Ethiopians At Kombani in Kwale County

kenyaThe police have arrested 19 suspected Ethiopians at Kombani area in Matuga subcounty. Matuga subcounty police boss Richard Mugwai said that they arrested them after they were tipped by members of public. He said the aliens, who could not communicate in English or Kiswahili, were staying in a house in the area.

“They will be taken to court for being in the country illegally,” he said. Mugwai said they did not have any identification documents. He said they are investigating their hosts and where they were headed to. He said most of the aliens usually go to South Africa. Mugwai said the police have been working day and night to arrest cartels who organise for Ethiopia aliens to go to south Africa.

He said they use abandoned houses to keep the aliens as they look for ways to transport them. Mugwai said the issue had decreased but it is now emerging again. “That was the only case since January this year comparing it with many cases reported last year,” hesaid. Mugwai said the 19 Ethiopians will be arraigned in court as they look for their hosts. Ethiopian nationals have been using Kwale county as a transit zone to South Africa.

Source: The Star

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