Please watch this disturbing video and how our Ethiopian youth has been treated in Saudi Arabia

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By Obang Metho

This is one example of what has become of us Ethiopians under the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF. Ethiopians seek freedom and opportunity or they would not run to the free world; yet, why not create the “free world” in Ethiopia?

If each of us pass on strength, courage and kindness, we would not allow one dictator or a gang of men with guns to control us like cattle in a cage, holding a whole country hostage and depriving the future from our children.

If your belief system does not value human life and standing up for justice for the people, you better look again and take seriously what you are practicing. If your belief system only applies when it is convenient or when you are under a short-lived crisis, one better re-examine one’s own commitment.

Much of what we are facing in our society results from a collapse of values and the moral willpower to uphold them making our country inhospitable to life.

Think about those Ethiopians who are compelled to leave Ethiopia for a better life not found in the country due to the pervasive poverty, poor governance, inequality, oppression and the lack of opportunity.

This exodus of our people is not only from one group, but includes the Oromo, the Ogadeni, the Amhara,…………..from all over Ethiopia.

Could we Ethiopians create a home for ourselves within our own country that could be hospitable to youth, our children and future generations? Is this possible?

If we do not want our people to lose their lives or suffer terrific abuses simply because they are looking for opportunity not available in Ethiopia, we must break this cycle of destruction now.


  1. የሳውድ ፋሚሊ( መንግስት) ኢስልምናን ለመግዛት የሚጠቀሙበት ፤ አንገነት የሚቆሩጡበት አፍዝ አደንዛዠ የ፡ኦረት ባሀል ነው። ሰላፈሲታዊ የኢትዩጰየዊ የወቅቱም የመብተ ሰልፍ የዚሀ ኮፒ ነወና አብረን አንንጎድ።

  2. The current so called Islamisits protest in Ethiopia demand the expassion of SELAFISIM throuout Ethiopia.Islamists do not care for majority of ethiopian living under TPLF economic APARTIED system.

  3. I think Ethiopians need to be very careful when it comes to Arabs in Ethiopia. I know that Muslims in Ethiopia (I am from Harer area) see people from Arabic speaking countries as pure, God fearing people. The fact is what you see in this video. They preach one thing and they do completely the opposite. It deosn`t matter a bit if you are a Muslim or not. They abuse you if you do not look like them, if you do not speak like them. Take the case of those Ethiopian, Philipin, Indian, Nepalese women suffering in the hands of Arabs in many ArabIc speaking countries. Despite the fact that they are Muslims, they abuse them, they torture them, they kill them. Take the case of Ethiopian Christians detained just because they gathered for prayer. Yet they freely practice their religion in Ethiopian soil. They displace local farmers, through the help of TPLF, and produce rice to feed the Arabs in their countries (while Ehiopians at home go hungry left and right and opt for emigration to these Arab countries to only end up being abused as we witness in the above video). This needs to stop! We need to speak up. We need to publicly say no to abuse, no to torture.

    Specific to this video and another video I watched on youtube where Somali and Ethiopian immigrants were abused while being smuggled, being crammed in a boat. On the boat they were speaking Oromifa. Some are Oromos. In this video also the victims appear to be Oromos; But I haven`t heard a word from those who claim to be fighting or struggling for Oromo well being. What are they doing? Where are they? Speaking Oromifa by itself should not be seen as an end. Shouldn`t they be fighting for bigger objective? The well being of Oromos in Ethiopia? Or their fight is just to satisfy their ego or their pocket? Where is Lencho Letta, Where is Dima Nagaa’o, where is Hasen Ali…? I am not talking about the likes of Kuma Demeksa, the TPLF donky’s. They are there to steal whatever they can; they do not give a damn about our people as long as they are making millions for themselves. We Oromos need to speak up. We need to fight for freedom and well being of our people along side other Ethiopian communities. The silence needs to be broken!

  4. If you oppose such brutal abuse of our citizens by Arabs and you want this ti stop, you have a great opportunity right at your disposal. Support the building of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam!!

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