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Please save my first and new born son

Mother of Baby 

babyboyThis is a heartbreaking story of my 2 months old baby boy who was diagnosed with intracranial infection particularly purulent meningitis. He is Ethiopian born in Guangzhou, China.

He is currently hospitalized and taking heavy antibiotics 6 times per day. The antibiotics are MAXIPRIME & VANCOMYCIN and If he doesn’t get this he would be facing immediate death as his white blood cells are low and the liquid in his brain are very very wide.

The hospital has decided to put him in ICU and undergo surgery to stabilize the bacteria and fluid pressure by performing lumbar puncture from his head and his spine. For one month the hospital has asked more than 60,000 DOLLARS just for the medicine and surgery.And even if he does survive he might suffer from hearing, sight and other unthinkable problems.

Please help us save our child and see the future of tomorrow.

We want to see him grow!!!

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We could use ANY support we can get from you. He is just so small and it’s a pity to see a young baby such as him going through the roughest process ever.

Please please please help save his life. Here’s the GoFundMe page for the baby boy.

NOTE: You can come visit him at the Guangzhou women and children hospital or even ask his status.
We will be more than happy to share the news and his hospital documents.

God Bless You All for Helping us! !


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