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This poem, written  for the commemoration of the start of filling of the GERD. It should be a celebration mainly of mothers who carry fire woods. Hence, the picture of a mother carrying fire woods.



  1. Hellelujah, #GERD has started holding waters
    To the delight of all Ethiopians
    This day will always be remembered
    As victory day for all who sacrificed
    Their daily breads
    Monthly salaries
    And little savings
    Our mothers and sisters won’t have to carry firewwods
    Nor will they lose their eyesights because of smokes
    Each of our homes will have lights
    Plenty more power for industries
    That will raise our living standards
    Let us rejoice this day
    As it is the beginning of prosperity
    To the whole of our country.
    Long live Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind
    One who streches her hands to God.

  2. What a touching poem!! Kudos Obbo Mesfin!!!

    The filling of the dam has been going on for more than a week now and Egypt has not lost a single cup of water. It shows el-Sisi and his predecessors are inflicted with. They are not that dumb. They may be stupendously stricken with this disease of erratic sense of sole ownership of someone else’s river. Now I can easily see the buildup of alluvial mass near the dam. Such mass could be the best defense for the dam if someone. I said somebody, wants to act funny one of these days. If somebody tries to be a macho man with panhandled military hardware that may end up triggering a phenomenon called alluvial tsunami. Rivers and alluvial tsunamis don’t mix. In fact rivers hate these things. Rivers get pissed off just by the sight of them and go back to where they started from. So be careful el-Sisi!!! It-adub!!!!!

    This is for those two fire-spitting patriots H.E, Engineer Seleshi abd H.E. Gedu!!!! Way you go, way you two go!!!! Go get’em tigers!!!!

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