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Petition to revoke Alex de Waal from the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University

We, concerned Africans and allies for pan-Africanism, are petitioning for the removal of Dr. Alex de Waal from The Fletcher School and World Peace Foundation at Tufts University for his derogatory hate speech against the Ethiopian people and the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. Alex de Waal is a researcher and professor who should be beholden to principles of academic integrity, but has instead used his platform to spew demeaning and divisive hate speech against the people of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. As an organization who seeks to “provide intellectual leadership… to promote peace”, de Waal’s biased reporting and inflammatory comments incite and fuel ethnic tension, and explicitly calling for the collapse of the sovereign nation of Ethiopia; the only nation in Africa who has, throughout history, resisted the neocolonial destruction  de Waal proliferates in his role as Executive Director of the World Peace Foundationat the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

In his recent comments on the Northern Ethiopia crisis, it proves with no reasonable doubts that de Waal violates peacekeeping operation, fails to meet any standards for academic integrity or intellectual analysis, and furthermore jeopardizes the credibility of your organization in the following way:

1)    De Waal misuses the power bestowed on him to promote peace and reconciliation by calling for TPLF to fight relentlessly against a legitimate government in his quote: “those angry and defrauded citizens of what is today the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, those who dreamed of becoming subjects of a revived great Ethiopian empire ….face your day of reckoning, face the collapse of those dreams, the exposure of those lies, face them”

2)    He directly promotes human right violation and atrocities by encouraging terrorist insurgent groups [TPLF], as a consequence, several people have been killed, thousands of women are gang raped, hundreds of schools and hospitals are destroyed in Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia. Thus, he contravenes the roles and responsibilities given to him by public institutions like yours to promote peace and reconciliation by instead championing violent attacks on civilians, most of whom or local farmers in the region, women, and children.

3)    He violates international laws requiring respect for the country’s sovereignty and democracy by promoting insurgency and violent coup, thus defying the UN’s rule of law and principle of sovereignty.

4)    His disparaging and outrageous comments that reviving the Ethiopian Empire is a mere illusion, and calling for TPLF to fight hard and destabilize the Ethiopian government as a means to prevent reviving the Empire is against the spirit of an African national who is re-establishing its sovereignty after the TPLF’s authoritarian and genocidal dictatorship over Ethiopia for the 27 years before Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Though despite being an academic, de Waal is seemingly ignorant or willfully suppressing facts of Ethiopia’s recent history for liberation and nationwide protests against the TPLF, as he calls for TPLF to wreck havoc and dismantle the nation.

5)    By encouraging conflict in his speech, de Waal  proves a threat to peacebuilding in Ethiopia and globally.

We, Africans and friends of Africa, and the signatories of this petition, would like to ask the World Peace Foundation and the University of Tufts to revoke Alex de Waal as Executive Director for the aforementioned reasons, which we trust do not meet the standards of an organization “tasked with educating about the ills of war and promoting international peace.” Alex de Waal has been  retrogressive, divisive, detrimental to peacebuilding, and inciting tribalist violence with his  comments in a tense and defining moment for the people of Ethiopia, its democracy, and its sovereignty.

12 thoughts on “Petition to revoke Alex de Waal from the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University”

  1. Good job. Alex de Waal turned Tufts Peace Foundation into Tplf advocacy center. Mulugeta Gebrehiwot and two other Tplf combatants and active members were hired as “peace researchers!” This in broad daylight!

    I suggest a task force be established with historian Prof Bahru Zewde, etc as advisers to lay the ground work for assessing and documenting Tplf systematic looting of Ethiopia (financial drain, military/security, human rights abuses, etc). The current Eth gov should collaborate by accessing info.

    Task force members (with integrity) should be selected from different disciplines (anthropology, law, finance/banking, political science, theology, etc).

    The goal: to stop future repeat of groups like Tplf from seizing power and to reverse the revisionist history Tplf engaged in esp in textbooks!

  2. Wow
    How is someone a Director of world peace foundation advocates violence. How is that allowed? Give it to white buffoon like him to do this, all this is a total disrespect to Africa and Africans. Not only that disrespect to all Black people all over the world. I have no idea about this school Tufts University but is there no black people there to tell this bigoted bastard to shut up. What is new this bastard is English , the people who destroyed Africa

    1. So you are claiming to be any better by using the term “white buffoon” and blaming an entire group of people for the destruction of Africa? Seems to me that if you want to get your point across you should leave the racism and bigotry out of the argument and stick to facts. You might find you get heard a lot louder when you don’t condemn an entire race for the acts of a few. Just a thought. Have a good day.

  3. Alex Dawal is allowed to advocate violence in Ethiopia because his actions have got a blessing from western powers. He may have also bribed by TPLF.

  4. Dear Editors,

    Where is my comment I posted here yesterday? Did I say something about this bigot that might have offended you? Please let me know. I am left in the dark now.

  5. Dear Editors,

    Is it what I mentioned about Putin and Xi that sets things off for you to put me in the dog house? Please don’t leave me in the dark. If that is the case then I will stop making a stink about them on your website. But at least give me a hint. I’m a big boy. I can take it.

  6. Alex Dawal is just a mercenary hired by TPLF who has dedicated a book to Meles Zenawi the dictator and the number 1 enemy of Ethiopia that divided the country into ethnic enclaves, looted the country to its core with his cronies, and led us now to the current crisis. It is a shame that Dawal brags about the future of an independent country Ethiopia as if he is a prophet sent from elsewhere. Who gave you the right to talk about the future of my country, Mr. Mercenary?

    Hands off Ethiopia!

  7. አቤቱታው ብዙ የቋንቋ ግድፈት አለበት፤ ሰው ፊት ለማቅረብ ያሳፍራል! “ሪቮክ” ሳይሆን “ሪሙቭ” ይስማማል፣ ወዘተ።

  8. Okay, dear editors, I got it now. I will not say anything bad about Putin and Xi here on your website. I will also try to not post any skit lampooning a buffoon lawyer right there in your backyard who has been calling our upright neighbors Amharas ‘fascists’. I will not do all this on your website from now on. But I will continue to do all that on other websites.

  9. This one is heck of a bigot. You see bigots these days are the classic hate mongers who used to be bold enough to harm those they see as inferior on their own. Not anymore! Their modus operandi has changed since the end of direct colonialism that started in 1960. They now do it through proxies. They now pass as ‘human rights’ advocates and ‘peace mongers’. As ‘human rights’ advocates they incite one group of black folks against another group of black folks. As ‘peace mongers’ they instigate and condone violence. They cry rivers fabricating ‘victims’ and use everything at their disposals to justify gross human rights violations committed by their designated victims. They get high, pop their bottles of champagne at the news of one black group killing another group of black folks. Bigots like this deranged individual are having the time of their lifetime with the bloodletting that has been going in the old country since November 2020. They love to death to see ‘niggers’ butchering each other like there is no tomorrow. What makes me sad is such bigots have found success in securing high tier position in the democratic West. These bigots in the West have now ushered a new scheme to make ends meet according to their evil objective. That is why I am worried about the future awaiting those black folks. I am worried witless for my children and grandchildren. The trend I see now is democracy is being chipped away in every corner of the globe. Independent journalism is in great danger and if the current trend continues it may go extinct sooner than we think. When I notice such bigots in positions of power I really get very worried. You watch; the foundation/university will not even finish reading this letter. They will instead give him a raise. You just watch!!!

  10. He is very disrespectful and racist individual to African and campaigning not for peace but division but siding with a terrorist groups who is destroying Ethiopia as we speak.

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