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Peoples Aliance For Freedom And Democracy (PAFD) Press Conference | ONN Video

Peoples Aliance For Freedom And Democracy (PAFD) Press Conference | ONN Video

Read Aloud:   ESAT Daily News June 28, 2013


  1. Do we really know TPLF? Good question by Abraha Belai, http://www.ethiomedia.com/1000bits/do-we-really-know-tplf.html

    I think we neither know nor can explain it. Illusive concepts such as Satan or Evil may some how describe TPLF but not yet in full. We also don’t know why it does all that crimes against Ethiopians/Ethiopia and what does it want to achieve eventually?

    Would it want/intend:
    – to kill all of the Amharas and others which it considered enemy?
    – and to remove Ethiopia from the world map?

    To me, TPLF is the Western’s sword used to slaughter Ethiopians and to cut Ethiopia into pieces.

  2. 2nd Post:

    This is the latest from the home front.

    Our gallant fighting forces of the Oromo Liberation Army had engaged an enemy neftegna colonial armed forces in the vicinity of Ambo at a location called Garba Jole on April 10, 2017. In the raging battle 25,316 enemy soldiers were put out of action and 76,897 of them were taken prisoners. 35 T62 and 10 T72 tanks along with 65 APV’s and boat load of miscellaneous automatic weapons were captured. On the southeastern part of the country our heroic brothers of the Ogaden National Liberation Army had dealt a heavy blow to another invading neftegna colonial army last week. The news that had reached us indicated that 43,987 neftegna soldiers were put out of action and 85,345 of them were taken prisoners. Our brothers there had also captured mountain load of weapons including the latest surface to air missiles. They told us that ONLA caught the neftegna soldiers in a compromising position while raping our Ogadenite women. As you all know our brothers of the Gojjamian and Gondarite Liberation Armies has taken control of 95% of their respective territories. So this time around, there will be no ifs or buts of about. My Oromia is coming!!!! My Newly Minted Oromia is coming. She will be the brand new Republic of Oromia this coming August!!!! Then we will create a new economic community that comprises of the new Republics of Oromia, Gojjamia, Gondaria and Ogadenia effective September 2017. Mark my word for it!!!!

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