People of Ethiopia will sacrifice their lives for Renaissance Dam, says Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that Ethiopia will carry on building the Renaissance Dam and will not succumb to pressure, adding that the construction of the dam is now 88 per cent complete.

The dam is a symbol of freedom and independence, Ahmed said, stressing that the Ethiopian people are ready to sacrifice their lives to complete its construction.

In an interview with the governmental body concerned with the dam project, he said that completing the construction of the Renaissance Dam will continue regardless of changes to the government, because the country needs this step.

The Renaissance Dam negotiations round ended on Wednesday with an agreement to form a technical and legal mini-committee for each of the three countries concerned with the crisis: Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

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  1. You tell’em tiger!!! Just tell’em!!! I’ve told them a million times but nobody got it!!! Last time I check for someone in Al-Qahirah I discovered that nobody was upstairs, all dead neck up the whole time I was telling them that The Blue Nile has its source well inside Ethiopia. Those halawa drunk knuckle heads have been so spoiled for thousands of years that they really believe as if the river originates just outside Eskendereyya. They know very well that invading the old country will end up being a total embarrassment even worse than the humiliating defeat during the 1967 war. That is the reason why they have been trying to send the old country asunder. They have been working overtime to help organize groups along hostile ethnic and religious lines. They had found success in one of these efforts and created a new country out of a province. Now they are zeroing on my own Oromos gathering up and financing bigoted individuals so to take a big chunk out of the union that has been giving them nightmares. They have just failed in such scheme and their messenger boys have ended up in the slammer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have made contacts already with these rabid lawyers and fellowship orphans scavenging at missionary canteens these days. One of these rabid bigots can be seen calling for the complete destruction of the old country. It seems the screws inside his head have become so lose that you can see him running naked in the streets of Minnesota. He has been a sore loser since he was fired from his job after it was discovered that he had lied on his application/resume. The other one is trying to put some juice on his asylum application. You can see a barrage of pictures allegedly of police brutality victims the heavily doctored/photoshopped. They all call for a complete and utter destruction of the old country as we know it today along with a thorough elimination of all of those who founded it. You can’t destroy a country without destroying its people, right? That is their version of the ‘Final Solution’!!! But that sits very well el-Sisi. Ethiopia destroyed? That is music to his ears. I bet you cold, crisp greens are flowing in sacks to these bigots as we speak now. These are his newly found ‘abd’s’ house niggers!!!!

  2. Well said Brother , Abiy has a great responsibility to make sure that the country of ours with all its abundant natural resources has to come out of this utter destitution for once and for all. Few who are trying to manipulate our people’s minor differences to serve our historical enemy Egypt need to be stopped by patriotic Ethiopians. The challenge for Abiy is not from the ones who are standing against Ethiopian national interest openly, but from those who are serving indirectly by cahooting
    with anti-Ethiopian element within his own organization and within the government. This epochal opportunity must be concluded with success.
    JFK quote encapsulates the essence of the situation we Ethiopians found ourselves in and the determination needed to overcome the challenge. Abiy is at the right time and in the right place to take Ethiopia into the greatest heights.
    Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
    John F. Kennedy

  3. Mitmita,

    Did not say that. that was Mintesinot.

    What I said was አላዋቂ አጉራሽ አፍ ያበላሸ, LOL

  4. The punishment to traitors anywhere in the world in the court of law is capital punishment. So it must be in Ethiopia. Outside the court the only way to discourage such high crime is tit for tat or an eye for an eye. If they kill, they must be killed in the same manner and same place because that is the only deterrent they understand. A human being with no conscience is worse than an animal. If not dealt with, will bring tremendous harm to a community.

  5. Lidetu Ayalew got put in prison with a bogus charge , the truth is Lidetu Ayalew is put behind bars for saying “Ethiopia does not have a worse enemy than Isayas Afeworki”.

  6. Well, It has became obvious that Lidetu Kehdetu was serving his Weyane masters when he declared that there will be no government after September 30. His call for anarchy was a way to facilitate his weyane buddies back to power . He cahooted with Ayatola jawar to make that happen, he didn’t succeeded , as he did in 2005, when he decided to join parliament to rub shoulders with meles stepping on the blood of 200 teenage AddisAbaba youths.Finally though the court has reviled that Ledetu kehdetu was not only a protected property of weyane but also armed by weyanes. That was for a service well done on behalf of weyane plunderers and murderous .

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