Patriotic Ginbot 7 press release on the acquittal of Dr. Tadesse of all charges by British court



አርበኞች ግንቦት 7 የአንድነትና ዴሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ

Patriotic Ginbot7 Movement for the Unity and Democracy

For Immediate Release


RE: The British Court’s acquittal of Dr. Tadesse Kersmo of all charges   is a Victory for Pro-democracy and Human Rights Activists Around the World


(Washington, D.C., December 21, 2017) Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy is extremely pleased that Dr. Tadesse Birru Kersmo, dedicated member of the Movement and a well-known pro-democracy activist has been found innocent of “terrorism” charges. The Acquittal of Dr. Kersmo of all charges is a significant victory for all pro-democracy activists in Ethiopia and around the world.

Dr. Kersmo fought these baseless charges against him with courage and tenacity.  He fought the good fight with the support of his family, friends, admirers and solid support of the Ethiopian community at home and abroad. Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy is immensely proud of his steadfast focus to prove himself as a justice, democracy and human rights defender. Moreover, he once again has proven that his cause is just and all he is fighting for is for the same system that acquitted him to be established in Ethiopia. His unwavering commitment to mentor and educate the next generation leaders in Ethiopia that won him admiration and respect across the board.

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Unfortunately, it is the brutal nature and policy of the regime in Ethiopia that sees intellectuals as enemies forced him to flee his country and seek refuge in his adopted country United Kingdom. While in the UK he has remained a responsible part of the UK society and active member of his community. His case has proven that where there is a true democracy and separation of power each function according the law of the land with the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” not the other way around as it is the case in Ethiopia. Majority of members of the Ethiopian diaspora in the UK and around the world fled envision independent judiciary and a democratic political system for their country.

It is with an immense joy and enthusiasm we are celebrating Dr. Kersemo’s acquittal. While the verdict is an individual victory for him and his family, we see it also as an affirmation of our cause which is establishing free and democratic order in Ethiopia. During the court proceedings our mission, vision and goals were presented to the judges and jury in which they understood as a struggle between tyranny and freedom by proclaiming Dr. Kersmo not guilty. This verdict gives the people of Ethiopia and Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy an extra wind at our backs to solidify and continue our fight to which Dr. Kersmo is valuable contributor to the struggle. Patriotic Ginbot Movement for Unity and Democracy once again urges the British government to review and reconsider its policy towards the authoritarian regime in Ethiopia.

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Finally, we applaud the valiant determination of his exceptional legal team, without whom Dr. Kersmo would have been powerless to defend himself to prove his innocence. We are grateful for their judicious counsel and their great victory in the UK court of law.

We also thank the jury that rendered their just verdict and hope someday soon that we can build a democratic system in Ethiopia with a truly independent judiciary that respects the law of the land and renders judgement solely on the merits of the case.


Justice, liberty, and Unity for the people of Ethiopia!

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Ethiopians all over the world.

    Congratulation patriotic/warrior Dr. Tadesse Birru Kersmo for your great victory against terrorist/tyrannical/mafia/criminal/devil TPLF/EPRDF government. These and many other victories by we the freedom/democracy/justice loving Ethiopians all over the world against the mother of all criminals, TPLF/EPRDF, is getting us few steps closer to the total collapse and defeat of TPLF/EPRDF. TPLF/EPRDF’s days are numbers and victory is around the corner so let us keep working hard, applying pressure and fighting like warriors day and night 24/7.

    Congratulation Patriotic Ginbot 7, esteemed lawyers of Dr. Kersmo and the great British people/jury for standing on the right side of history, for standing for truth, for liberty, for freedom and democracy and for saving one of ours finest from prosecution.

  2. How can a movement that encourages violence and destruction of economic infrastructure and plunder of the private sector and annihilation of citizens of the tigray regione because the Ethiopian rulers currently have their origine from Tigray and call itself “Movement for Justice, liberty, and Unity for the people of Ethiopia”? All its leaders and it’s advocates are wolves hiding in sheepskin waiting for an opportunity to take power to exploit, oppress and crash Ethiopians with out mercy for satisfying their lust and greed.

  3. Does AG7 still exist?

    Last week, a report of dubious nature was published which claimed 156 people from the Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea crossed to the Ethiopia side and surrendered. Some of these people are reportedly from AG7 on whom it has invested over months if not years. It is sad that people on who so much has been invested cross the border, throw away Eritrean arms and surrender. Few who do not surrender are killed, arrested or simply melt into the public.

    On top of the armed struggle fiasco which never took off from the ground, so many are sent to prisons for life and long term jail term the doors of which are locked and the keys thrown away. In other situations, AG7 is simply a black hole where people vanish without trace. Unless it officially abandons its rhetoric on armed struggle which will take it to nowhere, people will continue to pay with their lives, family unity and property. Even when the people have given up on AG7 and many other organizations and taken TPLF/EPRDF bare hand, it is not picking a lesson or two. It pretends to lead the people from afar and claim to be on top of everything. Sadly, it is nowhere.

    Look the statement AG7 issued on the acquittal of Dr. Tadesse Kersmo. It claims Dr. Tadesse is acquitted because the cause and mode of struggle including armed struggle is accepted as legal by the court. Has anybody seen the court file? It is true that juries found him “not guilty” on all charges but for what reason were the charges quashed? I doubt it was because the jury approved AG7’S “mode of struggle including armed struggle”. Since the discussion that resulted in Dr. Tadesse’s “not guilty” verdict took place in closed doors, the reasons for such verdict cannot be known unless some of the members of the jury speak. We might not even know the reasons since jurors do not normally speak about the cases they saw. So, the verdict is not a carte blanche for AG7 to engage in armed struggle and become a bigger black hole than it is now. Some in the U.K. who said goodbye to AG7 after Dr. Tadesse was in trouble should think seriously before they re-join to the organization.

    It’s worth noting also the verdict might be set aside and a new trial commenced under limited circumstances and if certain conditions are met without violating the constitutional protection from double jeopardy. It might be too early to celebrate particularly taking the verdict as a great political decision that confirms the merits of AG7’ armed struggle. Still U.K. law prohibits political violence of all types particularly when their citizens or legal residents are engaged in such a practice against a foreign government. I guess, the government’s intention was to send a message of disapproval of such violent political behaviour and practice. Given the huge number of foreign political dissidents allowed to settle in the U.K every year, imagine what it would face if all these dissidents wage violent political action on their foreign governments. Should it protect them in case they are in trouble? Maybe not.

    By the way, why did AG7 fail to mention Andargachew Tsege in this press release? Have they given up on him as they did on the people and the country? If I were one of his family members, I will be mad on AG7 leadership who – may be deliberately – omitted reference to Andy T. than demand his immediate release. Would they go back and see their press release which made them look ignorant if not stupid who failed to take such a great opportunity to highlight Andy’s plight? I don’t think so. They are such adamant ass***** who do not listen.

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