Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Washington DC Town Hall meeting

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Washington Metropolitan area chapter has organized a town hall meeting. Professor Berhanu Nega, Chairman of PG7 and Mr. Neamin Zeleke, Executive Committee member & Deputy for Political Affairs shall present perspectives on the current state of affairs in Ethiopia and the way forward for our country. There will be a Q&A session.

Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018
Place: Sheraton Hotel, 8777 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD.
Time: 3: PM

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Washington Metropolitan area chapter

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  1. As an Eritrean, I fully stand behind Professor Berhanu Nega and Neamin Zeleke. The future of the Ethio-Eritrean political future for post-Woyane regional peace, political stability and economic progress of these two sisterly Nations, Eritrea and Ethiopia would be served better under the umbrella Organization of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 movement and its sister political partners i.e Lencho Lettas’ ODF,TPDM, Afar, Somal etc. under the leadership of Professor Berhanu Naga, Neamin Zeleke and the soon be released, Ande-Argachew Tseggie.

    The Horn of Africa is crying for a better future with leaders who could be trusted by the peoples of two Nations and leaders who trust each other in any future socio-politico-economic changes in region.

    Long live the Ethio-Eritrean Solidarity and Strategic military alliance that will dismantle and defeat Woyane and its puppets and will secure peace in the skys,land and Waters of the Red Sea Corridor and guarantee peace, democracy and the rule of law for the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Amen.

  2. G7 has no shame. How long do they think they can continue to cheat us? They are fooling themselves! No G7 on the ground, but on paper only. Stop cheating and sucking our blood like TPLF is doing.

  3. Dear Abraham- you are an Eritrean- shut your mouth up on Ethiopia’s matter. Leave it to us. You stupis-you are worn out already. Ethiopia is rising!

  4. Believe it or not TPLF afraid of Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy(G7 of Ethiopia). What is the reason for their afraid? Because they knew each other which political party is genuinely fighting them.
    Here is the bonus for your idea from Bob Marley.
    How good and how pleasant it would be
    before God and man,
    To see the unification of all Africans,
    As it’s been said already,
    let it be done,
    I know you know who you are
    under the sun.
    When the race gets hard to run,
    It is not fun.
    When you want to struggle if it is the hard race,
    You find the tears run on down through your face.
    Then you stop and think a little:
    Are you the victim of the system?
    Any day now they gon’ let you down; let forget them.


    And he’s got to fulfill that mission
    To see his hurt is their greatest ambition, yeah!
    But-a we will survive in this world of competition,
    ‘Cause no matter what they do
    Natty keep on coming through,
    And no matter what they say
    Death every day.
    And rides again,
    Through the mystics of tomorrow,
    We rides again:
    Have no fear, have no sorrow,
    Many a time I sit and wonder why
    This race so – so very hard to run,
    Then I say to my soul: take courage,
    The battle to be won,
    Like a ship that’s tossed and driven,
    Battered by the angry sea.
    So they build their world in great confusion
    To force on us the devil’s illusion.
    But the stone that the builder refuse
    Shall be the head cornerstone,
    And no matter what game they play,
    we got something they could never take away;
    We got something they could never take away:
    And it’s the fire (ESAT), it’s the fire (ESAT)
    That’s burning down everything:
    Feel that fire (ESAT), the fire (ESAT);
    No time to be deceived.
    Oh, brothers, you should know and not believe:
    God says this judgment – it could never be with water,
    No water could put out this fire (ESAT):
    This fire (ESAT), this fire (ESAT),
    BeCause now the fire(G7)is out of control,
    Panic in the city, wicked weeping for their gold!
    Everywhere this (G7)is burning,
    Destroying and melting their gold,
    Destroying and waisting their souls.
    Understandin’ that it’s too late: Brother Bob thank you!!!

  5. Professors Bereket and Tesfatsion are offering us the choice between “federation” and “con-federation.” Those two have no shame. Who do they think they are? Are they not the same guys who run around telling the world Eritrea was Ethiopia’s colony and therefore should get its independence? Why would they want to return to their colonial master? It does not make sense. Ethiopians have to come together to not allow such individuals to take advantage of our ignorance and factionalism to do us in once again!

    As for Dr. Birhanu Nega (remember he is leader of an organization that goes by the name of Ginbot 7 Patriotic Front; NO ETHIOPIA mentioned probably because they did not want to offend Isaias). Here are few things we know about him for certain. He is a fellow who can never work as a team unless he is the leader; and so he holds the record in the number of “alliances” and fronts he has joined or organized and later abandoned. In the 1990s he was friends with Meles Zenawi hoping to somehow get some high-level appointment. Guess what? Meles outfoxed him! Dr. Birhanu later rode the wave originally generated by Andargachew Tsige to win election 2005. He insisted the ruling party should hand over ALL power instead of taking the majority seat his group had won. Guess what? Meles Zenawi outfoxed him again! Ethiopians came out en masse in opposition to Meles Zenawi stealing the votes. Guess what? Birhanu Nega quickly left the country. The youth felt abandoned and Meles came around wooing it to his party’s fold. Until the rise of Qeerroo and Fanno 2 years ago Ethiopia’s youth remained disillusioned and stayed out of politics.

    Dr. Birhanu went back to Bucknell University to his teaching post. He being a brilliant economist soon got appointment as Associate Professor. The brilliant organizer Andargachew in the meantime was busy sacrificing his all to form a viable opposition; he created alliances with Isaias Afewerki. Dr. Birhanu was safe in America from where he traveled to different cities selling his new plan. He was good at regaling his audience though he did not lack his detractors. Andargachew, on the other hand, is not only a strategic thinker but also fiercely independent. He knew the limits of working with Isaias. He also could see Isaias’s ultimate aim is to get Eritrea out the hole Meles had buried him in. I strongly believe Isaias and the British had a hand in the kidnapping of Andargachew. The British of course knew he was traveling to Eritrea and for what purpose and Meles had them in his pocket (or they Meles). Once Andargachew was put away Dr. Birhanu had not choice but to step out of his comfort zone. Guess what he did? He made sure his retirement and insurance, etc was in order at Bucknell and with his menacing “commander of a rebel army” picture in NYT he was off to Asmara to pay homage to his real commander Isaias. Isaias provided the army, Dr. Birhanu having never wielded a gun in his life. And he has been waiting Ethiopia’s premiership delivered to him on a silver platter ever since. Well, the premiership went to Hailemariam after Meles and now to Abiy. It certainly is taking time. So the next best thing is to get into the game somehow. Call a meeting in DC. Give interviews. Anything really to stay in the game. With the Eritrean Professors in full campaign mode Dr. Birhanu’s ambitions knowing no bounds we have a concoction that unless it is arrested at its infancy is sure to bring social disruption to our country for years to come. Fellow Ethiopians, stop fighting over silly issues and come together to avert a greater tragedy waiting to happen to our nation.

  6. FROM — Colenel Fitsum
    To ESAT Journalists ,


    Regardless of my advise to you to fabricate more dark , fake and bad news about TPLF , You manage only to fabricate few unblivable ones .

    I urge you to work on 2 thinks

    1-Fabricate more bad news about ethiopia . Or exagggrate every negative news !!!

    2-Talk about TPLF 24/7 . Include TPLF inevery news article

    3-Focus on abdi Ele too . He was the one who defeted alshabab and ereadicated my forces from somalia . He shattered my dream to create havock in Somali region .

    Otherwise , your salary will be deducted and some more journalists shall get fired .

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