Patriotic Ginbot 7 claims responsibility for the attack against regime’s forces in south Ethiopia

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(File Photo)
(File Photo)

ESAT News (May 12, 2016)
Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy on Thursday took responsibility for the attack in Arba Minch, south Ethiopia against the regime’s forces that resulted in the death of over 20 soldiers and inflicted serious injuries to at least 50.
In a statement it sent to ESAT the armed group opposing the regime in Addis Ababa said its forces in south Ethiopia had carried out the guerrilla style attack from May 7-8, 2016. The statement said the Patriotic forces had killed 20 regime soldiers. The Movement said there were also some causalities on its side.
It said the fight against the tyrannical regime would be carried out in all directions; and the struggle is in no way confined to the country’s northern border.
Speaking to ESAT, chairman of the Movement Prof. Berhanu Nega said the attack in the south of the country is an indication of the beginning of the fight in all directions and areas of the country. He said the minority regime has been saying it would be attacked from the north but the surprise attack in Arba Minch
, Southern Ethiopia,  had proven the regime wrong.
He said the attack in the south by the gallant Patriotic forces was a sign that the fight against the forces of tyranny could be carried out anywhere in the country.
“We are proud of the skills and tactics displayed by the young patriots in guerrilla warfare,” said the statement issued by the Movement.

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  1. Gembot 7 is just shabiya mercenary . They do what ever thing issyass ask them to do . There were many groups in Eritrea issyass use them like his own guards .just try to distabelize Ethiopia , that is shibiya main aim, but all the groups in Eritrea eaten one by one by issyass him self . The end of genbot 7 will be the same .birhanu will be eaten alive by shabiya God help him.

  2. Better to die a sacrificial death than living in humilation.
    It is beyond patience one can bear as human, all the horror, terror and dehumanization the woyanes emposed on the whole nations and communities of Ethiopia. Freedom is not free! They will reap what they sow !

  3. The civil war is real. In Ethiopia more than million people died on the road trying to go in exile outside to other countries without reaching their destination in the past 24 years . The new generation is exploring other ways to make sure we can live freely such as engaging in armed struggle that is why this civil war is not surprising and blaming the recent attack on Eritrean nationals or Eritrean soldiers is insulting the Ethiopian people’s maturity. We all need to ask ourselves what we can contribute to bring the inevitable fall of TPLF come as quickly and as softly as possible .

  4. If this story by these G7’s creatures holds water, they should leave the soil of the USA and camp out where they have been scavenging for so long. The political issues that prevail in the old country do not warrant violent form of struggle. It should and can be resolved in only one way, that is peaceful means. When all of us start to believe that the youth of that country has started to recover from the bloody onslaught unleashed by the demonic Mengistu regime in the 1970’s and 80’s and now this? One should be the lowest form of the modern mankind to have the urge and satisfaction to stoop down, way down for the sworn enemy of our people, Al-Toweel Isaias, the proven Dracula of the Horn. They must be way below the station of our very proud and glorious people. Disgusting, utterly disgusting!!! Again, if this story is true, then they are violating the law of the land of the Good ‘Ole USA – The Neutrality Act. They should be swept up and bused all the way to their legitimate domicile, the stinking dump site in Asmara. This is a peaceful country. Out! Step!!! Get the Steppin’!!!! Degage!!!

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