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Patriotic G7 Statement: As political repression intensifies, peace and stability become more elusive in Ethiopia 

January 19, 2017

The year 2016 was one of the most climactic in recent history of Ethiopia. After two decades of political repression and economic exclusion, millions of citizens across the four corners of the country decided to engage in a peaceful rebellion demanding fundamental change in the country. Tragically, but not unexpectedly, the TPLF/EPRDF-led regime decided to use brute force against peaceful demonstrators, killing hundreds and throwing into jail tens of thousands who still languish in identified and unidentified prisons scattered across the country.


The suffocating political environment, exacerbated by economic marginalization and exclusion, has created a social atmosphere of hopelessness and desperation for the majority of citizens.

The recent grenade attack and explosions in the northern cities of Bahr Dar and Gonder demonstrate that the people of Ethiopia are being pushed to the limit by the regime supposed to serve and protect them. The relentless brutally deadly measures being taken by forces loyal to the regime has created a situation where people are resorting to self-defense and resistance, at times taking desperate measures as seen recently in the two northern cities.

In the context of the brutal political, economic and social atmosphere, it is understandable that some groups might resort to such acts out of desperation. Ultimately, however, the people of Ethiopia and all concerned parties must hold the regime responsible for its institutional violence that continues to brutalize and alienate citizens, driving them to engage in desperate acts.

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Conflicts, as the world has been witnessing in various countries, have their own dynamics, at times going in unfathomable and tragically abysmal directions. They start small, sporadic and scattered, subsequently they grow and intensify, costing lives and enormous destruction. The main catalyst for an unfortunate yet avoidable catastrophe is repression, oppression, and exclusion which leaves citizens with no choice but defend themselves and their families from neo-totalitarian minority regime brutality. This is what we are seeing in Syria and what we have observed across the Middle East and North Africa in recent years.

The reality is that durable peace cannot be maintained through a state of emergency and other forms of repressive measures. The only way towards sustainable and just peace is democracy, the supremacy of the rule of law and freedom for all citizens. Anything short of these fundamental changes and democratic dispensations could only be described as “pressure cooker” stability that is secured using brute force. History tells that the peace and stability that result from authoritarian rule are not only short lived but also dangerous.

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The regime has a well-established record, not only violating citizen’s fundamental rights, but disregarding the sanctity of human life. As such, it is plausible that these kinds of irresponsible attacks on civilian targets could be the works of the regime itself to sow suspicion and mistrust among and between various communities.

All concerned parties, especially the international community, must take note of the progression of conflict and the deteriorating peace and security situation in Ethiopia under the veneer of a false sense of stability the leaders of the TPLF regime proclaim. In the absence of free and independent media, both national and international information on what is happening around the country and beneath the surface is hard to come by. However, citizen reporting and alternative media outlets are describing the deteriorating security situation in various parts of the country.

The people of Ethiopia are at the edges. Ethiopia as a multi-ethnic, multi–religious nation is at crossroads. The Ethiopian people can no longer endure the institutional repression they have tolerated for the past 25 years. The time has come to usher in a peaceful transition. And the time is now.  The alternative which the international community should be cognizant about is we will only see more violence and destruction born out of desperation and hopelessness under the current brutal minority regime. The international community must learn lessons from ongoing conflicts elsewhere, witnessing the broad repercussions for the security, and stability of the Horn of Africa region.

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The Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy unambiguously opposes any attack on civilian targets. Our movement, while committed to transitioning Ethiopia to an inclusive democratic system of governance, takes all the necessary steps and precautions to protect the safety and security of the civilian population. Furthermore, we condemn in the strongest terms the government’s irresponsible action targeting civilians and demand it to immediately stop this heinous practice. We also demand all other concerned parties to take all precautionary measures that protects the safety of the civilian population.

It is imperative that the Western countries re-evaluate their relationship with the regime, and begin to build relationships with pro-democracy organizations and support their endeavors to move the country toward democracy, stability and just peace.

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy 

Contact information: office@ginbot7.org


  1. When was the last time the western countries financed supported and installed a Genuine and Democratically elected Government in Sub Saharan Africa ???
    It’s always quiet the Opposite
    And they will not start today to Help us form a free fair and Democratically elected Government in Ethiopia
    The burden is on us -The Genuine Pro-Democracy Ethiopians to built a Government which is elected by and for the Majority of Ethiopian People.

  2. To expect that the tplf/woyane gives up power peacefully. It is very foolish. Tplf shall never leave Ethiopia peacefully.

    We have not seen in history when and where dictotors and facists hand over power peacefully. We have not seen that countries got their independent peacefully.

    Vietnam, Algeria, India, South Africa, and others fought and got their independence.

    Ethiopians must fight to get free. Their is no alternative to arm struggle. Otherwise live and die under the horrible dictator.

    Amharas and Oromos must get united leaving old history.

  3. Selamawit and Aba Biya,

    Both of you are on the money and 110% correct.


    With regards to America, its leaders put the country’s perceived interests first and foremost. Currently, they feel terrorism, shadow boxing, is their # one enemy. So, any country that is willing to fight against any of their perceived terrorists is their friend. AN ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND. Terrorist TPLF gov by claiming to be a dedicated fighter of east African terrorists, who supposedly are working against the interest of America, has been given a status of crucial American friend in the region. The key word here is claim. Like all of TPLF’s claims, it is 110% wrong. Infact, TPLF government ranks first in Africa in the ranking of who is who among those countries working against the interest of America. My hope is that the new US administration under President Trump will recognize the true color of TPLF and place them on the crippling sanction list as opposed to on a donation/preferred darling list. America prefers democracy, TPLF prefers dictatorship/slavery; America prefers free market economy; TPLF prefer state capitalism/fascism just like their mentors the brutal Chinese communist dictators; All the economy of ethiopia is under government control; almost all the economy of America is under private control; Ehiopian government gives all business contract to the very corrupt Chinese communist dictator and none to the land of the free and home of the brave, USA; 99% of Ethiopian Americans are against TPLF. It is very clear to anyone with some common sense that TPLF stands against the interest of America and Americans. Consequently, not only should TPLF gov not only not get any financial, moral, political and military from US in particular and all genuine democratic countries of the world but also a severe sanction to cripple the economy in order to make people rise against the government is very very long overdue.


    There is no way on earth that TPLF will give up power peacefully. TPLF leaders are like kids. They have no patience, they want everything right now, it is always me me me (no sharing), take away unearned things/wealth, they are never satisfied they always want more and more and more(greedy) etc etc. Appropriate punishment like giving time out, some whipping and withholding things they want, makes kids to develop patience, sharing, earning their keep and help them mature to responsible adults. Therefore, the only way to get TPLF leaders in their place to give them a good BARE BUTT ASS WHIPPING, KICK THEIR ASS.

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