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Partners launch fundraising to save lives of drought hit Ethiopians

by Hasabe
Humanitarian partners today launched a 90-day campaign to raise awareness on the urgent need for an additional funding for the drought crisis in Ethiopia to address the humanitarian resource gap.
El-Niño has exacerbated the humanitarian situation across the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is the most affected and is facing its worst drought in five decades. 10.2 million people need food assistance and 450,000 severely malnourished children under five will require nutrition support.
The Government of Ethiopia and humanitarian partners seek US$1.4 billion to respond. Whilst over US$758million has already been mobilized by the Government and the international community, significant life-saving gaps remain.
Delayed assistance increases human suffering, lengthens recovery period, strains humanitarian and development systems, and exponentially increases intervention cost. This can be prevented, with an adequately funded humanitarian response today.
According to the Joint Government and Humanitarian Partners’ “Humanitarian Requirements Document” (HRD, December 7, 2015) current needs among Ethiopia’s population of 92.3 million people (Ethiopian Central Statistical Agency; 2016 projection) are as follows:
· Number of people needing relief food assistance: 10.2 million
· Number of people needing water, sanitation, and hygiene services: 5.8 million
· Total assistance required in 2016: $1.409 billion ($1.2 billion in food assistance)
· Government of Ethiopia resource allocation to date: $381 million. And in the last 18 months the United States government has provided around half a billion dollars of humanitarian assistance, according to Mr Jeremy Konyndyk, the Director at USAID’s Foreign Disaster Assistance office, who briffed reporters in Addis Ababa on Saturday March 19, 2016.

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