Part 2 | TOP Secret Revealed: A TPLF Secret Agent arrested in Eritrea

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  1. ይህ ዳቢሎስ ነው ባጭሩ፤፤ ለ ጆሮ በጣም ይከብዳል፤፤ እግዞ መሃረነ ክርስቶስ
    ምን ያህል ብንበሰብስ ነው እንደዚህ:: ለ TPLF እምታገለግሉ እግዚአብሄር ይፋረዳችሁ

    • We got to start convèrsate about the uncought and still on their mission’s Woyane spies not only in Eritrea.All over the World from North America to The South Africa from Melbourne to London etc,etc

  2. attention, i dont believe eritrea iyo ethiopia have conflict at all,

    they dont have conflict,but they fooling athers,like rebelions, whoze dont know much information about family ties between tplf and afewerki.

    eritrean goverment and tplf are fooling athers that they are at war, so they can pas information to each ather easy,they are fooling rebels such ginbot 7 onlf olf and ant afewerki anfar rebels.

    as a somalian,i did not this isue, til i spoke one eritrean guy about this isues.

    the guy close to fight me, because he was defending tplf, he said to me, dont say something wrong against woyane, i was shocked, because i was thinking he is eritrean,

    i asked him, you eritrean why do care about woyane?

    he anneswer ahrd way, you dont know who is tplf ? they are my brothers and causins.

    i did not say anything, i told that my somali fridend,he loughed to me, and said you crazy, you dont dont know abou tplf and erittrea? they are same people, but different country now.

    my self i heard that before, that afewerki and tplf are same language, but i though they are at war each ather so they dont like each ather because of their wars.

    but is not so,from that time, i am becarefully about eritrean tigree speakrs, they are spy for tplf in where i live wich is western counry,

    i secretly learned most of tigree people of eritrea they are tplf agents, ever since i am not talking to them.

    these people are not only same langauge with tplf ,but same clan allso.

    they are fooling us,that they are at war, then they can get info from athers and then they can pass this info to each ather, the tigree from both side of the borders.

    i think that is why all rebels never sucseed.

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