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Part 2: The untold story of Aster Aweke | Documentary Film

Part 2: The untold story of Aster Aweke | Documentary Film

Read Aloud:   ESAT DC Daily News 09 March 2015ed

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  1. I remember when this artist and her musician friends living at a rented house ta Afencho Ber in 1973-74. My college friends and I were renting a one bedroom brick apartment next to the house they were staying. I used to hear their practicing session at that house. It was a good size house. If my memory is right what I heard then was her band was playing at Hotel International next to the Ministry of Education but I did not have the chance to go there and watch their concert there. Then I left the country not too long after that. I had a chance to strike a conversation to one of the member of the band I think he was a bass player. He stopped by to borrow something from us, something not that significant. I had seen that bass player at a concert here in the USA when I first went to DC to visit friends in the 1980’s. I forgot his name. That was during a concert where she was also playing. I was amazed how life arranges encounters. I never thought I would say them again when I left home in 1974-75 thru an arduous journey after the carnage by the Derge. I wonder what happened to the Land Rover we left parked just a few moles from the border.

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