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PAFD Statement On Oromo Civilians Massacre of Irreecha Day, on October 02, 2016

On October 2, 2016, The Oromo people gathered in Bishoftu at Lake Har-sadi (40kms away from the Fin- finnee/Addis Ababa) in order to celebrate the traditional Irrecha cultural of thanks giving to the Creator. During such festivals, traditional elders recount Oromo culture and ways of life and popular artists perform traditional and modern folklore and dances. It is a time of happiness and celebration of a new beginnings and thanking of the great spirit for giving us plenty and well-being.

Unfortunately, the TPLF led regime, which is increasingly becoming paranoid and is hell bent on suppres- sing any popular sentiment decided to replace traditional leaders and artists with its own stooges. When the organisers resisted the regime’s machinations and they tried to use force to replace them, the people expres- sed their displeasure by peacefully chanting we want freedom.

The soldiers of the regime immediately started throwing gas canisters and firing rubber and live bullets into the multitude. In addition, armoured vehicle and Helicopters were deployed. Apart from those who fell from the live bullets and stampede inside, which resulted in the death of more than 500 hundred and wounded of thousands.

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