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OTNAA Press Release and Call for Sustainable Peace and Stability of our  Country-Ethiopia

Date 20 December 2017
Dear all OTNAA Global Leadership,
Dear all OTNAA Members worldwide,
Dear all Ethiopian community worldwide,

The OTNAA has been obliged to deliver a press release based on the current alarming  situations in our country and hereby takes a firm stand condemning all casualties & crimes in  an inclusive & constructive manner. Not only such criminal acts that happened in the Somali,  Amhara, Oromia regions etc of Ethiopia and especially in higher institutions (Universities) be  condemned but also OTNAA strongly reminds that the perpetrators need to face the full  force of law in a proportional manner. There should not be any negotiation with a criminal if  proved with credible evidence & the community of Ethiopia needs to jointly request the duty  barriers to respect & protect innocent civilians & students as clearly stated in the United  Nations charter.

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  1. If you are serious you better dissociate yourself from the fascists from Tigray. There is no court in Ethiopia who brings the fascists who are the perpetrators of the crime to justice.

  2. do you even read what this so called “international organization of tigreans Network of affirmative action” has been posting ? Is zehabesha this disparate to be used as propaganda tool for tplF SUPPORTERS.

  3. What is wrong with Aytalnew, Habtamu, etc. When you guys read a Tigrean article you blame them; when they don’t write you blame them. No matter what you comments, but your sickness ego has to be corrected. Every single person has to right and you do have a right to comment on the content not because he/she is from Tigray, Afar, Oromo, etc.
    Or because of Menilk, Haileie, and Mengis Hailemariam I have to blame all Amhara, no my parents didn’t raise me this way.

  4. Be alert guys!

    We will come across many fake “Tigrean groupings” attempting to pretend as if they were sympathizers to the suffering of the people of Ethiopia.
    In the coming weeks and months we will hear/read more outcrying noises from similar groups, but the declaration comes out from the same source. such action manifests is a sign of disturbance, frustration as well as disinformation conducted by TPLF- support group that are scattered throughout North America and Canada.
    This is a blessing in disguise in the name of”Tigrean Opposition”.
    In all of the garbages they have written, you never see any kind of condemnation about the sky-rocketed corruption of the Tigre “Generals”, the Liyu Police, The Agazis, The killing squads posted in every Zones of each regional states masterminded by the so-called “National Security Agency” of the country.
    If they were genuine they would have tried to liberate the Tigre population from suppression or put pressure on the ruling clique to resign and pave the way for the formation of Transitional government.
    It is undeniable fact that there are handful of Tigrean patriots, who have shared their sorrow and voiced for the persecuted people of Ethiopia for the last 25 years. Namely; Ato GebreMedhin Araya, Ato Asegde G/Silassie, Ato Abrha Belai(Ethiomedia), Wodi Shambel, Tilahun W/Silassie and some more.
    Nobody can be against the population Tigre, in Northern Ethiopia. You, brothers and sisters are taken hostage by the ruling clique. We cannot put blame on you. But it is high time that you start protesting today against this power-mongering group. The people in every corner of the country are sacrificing to bring about a change. Join them ! Do not hesitate, that will speed up the downfall of Woyane. This is my brotherly message
    Forget about Woyanes claim: “Tigray and Woyane are the same and One”. Ths is sheer propaganda. The people of Tigray, you are not the same as Woyane. Not at all.

    Last but not least, The TPLF Central committee (45 Persons) and Executive Committee(9 persons) + the 62 Generals are accountable for all wrongdoings in the present-day, mass killings,conflicts and disorders.

    Stop the domination of minority- ruling -class of TPLF!

    let us set up a transitional government, since there no prime minister, no parliamentary leader, a kangaroo court is still messing up the nation by collaborating with the dyeing ruling class.

    Long Live Ethiopia!

  5. የጥፋቱን ምንጭ በግልጽ መውቀስ ያልቻል ጽሁፍ ነው፥፥
    ይሄን ሁሉ ከመዘባረቅ በትግራይ ስም እየነገደ የሚገድለዉን የ ኣድዋ ህዋት ቡድን ኣቁም ብሎ መጻፍ ኣይሻልም ነበር????
    የ ዘረኝነት ምንጩ እናንተ፥ መከራው ሲመጣ እኛን ሌሎችን ኢትዮጵያውያንን ምን ኣድርጉ ነው የምትሉት???
    እኛ እኮ ሞቱንም ችግሩንም ለመድነው።። ከዚህ በላይ ምን እንቻል???
    መልክቱ ለኢትዮጵያውያን ታስቦ ከሆነ ብዙ ሰው ሊረዳው በሚችለው ቁዋንቁዋ በኣጭሩ “እኛ የትግራይ ሰወች ይሄ መንግስት በእኛ ስም የሚፈጽመዉን በደል እናወግዛለን ማለት ይበቃ ነበር፥፥”
    ኣብራቹህ ከወገናቹህ ከሌላው ኢትዮጵያውያን ጋር ብትወግኑ ነው የሚሻለው::
    ይሄ ነጭን (ፈረንጅን) ለማታለል የተጻፈ ጽሁፍ ነው የሚመስለው
    ትክክለኛ ኢትዮጵያዊ ትግሬወች እባካቹህ ወጣ ወጣ በሉ በጉጉት እየጠበቅናቹህ ነው

  6. Dear OTNAA members,

    We were and still are following how and what the Tigrian elites doing in the last 27 years.
    There is no fairness in your consciousness except very few like Ato GebreMedhin Araya, Ato Asegde G/Silassie, Ato Abrha Belai(Ethiomedia), and very few others. You gave unreserved racial support to TPLF and never condemned those several attrocities committed in our country. Now when you realize that Tigreans are dying your voice is heard. Really, you’re a shameless gatherings.
    If you think useful for yourself it is a high time and not too late for you to join the movement of change and to tell your bosses in ARAT KILO enough is enough and push them to start an all inclusive dialogue with all opposition groups both in and outside of the country which TPLF labelled as terrorists. Otherwise the demise of TPLF is inevitable and won’t be long from now.

  7. The struggle has changed it’s face now.It is between the criminal and genocidal Wayane and the Ethiopian people who suffered for 27 years.To me ethnic politics is fascistic from it’s emanation and is international crime.At most it is backwardness for it not for Human progress but regress to keep one and only one group in power.It is power manipulation.There for all of us as Ethiopians must take part in the struggle to bring Wayane down on it’s knees.Specially the Tigrai side since Wayane used your name to cause all the atrocities it brought up on Ethiopians in particular the Oromos and the Amharas,sorry to say it you have to be practical and go beyond lip seves.Your college kids MUST stop killing the non Tigrian students like what exhibited in ADUWA and Adgirat.That is shame and shame.Yet after killing their fellow class mates they resume class with other students who may be next in line to be killed.If you really serious about what you say try to be practical.All crinals no matter from what region they belong to are NOT healthy future for our Country Ethiopia.For lasting peace we all have to expose and fight crime at it’s sours and in this case Wayane is the criminal washed with the blood of Ethiopians in particular that of Oromos and the Amharas.Let it be known that Wayane is not opposed because it is from Tigrai but only for it’s un imaginable crime it is committing against Ethiopians.So will join us in action beyond the denunciation that took 26 years to be printed.Treading crocodile tear is not doing the the work.will you join us ?

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