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Oromo Protests Against Ethiopian Govt’s Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Oromo Protests Against Ethiopian Govt’s Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Oromo Protests Against Ethiopian Govt’s Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia


  1. oromo question is not separate from questions that concern other Ethiopians. oromo has to call on all Ethiopians and make this a joint struggle. TiGRE PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT IS trying to diminish the issues by playing ethnic cards. tplf has managed to isolate oromo from other Ethiopians , tigre from other Ethiopians etc and destroying and attacking each group one by one. please do not play the ethnic game with the fascist woyane. You are all ending up as losers.
    these people do not even see themselves as Ethiopians and feel that they have nothing in common with other Ethiopians. this will only benefit the ethnicist fascist tplf.

    We all knows that FINFINE/ADDIS ABEBA is belong Oromos, but how come the entire street names,bridge name,Government institution buildings, learning institutions within Addis Abeba carry Amara names and glorifies Amharas history and Amharas culture ? ? ?

  3. Oromos are always crying about what happened 100 years ago,where they have been? They should do something then. Now, those people are long gone!Majority doesn’t mean anything at all!!!!!who is in charge now? Tigere (which is only under 10%)but Oromos are still crying about what Menelik did 100 years ago. still blaming Amhara while Tigere is killing Oromos NOW.”stop killing Oromo student” what is that mean? they need to learn how to say “STOP KILLING” period. Amhara is NOT in-charge Tigere is but they are still talking about Amhara.This doesn’t make sense at all. why don’t you ask Woyane to give you Addis Abeba/Finfine? …let me guess…..you will blame Tigere 100 years later for it. If you want something to change, act NOW! not 100 years later….Minority, Majority…if that matters, Addis Abeba would had been Finfine by now…but we all know that will NEVER, EVER happen.This is the FACT and GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  4. I detest the EPDRF’s politics precisely because of its ethnic orientation. That is a given then I cannot stomach any ethnics politics even if its source happens to be the opposition. Simply I am not willing to play the EPDRF’s card. The Oromos issue is not an an Oromos issue per se. It is an Ethiopian issue. The Oromos problem is not different from any other ethnic groups in Ethiopia might have. Having a democratic Ethiopia is the only answer all Ethiopians should aspire for. Beating the ethnic politics drum might activate the ill-informed, but it leads to nowhere. Have we not learned anything from the last twenty-three years? Ethnic politics is for the politically retarded.

  5. Gudeta,
    Either u r one of those 50 cents weyane cadres using the old tactic to fan Oromo-Amhara bla bla or a deep slept cadre of the old ababa OLF. If u were a real Oromo u should have been busy working out the way to free Oromo prisoners instead of worrying about the name of streets and bridges. You can try to change that names after wining your freedom. Your question should be how can I get my freedom from Tigre minority?
    You like it or not Amharas and Oromos will stand together and kick weyanes ass out. We are seeing the unavoidable unity is coming.

  6. It is very, very sad these groups of people calling themselves Oromos are making divisions among Ethiopians and give the tplf/woyane more strength. These bunches who call themselves Oromos are infact not Oromos. They are simply tplf cadres financed by the tplf.
    If they are real Oromos the must join the other Ethiopians and fight the bloody tplf. Oromos shall never betray Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia prevails.

  7. Gudetaa
    If any one fails to know who you are, that person knows nothing about our politicas of today, hopes to know anything ever, and the villain player in it all. Since your words left you naked I don’t have to waste time trying to tell who the wolf in sheep skin is.
    Your evil work will catch up with you sooner than you ever dreamt. Never try agin, it is better for you to refrain from your dead old mischief. Go do as you are always doing in the Ethiopian Review Forum where you always tire to talk as an Oromo against Somalis or vice vers, by playing both characters, we know you where ever you are.
    Thank God you have been in our nationl and political life long enough for us to know you. You would be amazed at how the Somalis came to snif you from far leave alone Ethiopians. I always talk with them to see if they have ever fallen for your evil trick.
    Amazingly they (all Somalis)appear to tell us all who the TPLF fagots are far from fallenig for the chamelion caharacter going all over web sites spilling venom incognito. The wohole East Africa knows you, be informed of that, sad enough for you but a bitter truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gudetta,
    is what a typical cadre of the fascist tPLF LOOKS LIKE. he talks about amhara did this , amhara did that .
    always blames amhara.
    he is paranoid about amhara.
    he has a night mare about amhara.
    his inferiority complex is written all over his body.
    his little mind is poisoned with the hate of amhara.
    all these is done in the of covering up the crimes of the fascist ethnicist Tigre people liberation front.
    People are clever and know who the enemey of the Ethiopian people and are not going to listen to the worn out fascist propaganda of tigre p liberation front.
    Tigre p liberation front has had your day. your ethno-fascist politics has seen its day, you are now in your death bed, and very soon you you will be buried. your day is ending.

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