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Oromo protesters: ‘We are still on the streets because we want self-rule’

Oromo students
UK (International Business Times) — Hundreds of people from Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest state, are still protesting on the streets calling for self-rule. An activist who spoke to IBTimes UK on condition of anonymity explained that Oromopeople, Ethiopia’s biggest ethnic group, were also protesting against the alleged violence carried out by security forces against demonstrators.
Protesters in Oromia first took to the streets in November 2015 to voice their dissent against a government draft plan that aimed to expand the boundaries of the capital Addis Ababa. They argued the so-called “Addis Ababa master plan” would lead to forced evictions of Oromo farmers who will lose their land and would undermine the survival of the Oromo culture and language.

Who are the Oromo people?
The Oromo people are Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group and their population amounts to more than 25 million (around 35% of Ethiopia’s total population). They originated in the Horn of Africa, where they are believed to have lived for millennia.
Oromo people speak Afaan Oromoo, as well as Amharic, Tigrinya, Gurange and Omotic languages. They are mainly Christian and Muslim, while only 3% still follow the traditional religion based on the worshipping of the god, Waaq.
In 1973, Ethiopian Oromo created the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which stemmed from the discontent over a perceived marginalisation by the government and to fight the hegemony of theAmhara people, another large ethnic group in Ethiopia.
OLF – still active today – also calls for the self-determination of the Oromo people. It has been deemed as a terror organisation that carried out violent acts against people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. The group has always denied such allegations, claiming its mission is to terminate “a century of oppression” against the Oromos.

The Ethiopian government scrapped the master plan following increasing agitation which activists claimed led to the death of at least 200 people.
However, Oromo people have continued their protest arguing, among other things, that they did not trust the authorities.
“The issue of the master plan was only an immediate cause,” a source close to the campaigners said. “The root causes are real demands for Oromo self-rule, democracy and rule of law, among others and the government has continued to respond violently.”
The activist also claimed that during student protests which occurred on 8 March, police allegedly arrested more than 50 people and injured many.
“Student protests occurred at some large universities including Addis Ababa University,Jima University and Wallaga University,” the source added.
“AtAddis Ababa , Oromo students demonstrated for the second round in front of the US embassy chanting ‘we are not terrorists, we are Oromo, stop the killings inOromia’. In Wallaga, government forces beat and injured many students. Hospital beds were overflowing with injured students and ambulances were prevented from taking victims to hospitals in other cities around that part of Oromia,” the source alleged.
Government dismisses allegations of violence
The Ethiopian embassy in London has not responded to a request for comment on the fresh allegations.
On 21 February, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report warning that at least 200 people had been killed with further arrests of Oromo protesters by security forces, including the military.
However, Ethiopia dismissed the allegations with an official telling IBTimes UK the HRW report was“abysmal propaganda.” The government claimed the death toll was much lower than 200 but did not give a specific figure. Protesters were also accused of trying to secede and create an independentOromia state.
An earlier statement by the Ethiopian embassy sent to IBTimes UK stated that the government engaged in public consultations which resulted in the decision to scrap the master plan. Authorities also launched an investigation to identify people behind “corrupt land acquisition practices”, loss of innocent lives and damage to private and public properties. The investigation has led to a number of arrests.


    • Yadata: you are very wrong and do not know about our people. All the land of Ethiopia is for all. no one came from outside. It is deceptions: Arabs and Jewish are white skinned and not Ethiopians;

    • Sam: I know for quite sure-you are not Ethiopian (Amhara, Oromo etc). You do not know anything about Oromo. Oromos are proud people who fought and have been fighting for the unity of Ethiopia.
      Oromos like Amharas- have Ethiopia their Origin. You Satan! we no longer get deceived by you evil post. we know who you are!!!
      Ze-Habesha-Please watch out the Shabia recruits who are busy at the moment to do all they can to antagonize the two major groups of Ethiopia: Ethiopia will continue to shine. Egypt and Shabia are investing a huge amount to attempt to destroy the country. They Try but they themselves will be destroyed. Soon, you will see what will happen to Esayas- the cruelest and “teebitegna” and with inferior personality. He is now hopeless and blames Ethiopia for his failure!!
      But Ethiopia will shine!!!! Oromos will Shine, Amhara will shine! Tigre will shine, Somali will shine, Afar will shine, people in south Ethiopia will shine!! they work together and build up their country.

    • They are treating their wounds inflicted on them by tplf , since TPLF will not allow them to get medical attention even while in jail.

  1. We all are in the same boat. The name of the boat is called Ethiopia. I suggest all people of Ethiopia to go out to the street like Oromo People because the Ethiopian courts are set up to do injustices to the peoples of Ethiopia. We need a solidified solidarity. No one is an island. A united effort will bring down the corrupt Government.

  2. we oromoos are very patient and good people because in the situation like this we can behead your people or kill all none oromos but we did not because it is our culture to respect others .but that toleration is over many places are being liberated from the government and non promos are being killed the more you and your government talks the more you make it hard on your people.

  3. Dear All
    Please be careful on the comments.
    Most of them are posted by Shabia recruits. Trust me!
    Dear Ze-Habesha-if you are really Ethiopians (Oromo, Amhara etc), please watch out those Shabia recruits. At this time, they are very busy to see Ethiopia being destroyed. Trust me….This is true.
    But, One thing I am very sure- Ethiopia will continue to shine.
    I have casuhgt some shabia recruits posting such things to deliberately inflame hatred between the Oromos and Amhara people.
    These are cursed and Satanists but sooner or later will see Esayas and his follows to get wiped out of their place. These are true Satanists who survived by sacrificing innocent blood.
    Dear Oromos and Amharas: Please be vigilant, and mature not to be taken away by such dangerous strategies of Shabia. Never get deceived!!!

  4. WHO IS LIABLE ? ?
    Who is going to pay for the Amhara houses and Amhara business that is burned by these extremist Oromo protestors ? ? ?
    The owners of the houses and business should go after the Ethiopian government and regional government for not act fast enough for allowing these damage to happen.

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