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Oromo Federalist Congress ISG’s (OFC-ISG’s) Conference on Land-Grabbing and Oromo Protests – Video

Oromo Federalist Congress ISG’s (OFC-ISG’s) Conference on Land-Grabbing and Oromo Protests – Video

Source: Oromo TV

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  1. Since 1889 a small tribe called Mojas within the Amhara ethnicity were the owners of the majority of the farm lands in Ethiopia until Derg military regime took over in 1974. During the Mojas time 1889-1974 Oromo farmers were forced to work for the Moja land owners in a very degrading condition with little or no compensation. After Derg took over in 1974 the constant civil war did not allow Derg to concentrate on farming . After TPLF took over in 1991 TPLf was faced with a challenging question. Who to put in charge of faming lands. TPLF didn’t want to make any Ethiopian feeling less than the other so TPLF chose to sell the farm lands to foreign land owners that have the capacity to engage in modernized farming. Since TPLF didn’t want to give the lands to some Ethiopians and deny other Ethiopians the only choice that was kleft was to let Middle Eastern , Asian and so on own the land. This angered many sectors of the Ethiopian society specially the Oromos since they felt the same type oft reatment they received from the Mojas returning again . TPLF failed to make sure all Mojas were out of the memories and powerhouse of Ethiopia. These disgruntled Mojas that were expecting to get reinstated to their old properties demanded to TPLF to return their properties that were confiscated by Derg but TPLF didn’t give them any attention .Infact TPLF didn’t even give them an answer to their demands adding to their anger they convinced the local Oromia government senior officials to return their lands which amazingly the Oromia senior officials did . Now the Mojas own more land in Oromia than actual Oromos in Oromia . Most assume they are Oromos because they claim to be Oromos but in reality they are Amharic people. That is why the protest is still going on with the federal government not knowing what to do, since they don’t know who is the real Oromoand who is Moja pretending to be in Oromo .

    • So called “Chombe”:
      Your ignorance is no match for the subject of discussion. I believe you are a victim of the 1974 & 1984 Tigrai famine – you are suffering from a small brain due to malnutrition of hunger. So “so called Woyane agent, go back to your Dedebit. Just go away – What an illiterate Tigre.

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