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Oromia at the Crossroads

Alemeneh Wase News : The spark that lit the flame of Oromo students protest 10 days ago
Qeerroo Led Revolution: Bloody, but Unbowed

Albasa Dagaga March 2016
Qeerroo and TPLF are at loggerheads. On the one hand, the TPLF is doing everything imaginable to suppress Oromo national uprising including the use brute force. On the other hand, Qeerroo is challenging the status quo conquering fear and willing to pay any price to free Oromia once and for all. Throughout history, the price of freedom for all has been paid by a few who loved freedom enough to pay the cost for everyone, and in the case of Oromia, Qeerroo is paying the price of freedom for all at a heavy cost, facing ruthless and inhuman enemy armed to the teeth. The Oromo peaceful struggle to be free from TPLF tyranny has intensified the past 4 months. The level of violence –arrests, torture, and shooting and killing, murdering and dumping–by TPLF special-forces and the army against peaceful Oromo demonstrators and public disobedience is reaching a very dangerous point. Unless TPLF makes radical change, which is unlikely, we may be witnessing a replay of the Khmer Rouge period rule of Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Son Sen, Khieu Samphan and the Communist Party of Kampuchea over Cambodia repeating itself in Oromia. The main difference this time, TPLF is not supported by Moscow or Beijing, but by cynical western “democracies” in the name of protecting their “national security interest”; an irresponsible and short-sighted policy that is grounded in egocentric short-term interest and surely destined to inflict heavy damage to their long-term interest and to the democratic values they ritualistically preach. After all, it has been said that, the degree to which souls cooperate with evil is directly proportional to the degree of suffering that will befall humanity, and not just humanity, but all of nature as well.
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  1. any none oromo living in oromo land allowed to stay there because we oromos are charitable, says this olf die hard fascist.
    let me tell you this mr dagaga. this so called oromia” is TPLF creation. we have as much right to live in the land as you do. and who gave you the right to say none oromo is are outsiders. you are the one who is the outsider. go back to where you came from.

  2. @ Dgaga,
    you are another olf ethno-fascist no different from tplf. you were buddies with tplf in 1991-1995 and committed as much genocide acting as the foot soldier of tplf. then tplf kicked you lot out because you have no use any more for tplf.
    you were very happy,then in 1991-1995, to act as a willing servant of tigre people liberation front and take their order to murder people, now you turn around and condemn tplf.
    by what logic did you come to know that tigre people liberation front is actually the enemey of oromo, which you did not have before today.

  3. Typical TPLF propaganda. TPLF lapdogs are barking day and night because their dates are numbered. TPLF terrorist are arrogant, cruel, greedy and detached from the reality on the ground. Killing Oromo is the gift that keeps on giving to our people.

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