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Open Ltter to Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretory –General of the United Nations

September 12, 2023

September 10, 2023
Open letter
Tesfaye Yigzaw
His Excellency


Mr. Antonio Guterres
Secretory –General of the United Nations
United Nations, 405 East, 42nd street

New York, NY. 10017


My name is Tesfaye Yigzaw, and I am the USA citizen. I am closely following the situation in Ethiopia. As an American citizen, my experience living in a democracy, where human rights have the great veneration would not allow me to be silent while the Ethiopian people are suffering under a brutal tyrant.

Thus, today, I am writing to you and your organization to take appropriate actions, within the extent of the law bent to an international mandate of war crimes and genocides in Ethiopia.

This is the case regarding Abiy Ahmed Ali, his deputies, police and military leaderships waging war and massacring innocent civilians using drones, military air crafts and modern artillery fires. The war in Tigray, after the loss of one million lives has been indefinite, yet Abiy Ahmed Ali started another war in Amhara region, and this region has not recuperated since Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) forces devastated the region, in fact that includes the Afar.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is a narcissistic psychopath, the world has yet to know about this man. Accordingly, his deputies, and military leaders are under his control of mental deceptions. His iconoclastic views obviously has endangering the whole society. It is true, he is mentally very unstable.

Mass arrests of journalists, human rights activists, killings of children and elders. Torture and rape by police and military including sodomizing prisoners, which is foreign to country’s norm are widely reported. Members of the parliament and elected public citizens are tortured and unlawfully jailed, what seems to be a vengeful acts for daring to speak out in a parliament about a public concern.

One of his deputies, Shimelis Abdisa a culprit of heinous crimes ones said on an Oromo gathering; neither Christianity, Judaism nor Islam is Oromo’s religion. He added, all are imported from Meddle East, only a Gada system is Oromo’s religion, this phrase repeated by Abiy Ahmad Ali, at Southern town in Dilla. This is an infusing ideology for long time; thousands Orthodox believers were massacred in Oromo region. In Wellega, Oromo region, thousands Muslims, and Christians Amhara were slaughtered. The most heartbreaking, women’s womb live opened, and a child in captive, was swearing up not to speak her mother’s thong, Amharic again, assuming her live would be saved. About two years ago, the fanatic Oromo group led by Jawar Mohamed and Ezekiel Gebissa (a pseudo professor), agitated young Oromo followers that led to slaughtering hundreds of Christians, in Arsi, and Bale regions, including burning live humans and hanging upside down a person in Shashamane. All these massacres are the nostalgia of an act of terrorism since 1960s led by Sheikh Abdulkarim Ibrhem Hamid (Jara Aba Gedaa), whose terror group called Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia (IFLO) had slaughtered thousands of innocents, including throwing live human being off the cliffs, and burning down live Orthodox believers and Priests. Jawar Mohamed and his group proudly claimed this man as their mentor. All these crimes are the reminiscence of the 1600 history following the arrival of the Galla, now called itself Oromo migration into Ethiopia. Though there is no proper studies have been conducted, violence and criminal activities seems to be their norm; the violence, few years ago in the USA, Europe and elsewhere is an example of this extremist Oromo group.

This is what Abiy Ahmed Ali has been propagating, the crimes of his predecessors. The Oromo activists resolutely skewed historical facts to suit their purposes; the truth is that all subsequent leaders in the past hundred and more years are Oromos, except the last thirty years of a Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), the mafia group dominancy. Amhara has never been in a leadership for a longtime, and as my understanding, Amhara has not envisioned an interest to seek power except to live in peace and equally with its fellow countrymen. Amhara, in fact, is well known to defend Ethiopian sovereignty and by no means that would be a compromise.

All major crimes in the country for the past five years are solely a responsibility of Abiy Ahmed Ali. Each crimes, one after another, the evidence directly indicates his involvements. He secretly organized the terror organization called Oromo Liberation Fronts-Sheenee (OLFS), to obscure his direct involvements, and this group has been involved in kidnaping, asking ransoms by stopping transport vehicles, often kill their victims after receiving money. These criminals are withdrawing the ransom money from legal banks. I assume, Abiy and his criminal gangs use to fund their illegal activities. Abiy Ahmed Ali’s cynical behavior is to make conflicts in an entire society: Moslems against Moslems and Christians against Christians and vice versa, and ethnicity over another. There is no such conflicts in the county since its long history. This has reinitiated the rebirth of Fano; a natural, historical force well known to defend its people and country.




Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw

Cc: open letter


  1. I think it’s very good expression because it’s an idea that all Ethiopians have in our heads so I read carefully it’s wonderful

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