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Open Letter to the White House and State Department

To The White House
CC: State Department

The US Africa Leaders Summit

The US Africa Leaders Summit being held next week is a follow up of the last one done in August 2014. The Biden administration aims to revive this spirit with a list of “ shared values” including peace human rights and governance. This summit coincides  with the atrocities being committed in Ethiopia causing the greatest challenge both to the country and the region.

We understand that leaders accused of atrocities and have violated the cardinal principles of the AU and the UN charter and the Universal Deckaration of human rights , have been invited to this forum. One such leader is PM Abiy of Ethiopia. If the summit is expected to discuss “shared values “ peaceful coexistence and good governance the Ethiopian regime stands out not as a partner but a government that has challenged the very sacred norms of human rights and good governance. The idea of sharing  values and establishing partnership depends on whether  the summit puts the aspiration, the rights, liberty and freedom of the people of Ethiopia at the center of the deliberations. We Ethiopians,  in and outside Ethiopia, believe with ample evidence that this government of Ethiopia headed by PM Abiy is  committing crimes against humanity including genocide and cannot and should not be considered as a partner but as an enemy of the principles and values  that the US and many African countries cherish.

As the leading human rights voice the US should not be seen partnering with despots and criminals who use violence and atrocities as a means of control. The Ethiopian people have endured these sufferings with the hope that with all the evidence that has become public, the US will take determined steps to prevent these atrocities from happening.

The invitation of such an autocrat to such an august assembly, sends the wrong message. The regime in Ethiopia should be at the ICC not at the White House. His presence in this assembly tarnishes the image of the US government and frustrates the hopes and aspirations of the Ethiopian people who looked upon the USA as an honest broker of peace and human rights.

The US must not be seen partnering with a regime accused of genocide and crimes against humanity. The Ethiopian people together with international criminal lawyers have built a solid case against PM Abiy and his regime. While we expect the US government to support the Ethiopian people in bringing our case to the desk of the ICC it is enigmatic to see the regime in the hall of the White House where the history of the struggle for freedom and justice shines in every corner.

By rescinding the invitation, the US will be sending the right message worthy of its history and the lead role it has played in the fight against dictatorship and violations of human rights

Dawit Giorgis


4 thoughts on “Open Letter to the White House and State Department”

  1. It should be very clear to you by now that committing human right abuses and atrocities is one of the prime criterion for rising to prominence in the eyes of the west. All you have to see is the nature of the trajectories of Tedros Adhanom and Abiy Ahmed.

    1. Fano out of Oromia

      Stop killing innocent civilians , Amhara Oromo, Tegaru etc
      Following the gruesome massacre committed by FANOS

      Stop killing innocent civilians of all ethnic background.

      Stop Oromo, Gurge and Tegaru genocide in Oromia

  2. The civilized, modern and unique nation of Tigraway are legally and morally entitled to defend themselves. The international community has the responsibility to support Tigray in its struggle for survival and independence. The allied barbaric forces mobilized against this ancient nation are prepared and trained to commit mass killings. Famous Tigrayan diplomats like Dr. Teodros Adhanom are doing their best to gain international attention and support. All the citizens and friends of Tigray should continue their help and support.

  3. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed is the world’s most corrupt person, no accountability, he thinks he owned the country as his own private property

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