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Open Letter to Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam


Asfaw Regasa

I read your recent article, “If Not Abiy Ahmed, Then Who? I Stand by Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed!” with interest but with no surprises about its contents. In your typical opportunistic act, you have been expressing your blind support for the Prime Minister in your writings and speeches since the Prime Minister came to power. Of course, you have all the right to support Abiy Ahmed; however, I find the extent of your worship toward him to be unfitting of an intellectual of your caliber, experience and age.

You depict the Prime Minister as messiah without whom Ethiopia will fall apart. You claim, “Is there any leader in Ethiopia today who has demonstrated the same level of courage, intelligence, vision, self-confidence, strategic thinking, honesty and integrity, communications skills, humility, passion and dedication as Abiy Ahmed?” In your assertion you build a personality cult for the Prime Minister as if he were infallible. Your assertion is also contemptuous to our country and its people, a country of 110 million people, with multitude of citizens who could have led our country in a much better direction than we have witnessed in the past two years if they had the same opportunity to do so. Unless you live on a different planet, the sufferings of our country and people over the past two years have been enormous; our fellow citizens have been literally slaughtered like a sheep (October 2019 and June 2020 to name but a few), hundreds of thousands evicted in different parts of our country because of their ethnic identity including the capital, all on the Prime Minister’s watch! I would like to ask you a few questions here: What would you think if those fellow Ethiopians who were slaughtered, beaten, stoned to death, dragged in the street, and evicted were one of your children, your mother, your father, your brother, and your sister, uncle, aunt, etc.? Have you ever tried to empathize and sympathize with them? Would you have the same colorful view of the past two years and a future “promised land of prosperity, dignity, fraternity…”? I leave the answers to your own conscience!

Certainly, the unprecedented brutal massacre and eviction of our fellow citizens, destruction of property, churches and mosques is a result of the venomous ethnic politics that the late vicious dictator Meles Zenawi and company imposed on our country and people nearly three decades ago, which has been exploited by secessionist groups such as the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and their terrorist associates in country and in the diaspora, including Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Ezkiel Gabissa, Tsegaye Ararsa, etc. However, a golden opportunity to come up with a transition period that would potentially extricate our country’s complex socio-economic and political problems through an inclusive political process was missed two years ago, thanks to the Prime Minister! As I believe you would recall, when asked about forming a transitional government, he arrogantly claimed that he alone would transition the country. Similarly, when many concerned citizens later urged him for a road map of the transition process, the Prime Minister condescendingly claimed that “there is nothing as a road map in politics; the idea was floated by someone who wrote about it under the influence of khat and everyone is now talking about it.”

As you seem to be detached from reality, I would also like to remind you that the killings by sharp shooters of peaceful demonstrators in Addis Ababa and ensuing detention of thousands of youth in the dangerous Tolai concentration camp, recent incarceration of some of the political prisoners under concocted and bogus charges (Eskinder Nega, Sentayehu Chekol, Yilikal Getnet, Lidetu Ayalew, etc.), have all happened under the leadership of the Prime Minister! It was recently reported that Yilikal Getnet was deliberately left in a prison with COVID-19 patients, despite a court’s decision of their removal from where he is incarcerated. This is a brutal copycat measure taken from the pages of Meles

Zenwai books where he used to have his political prisoners shaved their heads with a single blade with the aim of having them infected with HIV/AIDS! Mr. Professor – the massacre and slaughter of our fellow citizens, eviction of hundreds of thousands, destruction of property, churches, and mosques, as well as imprisonment and beatings of political prisoners are not “a bump” as you tried to characterize them in your article! These are horrific and tragic scars that go into the dark pages of our history!

Make no mistake that like most Ethiopians, I commend the Prime Minister for the measure that he has recently taken to bring Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and company to justice, albeit this was long overdue! However, the Prime Minister’s Attorney General futile attempt to draw a parallel and moral equivalence between Jawar Mohammed and Eskinder Nega is the utmost travesty of justice! This is some thing no rational human being (not just an Ethiopian) who is familiar with each of these two individual’s stances on Ethiopian politics, history, etc., as well as means each uses to achieve their political objectives would buy!

As you have been doing over the past couple of years, you continue to belittle fellow Ethiopian intellectuals who criticize the Abiy Ahmed Government, presenting yourself as the one and only one who is able to understand the complexities of politics and government. You wrote in your article, “… diaspora” intellectuals” who are abysmally clueless about what it takes to govern a long-abused and misgoverned country like Ethiopia.” Through this statement, you once again, as you have done repeatedly in the past, claim to be the only intellectual around, which is simply laughable! Such assertions only show your arrogance, self-proclaimed omniscience, and lack of humility. The intellectuals you condescendingly describe have taken the high road of ignoring your repeated insults, however as an ordinary citizen who strongly believes in speaking the truth I just couldn’t tolerate your arrogance and have written this piece (this is my second, of course) to call out your behavior for what it is in the hope that you will pause and introspect yourself.

You stated in your article, “Do we want the Old Ethiopia mired in poverty, destructive politics of ethnicity, kililized territoriality and a government of no accountability?” I want to remind you that in his recent speech the Prime Minister you tout so much proclaimed his determination to “kililize” the southern parts our country as if the incalculable massacre of our people and destruction of institutions and property that emanated from ethnicization of our country was not enough. I would like to ask you a question here – as an unofficial advisor to the Prime Minister, what have you done to counsel him to change course from ethnicizing our country further? As I recall, before the Prime Minister came to power you rightly shattered in your writings TPLF’s destructive constitution as a piece that is not worth the paper written on it. However, in an astonishing acrobat that dwarfs the performance of famous U.S. athlete Simone Biles, when you thought it conveniently benefits the Prime Minister, you presented yourself as a legal interpreter of the constitution! What an awful shame!

You also claimed in your article, “For the past two years, Ethiopia has shown a magnificent trajectory out of thugtatorship into multiparty democracy, rule of law and expansion of civil liberties.” Which multiparty democracy are you talking about? The selective treatment of favored parties and mistreatment of other legally registered parties (e.g., Balderas)? And which rule of law and expansion of civil liberties? It is during the past two years that we have been witnessing the massive crimes being committed on our citizens, evictions, massacres with the Prime Minister’s government unable or unwilling to provide basic security to our people. Which planet do you live on, Mr. Professor? Please have heart for those fellow Ethiopians who have been going through immense sufferings due to loss of

loved ones, children who saw their parents slaughtered and mutilated, parents whose children shot dead in broad day light, the millions of our citizens who were evicted in different parts of the country, including the capital, bewildered and confused as to what is going on around them as they sought refuge and stayed in churches, mosques and makeshift plastic shades as if they were in a foreign land, the massacre of religious leaders, both Christians and Muslims, etc.? It seems that you see everything colorful from the comforts of your life in the U.S. or the prism of sort of “red carpet” type treatment you probably receive from the Prime Minister whenever you happen to be in Addis! Very sad, indeed!

One could go on picking out on your outrageous assertions in your article, however it is pointless to do so. In this article, I just wanted to highlight those that stood out for me. I will add one more. In your closing statement, you assert, “The one and ONLY choice is to stand with Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed or stand against Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed.” This is also a deceitful remark as you attempt to synonymize Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed! This is like the TPLF rogues where they stupidly claim, “TPLF and the People of Tigray are the same.” In both cases the two are not the same! Those of us, a significant majority of us, who love our Ethiopia so dearly to our heart, with sleepless nights about its unity and the wellbeing of our people, stand with Ethiopia forever! Standing with Ethiopia is not a choice; it is a citizenry obligation that we all inherit from our forefathers and foremothers who maintained its unity and territorial integrity through great sacrifices. Those who stand against Ethiopia (leaders of the TPLF, OLF and other secessionist groups and their terrorist associates such as Jawar Mohammed, Ezkiel Gabissa, Bekele Gerba, Tsegaye Ararsa, etc.) commit an act of treason.

Standing with Abiy Ahmed, a leader of a political party with its own ideology and motives, is a choice one freely makes. We commend Abiy Ahmed where he does the right things and things right (as, for example, he did recently with putting in jail extremist elements who are hellbent of dismantling Ethiopia, such as Jawar Mohammad and company and other OLF extremists), and we call a sped sped when he does outrageous things. Your “You are either with us, or against us” type blanket statement, which is a futile attempt to scare people, is also contemptuous of our people since they should be able to make their own choices freely as to whether or not they stand with the Prime Minister. Otherwise, there is no multi-party democracy as you claim. By any stretch, Abiy Ahmed is not a messiah as you try to showcase him; on the contrary, he is a dictator in the making, unless he is provided constructive criticism and nipped in the bud so he gets back on track. His narcissistic and “I am all-knowledgeable” projection of himself and lectures to various groups, including his recent one to select party leaders, is a testament to this.

I finally leave you with this remark – we have a wise people who discern the wheat from chaff and they don’t need anyone from thousands of miles to lecture them what/who is right and wrong and who they should stand with. Stop building a cult for the Prime Minister! He is a fallible human being like anyone of us. If you can, please contribute to the building of institutions instead.

Asfaw Regasa


  1. Asfaw Regasa,

    God bless you our brother!

    This what’s called speaking truth!

    It’s about damn time someone said something.

    Thank you!

  2. Abiy is a great person both in private and public. I am the biggest supporter of Abiy, but I believe Al Mariam has done a huge damage to the image of the PM and Ethiopians abroad. It was a major mistake to associate with him the the Diaspora Trust Fund, which is now basically a failed vanity project only because him, his stupidness and his divisive politics and of his conflicting usernames denouncing pm at night and praising him during the day. What a shame.

  3. Al is a very insecure and complex individual. He has been attacking fellow Ethiopians (journalists, intellectuals) anyone that he considers smarter or more accomplished than him “elite” (as if that’s an insult) for more than a decade. It makes no difference they opposed TPLF or not. It makes no difference they are victims of TPLF or not. It makes no difference to him they are supporters (or relatives) of Abiy or not. It’s all about him. The weird thing is that he knows that some people know that. Thus his constant defensiveness.

  4. Asfaw Regasa,

    Mintesinot, hmmmmm. you, tricky, you….

    I can predict your next (ሰኞ) article: My response to myself (sorry Asfaw Regasa). Why I love Abiy Ahmed and why you should too..

    ሌባ ላመሉ ቅድመ እውቅና አገኘ

  5. Among many including Al Mariam , one who does not like PM Abiy Ahmed’s leadership is perceived as a person who got thirst for power. For them there is no one better for Ethiopia than PM Abiy Ahmed , those that don’t agree with their view about PM Abiy Ahmed is automatically perceived as someone who is thirsty for power , they claim democracy is at an early age a baby in Ethiopia, thus giving PM Abiy Ahmed’s PP the exclusive right to be the only care taker of the baby democracy, whoever that do not agree with that is power hungry according to them.

    Many Amara scholar critics are being defamed and silenced with this labeling people “power hungry” tactic. Many Amara scholars are refraining from denouncing the genocide in public for fear of being labeled as a power hungry.

  6. Excellent job, Asfaw Regassa

    Al mariam is classical intellectual prostitute who creates God out of heinous Criminals. His God that he considers as a savior of Ethiopia was the right hand of Meles Zenawi who destroyed our beloved country. Yet, Almariam worships him as the God of Ethiopia and he believes Ethiopia has no chance of survival with out the former spy of Meles Zawawi.


  7. Does anybody know if Al Mariam, besides being a retired community college teacher, has published any books or Peer-reviewed articles for scholarly journals in the U.S.? Been searching all possible databases and could not come up with a single one. That’s very concerning because in the United states that goes right into the heart of the credibility of any expert scholar. Peer-reviewed (refereed or scholarly) journals – articles are written by experts and are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal in order to ensure the article’s quality. (The article is more likely to be research valid, reach reasonable conclusions, etc.) In most cases the reviewers do not know who the author of the article is, so that the article succeeds or fails on its own merit, not the reputation of the expert. The absence of that is a red flag and evidence of deceitful on top of everything else.

  8. Normal Ethiopians both in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora are still processing the after shock of the recent tragedy in Ethiopia, but he is writing about himself: His rejected letter to Al Jazeera (who really cares), his crocodile tears at the sight of Abiy at LA airport two years ago (do you care?) and visit to the border of Tigray (Big deal, ha?) and now this? What’s next? His open response to his own letter? Maybe he will get help from his other hidden figures and tplf henchmen such as Bakari Bazaro, Belay Z, Belayneh A, Teshome Albergo, Teshome Debalke, etc. Can you imagine, fellow Ethiopians, what a wonderful intellectual renaissance we will have when all of these names fall silent someday day sooner or later?

  9. His schismatic, discordant, anti-medemer and disharmonious personality and politics is a liability not only for Abiy but the ruling party in general.

  10. His problem is not that he praises Abiy, which this article attempts to frame (heard that silly spin from his own close associate before), but rather by over doing so and try to the create a fake image that is power adjacent in Ethiopia, that he discredits the Prime Minister who wants to be viewed as man of the people. Psychologically AL also craves to be seen as man of the people too but at the same time he also wants the public to accept him as authoritative or “elite,” that explains his mental state where he unremittingly like a third-world crackpot refers to the “so called elite.” In other words he wants to tell us that he is the “elite” not those real elites. That’s his hangover or as we call it: katzenjammers.

    Otherwise, he claims to be an intellectual that attacks other intellectuals. He claims to have been a human rights activist that attacks other human rights activists, he claims to be for freedom of the press but attacks independent media and journalists unless they carry his water like ESAT and all the none-journalistic propaganda cookie machines. and websites. And now he claims to be a fundraiser, but attacks the wealthy and powerful”Elites.” So to me he is more like Mengistu than Abiy and incapable of personal reform. But you never know. We’ll see.

  11. ዶሮ ጭራ የምታወጣው ምስጢር ነው የሚባለው ወይስ ዶሮ ጭራ ማረጃዋን አወጣች።

    AL is in a free fall. Clearly he has pissed off some very smart and angry people that have come after him like fury in the past few weeks. He has never seen anything like it before. Certainly we have never seen anything like it before either, which in many ways is hopeful for Ethiopia that such people exist.

  12. Humble Comment, 6 Aug 2020
    IT is a Classical case of TRAGEDY.
    ONE is His OWN ENEMY.
    The Professor himself can dissect the concept of TRAGEDY in detail, Verses and Chapters, lecturing to his own mesmerized University Class of Humanity, in the United States of America .
    How High can one climb than THAT?
    And how does the old adage goes about >>> the higher they climb ……….???????

  13. Allow me to share my observation….

    It appears there are a few folks with axe to grind against the professor. Don’t understand the reason. Neither do I care.

    Check the recent articles that the professor has written, and comments associated with them and you’ll see a pattern. No sooner does his article get posted then there is a flurry of criticisms, less at the substance and more at the person.

    It’s really a disservice to the rest of us who want to see a healthy discussion of issues that builds us up rather than tears us apart.

    Ethiopia is at a critical time and we need all hands-on deck. Professor Al has proven his mettle and we need him to continue the fight.

    Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat, if you get what I mean…

  14. Al mariam is a disgrace person to all the so called educated Ethiopians or elites in the diaspora. Abiy can be killed today or tomorrow by any body. John F. Kennedy, the 35th President U.S. was killed while he was an active president of USA. Did the killing of JFK destroyed America? So Al mariam’s scare mongering tactic and support of an individual than building an institution is shameful at its best.

  15. As it stands I also stand with AL though I may not go as far as he says. Looks Mr Assefa took a page from Prof’s book with respect to the exageration. From what I read he is a demagogu, a wolf in a sheep skin. Yes people were killed, but was it because what Abiy did? It is easy to fight fire with fire. That will end up with more blood bath. My brother was killed by someones brother and if he was killed in the name of law and order it will become a non stoping cycle and non other than the same Assefa’s who pick up their dirty pens to condemn Abiy for being a dictator.
    I would like to ask this Assefa guy if he has any idea about the formation of transitional government. Who are the parties going to form the transitional government? Dont forget each and every party must get a representation in the government, how are the positions going to be distributed between those collections who claim to represent this or that portion of the society?
    He also became the police, the judge and the executioner exonerating all the people arrested because of ladt Junes mishap. Where did you get the information that all of them are inmocent? It is better to keep quite if there is nothing good and constructive to say.

  16. Tedlaye,

    You, Assefa and Al are one and the same person. It does not take a language expert to figure that out.

  17. Give me a break Asfaw Regasa..AL definitely knows the difference between sped and spade. Need I say more?

  18. Al was my hero during TPLF era but since PM Abeye came to power and called Al his lost brother.. his real self the egomaniac has come out. Do not get me wrong I am a strong supporter of the PM but Al ‘s take on that you have to praise the PM on every thing I tend to disagree. Al really needs to look at his big ego and do not make everything about him.
    He is good with words I give him credit but his claim that he is an expert in the US constitutional law needs to be checked.. doubt seriously. Like it was mentioned earlier, where are the published articles?
    Al please please get off your high horse people are really seeing who you really are.
    Please be humble

  19. We all call reach other brothers even if we are not from the same mother. That’s common in oromo culture. Our true brother Abiy has nothing to do with the obsessively egotistical and unhealthy self-centeredness of Alemayehu Gebre Mariam. No, AL has always been egomaniac as long as he has been in public for more than a decade. In fact, if it was not for him TPLF would not have been toppled long time ago. Please stop that BS spin.

  20. meant to say that if it was not for his egomania and noncooperation, TPLF would have been toppled a along time ago. It’s way too late now the damage has already been done. In retrospect it was naiveté on our part. It has always been about ethnicity anyways at least from his perspective. Abiy brought nothing new except he came from inside the ruling party. SAD.

    We were the dreamers and Abiy is the dream. we’ll leave with that.

  21. Ethiopia,

    Don’t confuse ሆዳ ም for hero. We Ethiopians know a hero when we see one. Dude ain’t no hero bro.

    ለሆዳም ሰው ማብላት ውቅያኖስን ለመደልደል መቃጣት
    ለሆድ ቁርጠት ብላበት ለራስ ምታት ጩህበት
    ለላሙ መንጃ ለሽማው መቅደጃ

  22. Al is an eejit and you’ve got to be an eejit to be an egomaniac. Based on all I have observed of Al Mariam’s public rants about everything under the blue sky in the last almost fifteen years particularly against Ethiopian journalists, scholars, Black American public officials and I am absolutely convinced if he was in power he will be a tyrannical egomaniac. Don’t trust the mean way he constricts his words and sentences. No matter what he says that’s not a skill that’s a burden on the public. That’s what’s truly scary. Face it, you have to be sort of an egomaniac to write things this guy writes about others, people he has never met, and think that anyone is going to want to read it. What else could be but an egomaniac.

  23. Interesting how times have changed. Here we are in another lost summer, but finally Al has met his match (I long knew that it was headed this way blinded by his own hubris) and his outlandish claims increasingly met with a collective shrug. Thank God.

  24. When it comes to TPLF, Professor Alemayehu was right on. We thank professor Al for his relentless campaign against TPLF, and for being the voice for the voiceless Ethiopians for 27 years.
    Unfortunately, professor Al put all his eggs on Abiy’s basket and closed his eyes, ears, his mouth and his conscience, when Abiy administration failed to protect some of the Ethiopian citizens human rights, peace, security, freedom of the press and speech. Why does professor Al think now that it was wrong when TPLF dictators violated Ethiopians’ human rights, but the professor chose to look the other way and justify Abiy’s administration violation of certain group of Ethiopian citizen’ human rights, and when Abiy administration locked up and abused the likes of Eskinder Nega for advocating for the powerless, defenseless, voiceless Ethiopians that have been victimized by Queros?
    Professor, wake up and come back!! The voiceless Ethiopians need You!

  25. As a Christian it seems to me this is a case of the past catching up with AL. And it’s only up to him to heal the wound instead of trying to brush it as some temporary inconvenience because it is not. Sometimes it’s the smallest injury left unattended that will years later turn into a cancer that will bring us to an end. It’s up to Al, the elder, to take the initiative to search for that harm intentional or not that he may have caused and fix it. Over the years many things have been said some deserving some maybe not. Let us allow God’s forgiveness to set us free from the shame and pain of the past. God saw our pasts; it’s not hidden from His sight. Still, He loved us so much that He sent His only Son so that while we were still sinners, He would die for us (see John 3:16; Romans 5:8). Many of us continue to be haunted and bothered by our past, particularly things that we’d rather bury into the ground and forget. But how do we really deal with our past when it tries to catch up with us?

    Chased by a ghost

    Our past, whether we like it or not, is part of our lives. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for what happened yesterday.

    To some, that thought brings with it tons of regrets. To others, a myriad of things to be thankful for. But whether we’re the former or the latter depends on how we respond to our past.

    The past will always come and chase after us, simply because we have what we call the human memory. We will remember what we did and what happened to us, even going decades back.

    Some of these memories will be pleasant to remember; some of them painful and akin to a nightmare. And the only thing that separates one from the other is forgiveness.


    Yes, God’s forgiveness. We need to realize that God’s forgiveness is the key to making past painful memories and experiences a reason to be thankful.

    While God’s forgiveness doesn’t erase the past, it erases the guilt and the condemnation that we may feel because of them. His forgiveness takes away the heaviness that we feel due to the weight of our sin, and the shame that’s caused by our life before being saved.

    The Bible tells us that the devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy us (see John 10:10). This enemy of ours is a master at condemning us for our sin. He will condemn us so we will not be able to live a free life today.

    The God who loves us, on the other hand, is the Master of forgiving our sins and forgetting them (see Isaiah 43:25; Hebrews 8:12). He does not condemn us (see Romans 8:1); rather, He will convict us of our sin so we can confess and repent of them, and then He will convict us of righteousness so we can live clean in His sight (see John 16:8-9; 1 John 1:7).

  26. Nesssannett-1st!,

    Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, let’s be honest you have always been a voice only for yourself not anybody else.


  27. He blocked me from all his social media accounts after I wrote him this comment about a year ago….Thank God I saved it ፈርቼ ስለነበረ…

    Dear Professor Al Mariam, how you flipped in just one year from a great political analyst to Abiy’s fawner is very sobering to me. It didn’t take you long before you threw away all of your intellectuality into the mud to assume an ordinary role of a mere Abiy’s supporter and sadly, all at the expense of burying the truth. A warm greeting, a possible hobnobbing and an acknowledgment of some kind was all you fought for during the past oppressive regime. In writing this, I’m not denying some of the positive things accomplished by our PM around the beginning of his tenure. But, they were not any more than honeymoon-like flurry of publicity stunts. He spent the golden opportunity and time given to him by the plenary support of the Ethiopian people he could have used to fix the problem-causing constitution on unnecessary travels, public-image building and many more childish endeavors, allowing the racists cook up their evil agenda through his leniency. Anyone would expect a balanced reflection that covers the failures as well as the feats from your position in the society, if not from you as a person.

  28. One must start by acknowledging the immense contribution that Al made in the fight against the TPLF. All that was thrown out of the windows when he made himself totally a mindless cheerleader to Abiy Ahmed, what for? God only knows, but it is embarrassing to read any of the stuff he goes about for a long while now.

    One wonders, is he mad or are we mad? Is he hallucinating? What Ethiopians were promised by the Abiy Ahmed government and what actually were delivered and still being delivered are two radically different things. Among other things, contrary to good sense and reasonable expectations, Abiy Ahmed and his government have been extremely busy protecting and empowering radical ethnic extremist and rewarding them with high government and other top positions including in the newly established Prosperity Party (PP) – among other things.

    Abiy Ahmed’s government completely conceded all political space for radical ethno-nationalists and extremists and created and nurtured an environment in the country that made it impossible for any moderate groups to operate freely – any such individuals or groups with any strength were either co-opted, muzzled or bullied and harassed out of existence – mirroring exactly his predecessor’s practice. Moreover, his government, contrary to initial promises, failed to bring any of the TPLF and other EPRDF criminals to account for any of their crimes and misdeeds in any meaningful or sustained manner.

    Moreover, despite early on expressing misgiving about the constitution and his willingness to entertain some revisions to it, Abiy Ahmed made a U-turn to fully embrace it and sing its praise – and, this is a constitution specifically designed by TPLF to foster divisions, create conflicts and destroy Ethiopia not to preserve and protect the country.

    After ignoring – more like facilitating – the crimes of the OLF, Jawar and Co, and the other extremists for long time including kidnapping, robing multiple banks, brutal killings and more, the PM has finally reacted. While that belated reaction or action was right, the confusing nature of the government actions – first empowering these same criminal groups, radical ethno-nationalists and more and then fighting them makes one stop and think what the hell is going on. We have those like Al Mariam telling us that we must support him because he is fighting the extremists and so on. Come again? There is a term that captures these things: ‘hutzpah’ which was defined by someone as “killing your parents and then ask for mercy because you are now an orphan”.

    We have now witnessed the end results of this game putting your feet on both sides. It is what lead to the latest brutal killings and property distractions inflicted on preselected and targeted ethnic groups including those practicing specific religion – Orthodox Christianity.

    In these attacks, although Gurages and some moderate Oromos were also targeted, the main targets were the Amharas – in line with their continued demonization by various groups and individuals including by those who hold current influential government and party positions. In any case, the cruelty and the barbarity with which these latest killings and widespread property distractions carried out was rather unprecedented. There were widely reported incidents of bodies being burnt, dismembered, hanged upside down and dragged around by the perpetrators and more.

    While the Abiy Ahmed was right to take into control the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, it was perplexing for the security forces to go after and brutally beat up and throw in jail those who didn’t have anything to do with what have taken place – such as Eskinder Nega who never ever advocated violence in any form whatever and others like Engineer Yilkal.

    These things were nothing more than opportunistic score settling and cheap political theatrics. Moreover, the Attorney General’s, Adanech Abiebie, contention that the violent ethno-radical extremists Jawar Mohamed and Co – against whom the government have ample evidence of culpability – and Eskinder Nega who has never, ever advocated violence in any form whatsoever – are working together was beyond ridiculous and rather embarrassing. Actions like these make it impossible to believe that Abiy government have the competence and the conviction to enforce the law with impartiality and to abstain continuously making self-serving political calculations – it will all backfire, eventually.

    And now, we have now a secret speech by Shimeles Abdisaa that shows they were all in it together from the beginning – the demographics change, ethnics cleansing by another name, the dislocations and more. And Al Mariam writes day and night fawning, gushing over such a leader, whose leader?

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