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by Mulat Hailu


andargachewThe people of Ethiopia are Shocked and disappointed over the illegal detention of Andargachew Tsige, Secretary General of Ginbot7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy by Yemen security forces during his transit flight in Yemen.

Mr. Andargachew is an Ethiopian origin and British citizen who has been struggling for prevalence of democracy in Ethiopia. He has devoted himself to the true cause of Ethiopian people, the inevitable desire for democracy. Though foiled successfully, the criminal dictatorial regime in Ethiopia has attempted to assassinate the leader Andargachew in November 2013. Mr. Andargachew is hero for Ethiopian people and is one of the icons of democracy in the nation.

The Senna Security forum that has been signed under former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh and former dictator of Ethiopia Melse Zenawi which lead TPLF to establish surveillance base in Yemen for surveillance and phone tapping on Ethiopian opposition has been serious concern for Ethiopian people. The illegal detention of Mr. Andargachew, by Yemen Security forces since June 23, 2014 has no ground and is grave concern for the people of Ethiopia. We urge the government of Yemen to immediately free Mr. Andargachew and the Yemen security forces not to transfer him to the criminal regime in Addis under any circumstance. Yemen has no ground to detain Mr. Andargachew who has been tirelessly working for prevalence of democracy in Ethiopia.

We request the government of Yemen to carefully evaluate its long term interest and lasting cooperation with the people of Ethiopia and avoid short termism in dealing with dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. The long historical relationship between the people of the two sisterly nations has endured, in spite of changing regimes, on the basis of mutual cooperation.

The people of Ethiopia considers the act of transferring Mr. Andargachew to the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia as direct attack on its long aspiration and struggle for genuine democracy in the nation. We hereby request President Hadi not to take any steps that will jeopardies the long lasting relationship between the people of the two sisterly nations and to order the immediate release of Mr. Andargachew.

Thank you in advance for your serious consideration.


  1. Yemen must consider many things this is gonna be a big big mistake
    Even their children will pay the price this is a war against the Ethiopian people
    I hope you really know us.

  2. Asking for his release is a good thing but writing in the name of all Ethiopian is wrong. Ethiopian did not elect Mr. Tsige. We have no any elected leader yet either inside or outside. Please stopping using the name of Ethiopian for your own agenda. The people do not deserve self-appointed despots. I am Ethiopians and never elected any leader yet but you telling me he is my hero? Do not represent 95 million people falsely. This is misrepresentation. If you are not given authority you do not talk on behalf of 95 million people because this is corruption. I hope they will release him. We need to solve our problem by peaceful means. We had already many wars and I do not supporter any war rebel after now; Our people had enough war. There is away to freedom than using gun. The Tsige rebellion is doomed from the beginning because war is not a civilized way of solving problem. If war could solve problems, TPLF could have had enough of it to solve our problems, but they only became a problem themselves. You do not need blood to bring freedom. you can do it without killing anyone. G-7 is doomed from the beginning.

  3. Dera Mr. Mulat:
    Please, get real will you? your righting starts like this “The people of Ethiopia are Shocked”. Can you please show us an evidence that Ethiopians are shocked by this lunatic and torturer’s arrest by Yemeni or the lunatic TPLF or EPLF or CIA or the British themselves?
    Please all you oppositions, you can defend your own icon, but without distortion, Okay? The more you distorted facts and the man’s character and the relation this lunatic torturer himself with his own guerrilla trained forces “Hizbawi Hayl” is simply antagonistic with the evidence in the ground compared with what you are trying depict this fellow as “Ethiopian Icon”. Please, the more you distort characters and background of this element makes things worst and in the long run, your icon or your Ginbot 7 will loose faith (already is at its lowest pic for torturing and murdering its own guerrilla forces in Eritrea. So,you can only fool yourself, as we all along said , such figure are disastrous element for the opposition for repeatedly presenting themselves who they are not.
    But, you can’t fool facts no matter how you want to present this lunatic anti Ethiopia and foot soldier of TPLF/EPLF/ONL/OLF as Ethiopian Icon or “The people of Ethiopia are Shock” This is beyond a childish or cultism way of presenting an appeal. The opposition media are themselves just like TPLF- they can’t allow any critique about this man’s cruel character against his own soldiers in Eritrea. It will be surprised if Henok and his group allow this critique. The opposition media re simply infantile media. Good luck with your icon Mr writer. Where were your pen when his victims are crying with tears telling the Ethiopians Andargachew is a cruel torturer? Now, you felt his human rights, but you have not recognized his victims’ Human Rights. How fair is this opposition or those media?

  4. Ginbot 7 is a Truely disastrous party which led to the arrest and death of prominent Ethiopians in the past , they said we have people in the military ready to overthrow Woyane and that led to the immediate arrest of AMHARA born generals and colonels and the exile of other brave colonels.
    Recently they started doing the same stupid shit speaking favourably about General Abebaw through ESAT and that led to the immediate expelltion and firing of General Abebaw from a crucial post potentially help G7 and the country in the future
    I don’t know when G7 will learn to shut their big mouth and do their job and their recent talk of revenge following the arrest of Andargachew will lead to the arrest And expelltion of other good people in the military, and it is very unfortunate for brave and disciplined people like Andargachew to work with big mouth people like Birhanu and G7

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