Open Letter to H.E. William Hague Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Office

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July 2, 2014
by Biruk Tesegaye

Your Excellency,
We, the people of Ethiopia, are shocked and disappointed over the illegal detention of UK citizen Mr. Andargachew Tsige, Secretary General of Ginbot7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy by Yemen security forces during his transit flight in Yemen.
Mr. Andargachew is an Ethiopian origin and British citizen who has been struggling for prevalence of democracy in Ethiopia. He has devoted himself to the true cause of Ethiopian people, the inevitable desire for democracy. Though foiled successfully, the criminal dictatorial regime in Ethiopia has attempted to assassinate Mr. Andargachew in November 2013. Mr. Andargachew is hero for Ethiopian people and is one of the icons of democracy in the nation. The illegal detention of Mr. Andargachew, by Yemen Security forces since June 23, 2014 has no ground; he had not had any business with Yemen.
Your Excellency,
Ethiopians strongly appeal to your good office to urge the government of Yemen to stop his extradition to Ethiopia where he will surely face degrading and inhuman treatment. We appeal to your good office to take concrete actions and urge the government of Yemen not to transfer Andargachew who will face grave torture and degrading treatment at the hands of TPLF brutal security forces.
The transfer of UK citizen to where he will surely face degrading treatment is contradictory to article 3 of the European Conventions on Human Rights which prohibits torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Yemen has no ground to detain and extradite UK citizen.
The people of Ethiopia considers any act by Yemen Security forces to transfer Mr. Andargachew to the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia as direct attack on its long aspiration and struggle for genuine democracy in the nation.
We appeal to Your Excellency to secure his release and avoid extradition under any circumstance where he will face cruel and inhuman treatment. It is to be remembered that Andargachew is sentenced to death by the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia using its kangaroo court as instrument of repression.
We hereby urgently appeal to Your Excellency to take decisive steps that will ensure Mr. Andargachew Tisge, UK citizen is immediately freed. Thank you in advance for your serious consideration.
Highest Regards,
Andargachew Tsigie
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