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Mr. Donald J. Trump,


As a recent citizen of this blessed and great country, I feel the pain that my new adoptive country which accepted me with open arms and provided me the freedom and security to live without any fear of prosecution or imprisonment is being considered as a country of racism, prejudice, and bigotry because of your self-serving belligerent and irresponsible political rhetoric.  It pains my humanistic consciousness to ignore your daily incoherent, irrational, illogical, misguided, and un-American representation of facts. It is so sad to witness the melting of the self-destroying Republican Party by nominating you as the presumptive nominee to represent it in the coming presidential election. Out of the seventeen Republican Party candidates, you shot out to be the one to represent the disillusioned, fragmented, and bigoted Republican Party through personal insults and putdowns of the rest of the republican field of spineless and confused candidates. You never showed any intelligence of mastery of the issues on economical, foreign, domestic, or social policies and concerns except saying that you make America great in vacuum.  Anybody can say the slogan, “Make America Great”. But the question is how. You never answer the “How” question because you lack the knowledge on the intricacy of running a great country like USA. It is not a casino, golf course, winery, water, steak, tie, airline, university, or building where you can put your name label.  IT IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY CALLED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH which needs a well experienced, smart, fair, empathetic, observant, and tested leader not an incoherent and clueless President wannabe. USA needs a uniting CLEAN TONE not a trumpery one who refers to a tabloid newspaper as a constant source of important information on issues concerning a great nation like ours. It is ridiculous to hear a Presidential candidate citing tabloid magazines and newspapers as reliable and educational. During Republican Primaries, you never presented issue oriented arguments, but you engaged in personal insults and attacks of other candidates. You were acting like a tantrum throwing six graders. I never heard any substantive answers to questions presented to you. You played and are still playing on emotion of your uninformed and vain supporters who cannot separate lies from truth, imposter from real, and fraudster from honest.  I feel sorry for the Greatest Obama-hating Party (GOP) otherwise called Republican Party.


Mr. Trump, we all know how the Republican Party behaved during the last seven and half years of the Presidency of the first black American President.  The racist elements in the Party did not want a black American to be President. But the greatest majority of the American people of our great and blessed nation are generally well-thought and rational. They could see and realize the talent, ability, and capability of Mr. Barack Obama without looking at the color of his skin and voted for him to be the 44th President of the United States of America contrary to the wishes of your corrupt political party.  As the fair majority of citizens of our nation made history by the electing the first black American for the Presidency, I hope and believe that history will be made in this coming November by electing the first woman as the President of the United States of America. The only thing what your party did was: REJECTING EVERYTHING PRESENTED UNDER BARACK’S LEADERSHIP INSTEAD OF COOPERATING to ADVANCE THE NATION.  The Republican Party institutionally hate OBAMA for his CHROMA; in one-word RACISM. Your candidacy absolutely magnified this evil attitude of the GOP machinery in addition to exposing the Republican Party’s incoherence, confusion, and its unexpected backward journey to yesteryears of Jim Crow, McCarthyism, and George Wallace. Its inept handling of political discourse produced your nomination as the presumptive candidate and leader of the party. The continuous subtle and sometimes open racist attack on the first black American President of our nation for the last seven and half years by the wicked Republican Party machinery could bring you, the greatest megalomaniac narcissist, to the throne of the unproductive, Obama-hating Greatest Obstructionist Party. As you know and are part of, your woolly thinking party has been engaged to be an impediment to the progress of our nation in political and social issues because the loser Republican Party hatched the conspiracy to make Mr. Obama a one term President instead of pledging to work for the common good of the American nation during the crisis of economic meltdown of 2008. How on earth do elected officials of a nation work against the welfare of the nation? How on earth do public officials give priority to political rhetoric and advancement of their own political survival when the country was facing a great disastrous economic and political as well as social crisis? But God has mercy, and the first black American President could steer the wheel of the nation to recovery and stability. President Obama with the Democratic Party saved the nation from economic disaster caused by the clueless Republican Party. And that is why the majority of Americans voted him for the second term despite the attempt of the racist Republican Party to obstruct the recovery of the nation. Shame to the Republican Party which always try to represent itself as patriotic party while its action indicates the contrary.

Mr. Trump, I write this open letter to you because it is incumbent on me first to exercise my freedom of speech, and secondly to point out and refute why you should not be the President of the country which accepted, took, and treated me as one of its own more than thirty years ago. As you realize, this great nation belongs first to Native Americans whom you belittle indirectly through your insults directed towards Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her Pocahontas.  These Natives welcomed the Mayflower’s Pilgrims and accepted them with open arms filled with love and respect. Yes, after the welcome time exhausted, there had been few disagreements and skirmishes between the natives and the newcomers. But they all patched their differences and started life together as one nation. In the process, they collectively built this amazing nation to be hospitable to and accepting all immigrants including your grandfather immigrating from Germany in 1885, your grandmother immigrating from Germany in 1902, your mother immigrating from Scotland in 1930, your first ex-wife Ivana immigrating from Czech Republic in early 1970, and your current wife Melania immigrating from Slovenia to USA in 1996, becoming permanent resident in 2001 and a citizen ten years ago in 2006. It shows that you, the son of an immigrant mother and the husband of a recent immigrant woman, are a disgusting plaster saint. You who married two immigrant women and are born to an immigrant woman have become the torch bearer of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim racism. It is ironic that you want to be the President in the process making a recent immigrant woman the FIRST LADY of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I imagine what you would have said if our current First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, was a recent immigrant woman. You would have kept running your uncontrollable diarrhea of the mouth against her.  I wonder what your race bashing right wingers and KKK affiliated supporters feel about the probability of a recently naturalized woman WITH ACCENT becoming the FIRST LADY of the United States of America. It may not bother them as long as she is Caucasian and from Europe. You may say that you are being falsely accused of being a racist. Your views and rhetoric towards the non-European, non-white, and Muslim immigrants discredit your argument of not having a bone of racism in your body.

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Mr. Trump, here are some evidences to show that you are a racist:

  1. Birther: Your continuous question about the birth certificate of the first black American President                 indicates that you are a racist. Like the rest of the Republican Party institutional machinery,                            you question his Americanism because he does not look like you hundred percent.
  2. In February 2016, you miserably failed to disavow the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) when you got the praise and                 support of the white supremacists. You embraced openly Racism.
  3. In 1973 your company (Trump Management Corporation) was sued for discrimination because it refused to rent apartments to blacks, Puerto Ricans, and other minorities. You lied about the allegations and sued the Justice Department for $100 million in damages for defamation. But      two years later you settled the Justice Department lawsuit by promising to not discriminate               because you were caught red handed refusing to rent apartments to minority applicants.
  4. It is documented that you disparaged the black employees at your businesses as lazy in discriminatory manner and you hated to see your black accountants counting your money.
  5. You want to ban Muslims from entering and immigrating to USA.
  6. You want to build a wall between USA and Mexico which will never happen in reality except in your delusional mind.

Do I expect you to be truthful and recognize that you are racist, prejudiced, and bigoted? Not at all because you never believe in the truth unless it benefits you.

Mr. Trump, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS THE COUNTRY OF UNITED SHADES OF AMERICANS. USA is an accepting and accommodating home of diverse ethnicities and religions. It is not a monolithic nation of Native Americans or Whites or Blacks or Asians or Latinos or Christians or Jews or Muslims or atheist as you delusively aspire to be through your political propaganda. Since the founding moment of this multiethnic and multi-religious nation, immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and Central America, and Middle east flocked to and built together the nation of nations called United States of America to be the desirable and hospitable home for those who run away from oppression and tyranny in search of freedom and liberty. And now you, the son of a Scottish mother and a first generation German American father, want to eliminate the greatest quality, IMMIGRATION, that makes OUR nation GREAT and UNIQUE. Your political positions of preventing Muslim Immigrants from entering USA, putting Muslim Americans under surveillance, and building wall between USA and Mexico show that either you are a racist who lacks real understanding of the American History or a political panderer.  It is an insult to the legacy of Ronald Reagan when you try to emulate him. Ronald Regan did not build a wall but brought down a wall. Please do not belittle the PRESIDENT who made possible for me to immigrate to this great nation by comparing your megalomaniac and narcissist self. YOU ARE NOT, CANNOT, AND WILL NOT BE RONALD REGAN.

Mr. Trump, your candidacy created disbelief among Americans that a reality show host can reach to the extent of knocking the door of the White House. The world is laughing at us how on earth that a person known to put his name on everything to make a buck can manage to become the Presidential nominee of a major party in USA. What the world doesn’t know is that the Republican Party is not a major party anymore but a minor Party catering to white supremacists and their cohorts. It is a party that promotes racial, ethnic, and religious division among Americans. It is a party that tries to put wedge between the police officers and the minorities in the time of crisis than building bridges. Republican Party is the party that tries to control a woman’s womb rather than recognizing that a woman has the same right as any conservative man. Republican Party is a party that blames the people in the poor inner cities for their condition rather than recognizing the economic disparity, inequality, and the lack of opportunity that is rampant in the poor sections of America. Poverty breeds desperation and hopelessness that translates into criminal activities. Republican Party’s mission is to hold the White House by any means necessary by Blaming Obama and Hillary Clinton for the misjudgment and screw up of their party thirteen years ago. Who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? It is not Democratic Party or Obama or Clinton. It is the Republican Party. Obama and Clinton busted themselves to correct the stupid mistakes of the war mongering Republican Party. Now you and your unrepentant racist Party shamelessly try to blame Clinton and Democratic Party. Give me a break. Don’t blame Clinton and Obama for the Republican Drama. There is no greater liar than you and the Republican Party. You and the Republican Party have become the greatest Dividers of the American people by exploiting human tragedies and crisis for the political gain. You all are liars. They say a leopard can’t change its spots. It seems the same goes for increasingly lying Trump and the Republican Party.

Mr. Trump, it is not my cup of tea to impose my religious belief on others or to judge them for their religiosity. It is between them and their God. But when I see a religious pandering as you do with the Evangelists, it boils my blood. It makes me angry when you lie openly to the true Evangelists as if you are one. You are not a frequent churchgoer and I doubt if you really pray. But you go on the podium and lie about something you do not practice often in order to get a vote. You play with religious emotion of the true Evangelists. A guy who is married three times cannot be trusted on religious issue and being truthful. You are a FAKER.

Mr. Trump, you always talk and boast about your business acumen and success. Yes, you did well for yourself and your family. You unabashedly highlight your deal making ability wherever there is microphone or camera. Those business success and deal making ability have become your selling points to convince the American people to vote you into the Presidency.  Let me remind you about your business start. You are not from rags to riches as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, or Larry Ellison and others who created their respective businesses from scratch to multibillions. You grew up in riches and inherited the money and the connections from your father. So it is laughable when you incessantly talk about your riches and successes. Believe you me that if most of Americans had the inheritance like you, they would be as rich as you if not more. You try to present yourself as a great business builder so that innocent and genial supporters of yours to buy into your hollow slogan of Make America Great Again. How fools they can be about the pointless slogan. You let your corporations file for chapter 11 bankruptcies four times on the expense of taxpaying Americans.  Your great deal making ability is disputing your bills from your contractors you have hired and then force them to negotiate the final figure down on finished products and works.  Your business success is wrangling over prices agreed upon before the end of jobs and squeezing some more money out of your contractors and workers. How many small contractors and businessmen were put out of business because of your greediness? You know very well what a cheater you are. Plainly speaking your success comes by the way of exploiting the legal system and cheating small contractors out of their legitimate payables. Is your plan for Making America Great Again refusing to pay what the nation owes to other countries or squeezing some percentage out of them? So your boastful narrative about your riches and successes becomes a very boring thing indicating how you feel inadequate about yourself. You do not have what it takes to be the President of our great Nation. America needs a leader with respect for others, not puffed up with conceit as you are. America needs a leader who is a Democrat Not Plutocrat.

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Mr. Trump, observing your candidacy for the highest elected political position, the Presidency of the United States of America, I could not witness any rational and tangible policy or policies regarding the complicated and complex issues concerning our country except the hollow sounding slogan of yours. Since you embarked on the presidential candidacy’s train, the only whistle that the nation hears is insulting and name-calling your opponents, in addition to promoting your name and your family business. I did not know that the requirement to be a Presidential candidate of this great nation is to be remorseless liar, immoral, obnoxious, loud, rude, insulting, classless, and disrespectful to people. I never expected that the platform of the republican party wanted its Presidential candidate to be anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, misogyny, and racist which you happen to be.  When did the American people avoid issue oriented arguments and embrace the idea of supporting an ignorant, loud mouthed, three times married, tabloid newspaper quoting, and the Pope disrespecting megalomaniac demagogue?

Mr. Trump, since you took the mantle of the presumptive presidential nominee of the Obama -hating Greatest Obstructionist Party (GOP), you continuously call Hilary Clinton names rather arguing on issues that affect the nation.  Mrs. Hillary Clinton always talks on the issues.  She presents solutions for the political, social, and economical problems which keep the nation concerned. Your answers are personal insults and an empty slogan because you do not have the knowledge of the issues and the intellectual acumen to analyze and decipher the complicated and complex national and global issues. Anybody including this writer can say that we will Make America Great Again. Your ten-year-old son can say that. But the elephant in the room is the question “How?” The next President of the United States of America, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, has repeatedly put forward her working plans and solutions for issues presented. Your answers to the problems facing our nation are calling people such as low energy Jeb, little Marco, lying Ted, 1 for 38 Kasich, crooked Hillary, crazy Bernie, goofy Elizabeth Warren, etc.  If you think that talking trash and demeaning your opponents can win you the presidency, you must be the greatest fool and idiotic political candidate. You may say whatever adjective you want now on twitter, interviews, RNC convention and campaigns.  You are for the battle of your life when you face her, the dynamic, knowledgeable, and very smart Hillary Clinton, on the debate podium in front of millions of Americans.  I feel sorry for those who support you. Nothing substantive and reasonable thoughts come out of your mouth except incoherent sentences and phrases just made up of unrelated and meaningless words. These are the testaments for your ignorance on issues, lack of understanding of the causes and effects of issues, and lack of intelligence how to formulate the approach to find solutions for the national and international political and social problems.  Sometimes it seems to me that you think that you are entitled to be President because you are rich and multibillionaire. You may have a day dream that by telling the world repeatedly like a parrot about your wealth and being a multibillionaire will make people vote for you because they may buy into your sale pitch. The sale pitch which resulted in the demise of Trump University, Trump Mortgage, Trump Airline, Trump beverages, Trump The Game, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks, Trump’s Travel site, Trump comms Company, Trump Tower Tampa, and Trump Vodka, will not work on intelligent and thinking Americans. The sale pitch which resulted in four chapter 11 bankruptcies will not convince rational and logical Americans to be victims of your megalomania and narcissism. Running a huge government of the number one nation in the world is not building a high-rise building of steel, concrete, and glass. Administering a single corporation cannot and will not be a path to the Presidency of the United States of America. In fact, those who run corporations are like third world dictators and tyrannical leaders. People who were Presidents and CEOs of Corporations incline to have the mentality and temperament of dictators -I-know-all-and- am-the savior attitude. You can ask your campaign manager, Paul Manafort, how dictators rule. He was the image maker of the Angolan rebel leader, Jonas Savimbi. Your Manager, Paul Manafort, was beneficiary of blood money by lobbying for the worst dictators, fascistic and tyrannical leaders in the world such as Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines, Siad Barre of Somalia, Mobutu Sese  Seko of Zaire, and other Human rights abusing nations. He recently worked with the dictator of Ukraine for money in spite of the human rights abuse that Paul Manfort witnessed in Ukraine.  You hired this man with blood in his hand and the blood money in his bank account to get you to the dreamland of the Presidency of the United States of America.  You, little handed, crooked, lying, goofy, crazy, megalomaniac, and narcissistic plutocrat, will never become the President of our great nation.  You can take that to the bank.

Mr. Trump, it is so sad that you ended up to be the Presidential Nominee of the Obama-hating Greatest Obstructive Party (Obama -hating GOP). Your ascendency to the Presidential nomination of the Republican Party demonstrates the self-inflicted wound of the party by catering to the racist wing of the society. As a result, you, an individual 16 years ago who was courting the Reform Party, took advantage of the narratives of the confused and clueless Republican Party to become its candidate and causing damage to its integrity and identity. For that I tip off my hat to you. But you do not deserve a place in the respected White House and History Book of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump, What about the RNC Convention?  It resembles the get together of drunken uncles after the wedding party. What the 2016 RNC showed the whole world is that the Republican Party has become the party of indecency, immorality, liars, and political whores. The republican Party looks like a party just formed by directionless dumb and erratic political screwballs to vilify Mrs. Hillary Clinton as if the election is on the referendum of Mrs. Clinton. The election is on the issues which this miserable party could not grasp to articulate. If you and the racist and misogyny Republican Party think that you will win the mind and heart of the great American majority by name-calling, prosecuting, mocking, and uttering calumnies against Mrs. Hillary Clinton, you should be the most idiotic and moronic candidate who is dragging the Republican Party into oblivion. Rather presenting and focusing on solutions to the issue oriented problems which affect the nation, you and the identity lacking Republican Party has taken the high road of insult, nastiness, and defamation of the highly talented, experienced, knowledgeable, and absolutely ready for the Presidency Democratic candidate. The accusations and character assassinations thrown towards Mrs. Hillary Clinton night after night by your lying and indecent ass-kissing surrogates demonstrate the emptiness and desperation of the Republican Party, and show how you are bankrupt in proposing solutions to the issues. Your formula of winning election is stating lies about Mrs. Clinton, and dehumanizing her because you and the party do not have practical and achievable solutions but empty slogans and fear mongering about immigrants and ISIS. You never presented how you can defeat ISIS except by saying that you will be the president of law and order. The Convention is not making America great but building Trump name and your children future ambition as politicians. It is not about American people but it is about the Trump’s progeny and how to cultivate for the future Trump’s American political dynasty. In search of relevance to your name, you mercilessly damaged the pointless racist and misogyny Republican Party. For the last twenty-five years, the only mission of Republican Party has been to vilify the Democratic Party, the Clintons, and the first Black President and First Lady of the United States of America in addition dividing Americans by race, color, religion, economical status, and locations (cities and rural). The Republican Party thinks that it has the monopoly of American patriotism. United States of America is the United Shades of Americans inclusive of all races, colors, religions, economical status, city and rural Americans. Dividing Americans for personal and political benefits is the worst UNAMERICAN AND IMMORAL THING.

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Mr. Trump, you repeatedly showed how inconsistent you are regarding your positions on issues and policies. You are like a fish out of water jumping in all directions being confused of not knowing what direction to go. Your responses to policy questions on a given time are very contradicting and gibberish with excuse of being unpredictable and not telling the enemies what you are going to do. This kind of response is an excuse and cover up for lack of knowledge on national and international affairs. It manifests your lack of readiness for the Presidency. We all know that your close advisors are your children and their spouses. Nobody takes away their business success of your oldest boys and daughter through inheritance from you. But they do not have the knowledge and understanding when it comes to governing a nation. How can you get advice from them on issues important to the nation? What do they know about the plight of the inner city Americans? How do they relate to the poor and middle class Americans? They grew up shielded from homelessness, poverty, hunger, lack of money, and other economic hardships.  Saying that people who grew up [n abundance of wealth with maids serving them and doormen bowing to twenty-four hours a day understand the pain and plights of the regular Americans is preposterous statement. Assuming that people who grew up with silver spoon in their mouth and being chauffeured around all their lives can feel the day to day struggle of ordinary Americans living from pay check to pay check sounds a cruel joke directed at the majority of Americans. It is understandable that no child badmouths her/his parent. It is expected that a child has to make a parent saintlier than the real saints. The Trump children have accomplished their obligation of building their dad as superman and this perfect mythical figure which this earth has ever seen before. It would have been nice if they had made you a human with flaws like the rest of us. But it is politics and understandable because their future political ambitions rely on the success of your candidacy. In all those speeches of your kids, the long term plan of the Trump family is how to pave the rough road of politics and to catapult the Trump children on the political ladder of our country to reach the highest office in order to establish the Trump dynasty. The same goes for the parent too. What kind of experience do they have to advise you how to feel empathy and sympathy to those unfortunate and disenfranchised Americans? It is easy to demagogue and play with emotions of desperate and disillusioned people. Let alone your kids, you, Donald Trump Sr., do not have a clue how to relate to the majority of Americans and find what they feel and want except lying to them for their vote. By hiring Paul Manafort, a corrupt and undignified lobbyist and image consultant of the worst dictators and fascistic leaders in the world, cannot and will not make you a palatable President of USA. Americans deserve thinking CLEAN TONE than barking TRUMPERY ONE.

Mr. Trump, I can go on litigating your political pandering, behavior, demeanor, lack of intelligence, incoherence of your speeches, your continuous insult of the Media pointing out your mental lapses and unforced errors and flaws, opponents, and whomever you disagree with. Your reckless temperament scares the rational people of our nation and those around the world. You are unfit to be the President of this great nation of ours called USA.

Mr. Trump, the following eleven points express you as no good prospect to be the President.

  1. Disrespecting the Pope
  2. Offending Muslims
  3. Narcissistic Behavior
  4. Abusing Minorities
  5. Lying Continuously
  6. Disparaging POW and Veterans
  7. Threatening Immigrants and Immigration
  8. Ridiculing Women
  9. Unscrupulousness and being crooked

10.Making fun of Disabled

11.Pandering to People’s emotions

Mr. Trump, go back and listen to your speech accepting presidential nomination. You were blabbering and throwing word vomits which you have been repeating since you jumped into fray of politics. You never presented any plan and policy. By prosecuting President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, you think that you can win election. What a disastrous and incoherent lacking substance filled with hollow slogans speech accepting presidential nomination.

Mr. Trump, in addition to your undignified character and unfit temperament, you absolutely lack the necessary knowledge that can guide you to govern this great nation. You have not presented any tangible and concrete solutions for the political, economic, and social problems facing our nation and the rest of the world. You can throw out rhyming slogans to pander to people emotions. Being a candidate of the Law and Order does not bring law and order. Still you avoid to answer the question “How?”. I know why. You do not want the enemies to know what you plan. What a joke you are. I feel sorry for the people who buy your shtick. You do not have any plan for America, but for yourself and your children’s future political ambitions. Your focus is on Trump and his family and what you can bring to benefit the Trump brand, not America and Americans. So the perception you created as businessman to fool average Americans is the work of a snake oil salesman, and AMERICANS DO NOT WANT SNAKE OIL SALESMAN AS THEIR PRESIDENT. AMERICA NEEDS CLEAN TONE NOT TRUMPERY ONE.

God Bless America.



    • He is an American! Did you not read the first line. As an American, he has the 1st Amendment right to express his opinion. If you disagree, you can do so.

  1. Politics is a circus. The show is temporary. What they say and what they can do after election is always in direct opposite of each other. They promise big and deliver very little. The presidential campaign of 1928 declared “chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”. After a year the stock market crashed and the country was pushed under the cloud of the great depression. There were neither chicken in the pot nor a car in the garage. There were lines of people cued for a cup of soup across the nation singing “Brother can you spare a dime”? We live in a rootless world. Everything is ephemeral.
    The hullabaloo by Trump is nothing new to the American political race. I will not be too concerned by his bombastic verbiage. My dear sister, if you feel the heat and you are too concerned for the now and the future, I invite you to listen to “stop the world – I want to get off”. It will calm your nerves. I am aware circumstances are testing our abilities to live within the parameters that are set for us. And the facts on the ground disturb our inner equilibrium and create an anxiety with a storm of ideas that are real and imagined. I admired your courage to write the open letter to Mr. Trump. Yet, I hate to tell you there is a good chance he maybe in the white house in 2017. And that too is temporary. I would not be too concerned about what he is saying during his campaign. If he gets to be the President of the United Stated of America, things will be different than what his simple talk suggest now. We live in a complex and intertwine world. No one nation can thrive by itself. We are globally fused! Embracing other ideas and respecting cultures is not optional it is a requirement to do business and to become part of the global community.

  2. This is part of a circulating PR by the ‘Obama – Hillary’ campaign against the Republican nominee Donald Trump. What you said is simply a propaganda and contradicting with what he said on his acceptance speech yesterday, yet as if you were the only one listened and understand his speech and the rest of us were not. Please mind your own business whether to vote or not to vote him. We got his words straight from his own speech and we heard none of the words you mentioned. We don’t know where you heard him saying all that garbage.

  3. I do not support such comments at this stage of the race for the white house. Yes I understand your concern and I assure you from my heart that I share most of the facts. However, we Ethiopians must be smart and diplomatic when we engage in such sensitive matters. Our first concern is to liberate our country sooner rather than later. USA is the biggest donor to the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia. Mr Trump has the chance to be the next president of this powerful nation. His emotions are very shallow from my observations. We must fight to rally any authority behind the freedom fighters of our country rather than confronting. We should not care much about how he behaves about what you stated above. Mr Clinton will definitely follow Obama’s path and support our enemies. For Ethiopia I believe Trump will be better than her. Her foundation is still active in Ethiopia. So folks be careful, be tactical, strategic and smart.

  4. Dear Woizero ELFENESH TILAHUN,

    Are you sure all this counter attack to the Republican nominee, Mr. Trump is your own writings?

    As an Obama former supporter and an email list member my self, this anti Trump campaign was written and distributed to some of us and received almost identical message. Some have also received from the Hilary Clinton campaign people.

    it would be good not to be instrumental for others political agenda in our ethiopian community.

  5. Hilary is coming for corruption as usual not to make America great again.

    Trump for president of the greatest nation in our planet.

  6. Dear Ayo Elfenesh!!

    You took this man too seriously. He is Mr. Trump. That is not new. This is election year and every four years we are always graced with the audience of some individuals who seem to be from the periphery. Somehow some weird creatures will latch themselves to the bandwagon of some sort and entertain everyone who would be watching the nightly talk shows, Jeanne Moos and Saturday Night Live. You see. There were a lot of horrible things said about Ronald Reagan before he was elected. He was a bigot; he was anti immigrants; he was not level headed and therefore not qualified to be the president have been, this and that said about him. Was he an anti immigrant? One should look at the 1986 Immigration and Control Act. Didn’t he sign it immediately? You see. Trump is always Trump. He is always after his own personal aggrandizement. I love this once in a four year theatrics. Do you remember Sarah Palin in 2008? She was making all kinds of bold statements just to up her status through utter pomposity. She was running around in mad rush and she ran smack right into Katie Couric. You see. Thank Almighty that extremists on both sides are in their minority. KKK had millions in its active membership in the 1920’s but still they were in their minorities. The potentially ruthless communists had millions as dues paying members in the 1930’s and even forties. But still they were fringe groups. This is a country of fair indeed individuals in their majority strengthened by fool proof constitution. I see both Hillary and Trump very patriotic individuals just coming from different of a making. So calm down and enjoy the show. For me it is like listening to Jimi’s exhilarating guitar riffs, say, from 1969. And you all young people, stop calling me an old man!!!

  7. Ethiopian American votes does not count though .

    They r good for domestic chores ( washing dish and talking rumers , house wives )

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