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Open letter from the Ethiopian Community regarding the Debre Selam Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Church

The Ethiopian Community in Minnesota (ECM) is saddened to hear about what is going on in Debre-Selam Medhanealem Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Minneapolis). The board members of ECM know that Debre-Selam provides so much more than the weekly worship place. It is where our senior citizens get taken care of including but not limited to blood pressure check up and annual flu vaccination. ECM calls upon the involved parties to come to resolve the issue in a way that benefits members of the Church. We believe coming to a consensus is at the best interest of the congregation.
debereselam medhanialem
ECM is more than happy to make a stage available so that the two groups will address the issues at hand in a respectful and productive manner. Worst thing comes, we ask the Board of Directors at Medahnealem to call a general meeting of the members without further delay and respect what the general assembly decides. The board should serve the interest of the general assembly. For any question or suggestion,please contact the Ethiopian Community at 651 645 9668 or send us an email at info@ethiomn.org

Thank you.

The board of directors
Ethiopian Community in Minnesota (ECM)
265 Oneida St. Suite 209
Saint Paul, MN 55102
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(651) 645 9668


  1. I have traveled and seen the works and activities of lots of Ethiopian communities abroad.

    my suggestions.for leadership:
    Keep the community neutral from religious points of views if you assume responsibility from every community member and for every community member.
    Maintain the common denominator, and enable your community with skills of self reliance to handle conflicts and abstain promoting community leaders opinion on the issues of decision making and the purposes of the institutions in the community
    Religious arguments can not be resolved on open letter requests unless you wanted to entertain either one, and is true with all religious matters have to be handled carefully with the tradition and culture and with in the church since as community leaders you can’t disown one away and promote the other
    Gather and Provide relevant resources and skills to bring all parties to negotiation or mediation irrespective of the outcomes and there by help peacefully coexist and help each other as a community
    Best Wishes,

  2. Dear respected ECM directors,
    It is great of you to propose a stage for what you called “the two groups” at Debre Selam to address “the issues”. What I do not understand is the reasons why you take this opportunity to ask the board members to act a certain way. Providing a stage for making peace is one thing, asking and telling how a legitimate entity should act is another. It is not within ECM’s boundary to tell how the church should run its business. This is meddling in the Church’s matter. However you feel about the current affairs individually or align with a certain group, does not warrant you, as an organization, to tell a legitimate entity what steps it should take. As an individual and if you are a voting member of the church, you can participate in the process. This was completely unnecessary move by an organization many respect a lot. Let this not be a start of doubt on impartiality and overall purpose the organization stands for. We ask you to be careful with the statements you are making and the language you are using. It would be wise for you to correct this mistake. DEAR ECM ,DO NOT MEDDLE IN OUR CHURCH’S AFFAIRS, SHOULD YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR STATURE & SANITY!

    • @tona ,you sound like frustrated individual who know the end rusult of the church issue will end up on the favour of the general assembly. I am sure you are ashamed of yourself on the stands you took and you can’t face the general assembly soon. I have a feeling you regreted on your decisions to join the minority. The majority will win and you will see the result very soon!! I feel sorry for you. Please don’t get depressed. Ethiopian community is the majority. You are foolish!

      • haha wey tina, did you say the majority win, yes you are right the majority win, because there are 100th new members who became a member recently,almost all of them are not an Orthodox Tewahdo …..don’t worry you will have the church (the building) and, you and yours will dance in it as Menafiqan.

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