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ONLF Press Release: ONLF Congratulates President Elect, H. E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, of Somalia

somali president
Dear H. E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, President elect of Somalia

Mr. President Elect:

Please accept my warm congratulations on your victory and my best wishes for your success and the Somali as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office.
As you embark upon your new responsibilities, I wish to assure you and the people of Somalia of the continued friendship and sympathetic interest of the Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Somali people in Ogaden.

We were delighted to hear of your victory in election. We are sure that under your great leadership, wisdom and guidance the Somali republic and nation will strive to much greater heights and achievements. Let me once again reiterate my sincere congratulations on your success!
I look forward to working with you not only to develop closer relations between our brotherly peoples but also to concert our efforts in the cause of peace and the brotherhood of all peoples in the Horn of Africa and the world.

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Mohamed Omar Osman
ONLF Chairman

Issued by ONLF
February 9, 2017
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  1. The new President of Somalia is believed to be from the school of scholars who are proponents of the Third Renaissance of The Horn of Africa. The first one being the independence of many several European African colonies in Africa, the 2nd one was the resetting of their independence after the fall of Communism in 1989 and the 3rd is now in the making which demands the founding of new republics like my Oromia. Some of the leading well educated scholars of my Oromia will soon be in Mogadishu to persuade the new President to declare his government’s support. They will also discussed the proposed map of Oromia immediately after the Declaration of Independence and its constitution which will be a photo copy of the American Constitution. Musevini of Uganda has already made his intention to not stand against the immediate founding of the Democratic Republic of Oromia. Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Algeria, our cousin Egypt, Tunisia(The country of the most Oromo general Hannibal), South Africa, Cameroon and South Sudan have all decided to support the founding. Our German distant kin and kits will be the first western power to recognize the New Nation of Oromia. Hardline Neftegnas! Eat your words!!! Oromia is Coming! My Beloved and Drop-Dead Oromia is Coming!!! The Newly Minted Democratic Republic of Oromia is Coming at the end of April!!!!!!!

  2. Hordofa, this is not writen by an Oromo but by stupid woyane tigre or woyane surrogate. First of all you expose yourself thanks of your ediocy. ONLF is not Oromo liberation front but Ogaden National Liberation Front. So, you stupid cursed non human figure go to hell.

  3. You hallegiorgis:

    How did you know that I think ONLF is OLF? How? I know why you thought like that. It is only because you are one of those weasel face, Makele or Shire born dead horse carcass scavenging mongoose, stinking hambasha wallowing 360 degree ripe cactus fruit dunking chigaram Woyanite lice. If you now live in my Oromia I am giving you an order to leave my house now, not tomorrow or next week or next month but now!!! I tell you how bad smelling you woyanites are. One day last year at my gas/service station here on I-65 in Indiana all of a sudden the entire area got engulfed with a suffocating bad smell. We all looked around and could not find anything in the building for such a stink. Then this Agame walked in and did he smell bad? Spewing skunk he was and he did not even recognize it. He had number 11 fire-branded right on both sides of his temple. He was the ugliest living thing ever walked around anywhere. He was treated with raging eyes at the door by burly security. When he left the stink left with him. So go back to barren Tigray where came from. My ever humanitarian Oromia will toss a sack or two of sorghum your way from time to time so you don’t die of your lifelong companion famine.

    And this for you confused people who established ONLF. You should change the name from Ogaden National Liberation Front to All Somalis Repatriation Organization(OSRO)because Ogaden is a former Oromo territory that was taken from us by force by that neftegna bandit warlord Selassie and the British governor of Khartoum in 1955. You have an extremely beautiful country called Somalia where you came from since 1955. That must be what you should discuss with our friend the new President of Somalia H. E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. My new Democratic Republic of Oromia will have an excellent trade and diplomatic relationship with his government. He knows extremely well that the great rivers Wabi Shabele, Ganale and Dawa all have their origins well inside Oromia. With just a nominal fee we will continue to provide his nation a reliable potable water service for eternity. That service is needed to maintain their flowing courses so they will not flow in the opposite directions by their natural divergent ways. You know what I mean? You know, sometimes rivers just change their existing directions they flow. Once the entire Ogaden area is returned to my Oromia we will be able to maintain our river maintenance service without a hitch. You are stupid but it shows you are that extremely pudding head dullard not to understand that.

    There is also another development that is shining a very bright light on the coming independence of Oromia. Our cousins United Arab Emirate armed forces have landed close to your cactus infested Agameland to keep an eye on you and to safeguard our coming independence. Do you know how many Oromos you woyanites killed just in the last year alone? 356,713 young, old and children Oromos you killed, you son of a million nymphomaniac fathers!!!! Beat it!!!
    Btw. If you want to see the names of the victims, our gallant freedom fighter Obbo Jawar and comrades have the list compiled by on location Oromo and Norwegian investigative reporters. And don’t forget to leave my house now!!!!

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