One Run for Ethiopia

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This is a race to reach unity through affirming the humanity and rights of others within and outside of our own groups.

The One Run is a means to bring greater awareness of our need to reach out to each other, to speak the truth, to forgive, to find healing for our wounds, and to restore justice to all the people.

ONE RUN is a race to promote justice by creating human rights awareness and advance reconciliation, justice, peace and humanity in Ethiopia.

It is meant to actively demonstrate how we must run together as one until we reach these goals.

Our motto are “Run Until We’re One!”
“Reaching Unity Through Our Humanity!”

​”Run for justice, reconciliation, forgiveness, peace and humanity!”

Let us come together to take a stand for peace, justice, reconciliation and unity around shared values and goals.

All Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian runners, or even walkers, are invited to join together in this run to appreciate the value of every life.

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We hope many other Americans will join us to also advance reconciliation between ourselves and others here in the United States.

It is an answer to a human condition that has no geographical boundaries. Everyone can join in this race.

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