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One Hundred Miles in One Hundred Days

AMARILLO — One man is on a mission to run more than 100 marathons, in 100 days.
On day 39, he was in the yellow city.
Daren Wendell started off 2015, lacing up his tennis shoes and hitting the pavement.
Story“I am running 100 marathons in 100 days, across the country, to serve 2500 people with water, health and hope in Ethiopia.”
On January 1st, Daren started his journey in Santa Monica, California.
His finish line is in Times Square.
It may sound like a pretty long journey, but this isn’t his first rodeo.
Daren tells us, “I walked across the country in ’08 ’09, cycled it in 2005, so I was like, let’s run it this time and help provide a platform to help a lot of people.”
He’s running to raise money for Lifewater International’s Ethiopia Project, which will provide safe drinking water for 2500 people.
Daren’s goal is to raise $100,000.
February 8th, he tells us he’s already reached $67,00, and he’s only on day 39.
As you can see, he isn’t alone.
Mike has been with Daren for 700 miles, and Russell, a fellow Amarilloan, joined him when he got to town.
He tells us it’s fun, but it can get tough.
Russell Bainbridge says, “it gives you a little extra umph when you need it, when you’re getting tired and you want to quit.  Then you think about, i’m doing this for people that need it. You know, i know where my meal is coming from tomorrow.  I know I’ve got clean water.  People over there that we’re helping, they would have to walk miles if they didn’t get clean water.”
Daren agrees, saying even though he has ran a lot of marathons, he still gets tired, and when he does, he just remembers why he’s doing it.
Daren tells us, “They have dreams just like we have dreams.  They just don’t have a lot of resources and you know, access to safe and clean water and so that’s what Lifewater does, that’s what Activewater does, which is the athletic division of life water, by using athletic gifts, we help those in need.”
A gift he says he plans to continue to give.
Through all of the states he has been giving that gift, Daren tells us the Lone Star State will definitely be one to remember.
“The second I entered Texas, it was noticeably more friendly.  You know, people were waving, moving over all of the way.  It was just a lot of fun. It really truly is.”
Daren tells said a month before he left, he traveled to Ethiopia and was able to meet a lot of people in the areas they work in.
He says it was nice to have that opportunity, and is making the run that much more special.
Daren has a website where you can check out his route, and also sign up to run with him for a day, click here.
Also, for more information on the Lifewater International Ethiopia Project, click here.

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