ONA Reported- Heavy fighting between ONLA and Ethiopian regime soldiers Near Birqot district of degahbur.

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pril 11, 2017

Ogadenia (ONA) – Contingents from Ethiopian regime soldiers and Associated mercenary Liyu Police militia attacked Ogaden National Liberation Army Units near Leedilay area, Birqot district of Degahbur region on the 9 the of April. Residents fleeing the battle area who were interviewed ONA reporter in Birqot reported seeing the dead bodies of 17 army soldiers and three high-ranking officers. In addition, the locals reported seeing around 21 wounded soldiers being airlifted to Jigjiga Hospital. ONA reporters in Jigjiga also confirmed the arrival of wounded soldiers in Jigjiga Hospital.

The Locals say that ONLA units were distributing medicine in the area to cholera victims when the Army attacked them. No ONLA casualties were seen.

ONLA fighters left the area, and army reinforcements from Qabridehar and Degahbur are now harassing and detaining the already sick and hungry civilians who are unable to leave the area.

ONA reporters in Birqot and Jigjiga

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  1. Here goes the body count. Pretty the body count of those soldiers will be more than the population of the entire country. Good job Oromo National Army!!! No, no, no!!! It is Other’s National Army!!! No again!!! Ok I gave up!!! Ahaa!!! It is ANA!!! You figure it out!!! You see. I remember what one of my Issa friends told me in late 1970’s. He said that he was keeping tally of soldiers killed by the then WSLF army which has been christened Ogaden National Liberation Front since then, and when he summed it all up it ended up to be more than the entire population of Ethiopia. Those darn people!! They somehow multiplied again waiting to be mowed down by teflon(kevlar) donned ONA(ANA,ENA). Then in the 1970’s not one WSLF soldier was killed. There were some who were only grazed by random shot bullets fired by the ‘dastardly’ Ethiopian soldiers. WSLF captured so many Ethiopian soldiers that the entire Somalia was over populated by 100 times until there was a standing room only!!! They are not telling us the whole story about the 10,000 Ethiopian and Liyu Police soldiers they just captured. That is right!!! 10,000. Wait a minute, some one here is telling me my number is not wrong. It should be 10,000 killed and 65,000 soldiers captured. They are trying to be so humble about it. I gave up!!!!

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