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On Ethiopia’s Declared State of Emergency






Press Statement
John Kirby
Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
October 12, 2016
The United States takes note of the Government of Ethiopia’s October 8 declaration of a State of Emergency in response to recent protests and violence in the Oromia and Amhara regions. We are troubled by the potential impact of the decision to authorize detention without a warrant and to further limit freedom of expression, including by blocking Internet access, prohibiting public gatherings, and imposing curfews. This declaration, if implemented in these ways, would further enshrine the type of response that has failed to ameliorate the recent political crisis.

Political pluralism and respect for fundamental freedoms are essential to addressing the legitimate grievances of protesters and other Ethiopians. We reiterate our longstanding call for the Government of Ethiopia to respect its citizens’ constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms of expression and association, and to release those detained for peacefully exercising those rights. Arresting and silencing independent and critical voices is self-defeating and will lead to greater polarization, and makes it harder to find a solution acceptable to all Ethiopians.

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We strongly encourage everyone to refrain from committing further acts of violence in Ethiopia. Peaceful dialogue is the path to resolution of Ethiopia’s need for reform. Too many innocent lives have already been lost and too much destruction has already taken place.

We welcome President Mulatu’s October 10 address to Parliament committing the government to addressing some of these grievances – such as land rights, electoral reform, and recognition of the special interest of the Oromia region in the city of Addis Ababa. We encourage the government to act on these commitments decisively and quickly, and urge it to undertake further comprehensive reforms with the goal of opening political space and ensuring respect for fundamental freedoms and the democratic rights enshrined in the Constitution of Ethiopia. We also note the Prime Minister’s commitment that the state of emergency will not breach human rights protected by the Ethiopian constitution.



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  1. Please call upon all opposition political and armed groups to design a plan to liberate Ethiopia from Woyane Thugs by noting the state of weakened Woyane forces in Oromia and Amhara Kilil and the anticipated military confrontation with Eritrea. It is a very critical time for a coordinated action!

    The opportunity comes from the fact that the enemy of my enemy is my friend – a positive engagement of the opposition with the government of Eritrea is a testimony in that regard. This certainly creates a solid foundation and access to coordinate the military engagement of Woyane by Eritrean forces – through spying on woyane forces and military strategy and sharing the information with Eritrean forces, by campaigning among the non-Tigrean portion of the Ethiopian Defense Forces to turn the gun onto Woyanes, by cutting supply routes within Ethiopia, by striking at woyane establishments within Ethiopia, by calling on mass uprising, call on students and teachers to protest, to strike against all woyane thugs and criminals who are killing and maiming people in Oromia, Amhara, Konso, Ogaden etc, to strike against woyane prisons and free all prisoners of conscience. If the opposition is determined to work and plan on the general themes mentioned above, Woyane will be history within weeks – and TPLF / Woyane and other Tigre criminals and accomplices will be hunted like dogs and brought to justice!!!

  2. የአሜሪካ ሀዝን መግለጫ ለይስሙላ ነው። ፈጣሪ ብሎት ይህ መንግስት ቢወድቅ ከህዝብ ጋር ቆሜ ነበር ለማለት ነው። በግብፅ ለውጥ ወቅት የታዘብነው አካሄድ ነው። ተበልቷል። የሚሞኝ የለም።

  3. America is symphatizing a failed governance, it dissapoints.The US puts its syrategic partnership over the rights of the people.they give green light to the minority government to rule over the majority by gun,the public doesnt demand reformation the public demanded regime change there is no use talking about reformation of woyane thugs pls tell woyane we done with them.

  4. USA just wanted Ethiopia to be like Syria, Libya and they can open new market for military hardware. They are selling modern weapons right to ISIS through Saudi Arabia. They just wanted to destroy the country. I am not saying the regime has to kill or arrest everybody, what I am saying is that USA has no moral standard to tell or give instruction how Ethiopia has to run its business. I do not believe America has a magic to solve our problem. USA has not solved any country’s problem to date, there is no single country that has solved its problem by USA. But we have countries that has become failed states because of USA which includes Syria,Iraq, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen.
    My argument would be why USA does not help Somalian who have been without effective government for the past 25 years? We have 25 000 African stationed in Somalia. Why USA did not keep its own citizens in Somalia and keep peace there? Why are Africans dying for USA in Somalia? who created the problem in Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen? where is /was the mass destruction weapon in Iraq?
    My argument is at least other countries could qualify to give advices, but not the insane American government that is destabilizing the entire world by its wrong, blind, arrogant and ignorant foreign policies.
    USA and Saudi Arabia destabilized Syria and they caused so much suffering for the people of Syria and this affected the peace of Europe and America itself. Saudi Arabia supplying modern weapons to ISIS by directly shopping those weapons from USA. USA benefits by selling weapons to Syrian fighting factions in Syria using Saudi Arabia as proxy agent or a sales man for its arms. In short USA corporations are making blood money while Syrians are dying and the entire world become destabilized.
    They are interfering in Ethiopia, not because they care about Oromo or Amhara or any Ethiopian, but they wanted to screw Ethiopia like Libya,iraq, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, … and they can open a new market for their weapon or military hardware because they can sell their bullets to different fighting factions in Ethiopia if the regime loses control of the country and then they can neocolonize Ethiopia take control of its telecom, banking, energy section and the huge and untapped market in Ethiopia. They are doing this because the regime is weak and does not or never stand for Ethiopia. Otherwise, what moral standard do they have to be the mentors of Ethiopians? They have so much social anarchy in USA, too much racism in USA, too much crime in USA in each city. There are 3.5 million prisoners and most of them blacks, Latinos. USA just does not qualify to give direction to any country and doing is only arrogance and bullying only.
    Message to USA? Please if you have power, tell you friend Saudi Arabia to stop chopping heads and stoning women to death for being raped and tell your friend to allow freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia. Tell Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop hanging or throwing gays and lesbians from roof tops. If you have moral standard then go and fix the countries that you have screwed such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, … together with your head cutting friend. Go to north Korea and tell them what to do? USA please go north Korea, China, Russia, Kuba, and tell them what to do? can you do that? go and fix Libya,Syria, Iraq, Yemen first and then come back to Ethiopia. Do first thing first and second thing second. First fix all those countries you have screwed before sticking your nose into Ethiopia. But I know for sure, you will be scared to say anything to Russia, North Korea, China,… because they will respond to you in kind.
    I strongly believe the problem in Ethiopia is man made and made in USA and Egypt. USA is using Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia and it is putting pressure on the useless regime not to protect Ethiopians, but also to accomplish its bloody mission of disintegrating Ethiopia.
    USA stay away from Ethiopia because you have no moral standard to be savior of Ethiopians. Ethiopians have more ethic than USA. You may have more money, but you have zero ethics. There is ethic in Ethiopia and it is called Uligneta which means listening to your conscience and you must not do wrong things .
    Message to the regime, please only work with peaceful Ethiopians and Ethiopian elders and go to the villages, communities and sit with them under a tree and settle your problem by communicating with your people only. Never allow USA in Ethiopian affairs and it is not a good government even for its own people. USA is the most insecure and unsafe country now and it has its own social cold war going inside USA. It has too much problems in its own hand and has no the capacity to solve Ethiopian problem.
    Please communicate with Ethiopians including diaspora because only talks will do the job. The regime has to speak to diaspora with good faith and reconcile and save the country from becoming worse than Syria. You have to bring all Ethiopians together and close all the holes that is being used by enemies in covert and overt.
    USA is not the solution, the solution is reconciliation based on our culture and sitting down. Revenge, hatred, bias, prejudice will not get us anywhere. The state of emergency may give a breathe to regime, but it can not be a solution. The regime must focus closing all the doors used by enemies in covert and overt.
    I suggest all Ethiopians to be gathered into one hall inside and outside the country is the only durable solution. Force, arresting, … can not be a durable solution. It can only suppress people for sometimes and the enemies will use those fault lines within Ethiopia to destabilize it. The American ambassador has started doing ethnic agitation by supporting OLF.
    It is very prudent for all Ethiopians to avoid foreign interference, specially USA, and covert agents such neoliberal journalists, NGOS, and Egypt.
    The only solution for our problem is ourselves, USA will never solve our problem. It is actually USA that screwed our country by funding Shabia, Jebha using Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
    Forgive and reconcile each other if you wanted to save the country from becoming a failed state. It is easy to make it a failed state, but it is not easy to bring it back from failed state to normal. See Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan,… once failed no one will come to change that. All the neoliberal American Journalists, American NGOS, Human right NGOS will disappear and forget you. Destabilizing countries generate money for those industries. It is business destabilizing countries and putting countries into civil war. Believe me, we human beings are evil and we make bloody money for this very short life on earth. Please Ethiopians be careful before all the bolts that is holding Ethiopia together is unbolted by enemies.
    My message for all Ethiopians is NO USA in Ethiopia, but unity, love, fraternity, forgiveness, reconciliation and joining hands to make Ethiopia more stable nd deny our enemies an opportunity to make our country their playground of civil war. Love, Unity, fraternity, equality, fairness, transparency, accountability, merit, commitment to Ethoipiawinet is the only magic for our problems.

  5. Numerous Ethiopian soldiers are afraid to step on Meles Zenawi’s picture because they are possessed by this Church of Satan star pentagram that is imprinted on the flag along with the Meles Zenawi’s picture . Numerous Ethiopian soldiers change their decision to resign by willing to stay killing innocent people for the next seven years instead of walking out from their last day at work by stepping on Meles Zenawi’s pictures. The TPLF Satan worsipers ask them if you choose to walk out from your job when your contrat is over you have to step on Meles Zenawi’s picture and many soldiers renew their contract just for the reason of not stepping on the picture. These tells you they are possessed .

    Church of Satan headquarters is based in which country ?? YOU KNOW IT.
    Who is supplying almost all of the bullets for Woyane TPLF soldiers to kill innocent Ethiopians ?? YOU KNOW IT.

    USA should clean itself from inside out to be the real USA they claim with a motto “In G*D WE THRUST ” then maybe then Ethiopians will be able to listen to them . Ethiopian Americans got a responsibility to make that happen. Here in the Caribbean we Ethiopian caribeans are active in the Caribbean politics even in countries which don’t claim to be democratic as USA so why is it the Ethiopian Americans failing to influence the American politics through their rights of a democratic process.
    They should remove that pentagram Satan symbol star everywhere it is imprinted. .
    Meles Zenawi pictures should be removed from billboards and every public places in Ethiopia too. Currently there are more billboards of Meles Zenawi . Meles Zenawi’s billboards are the record high in numbers and size of all billboards ever hanged in the country ever.
    . I heard people are worshiping the Meles Zenawi picture since his billboards are all over in the people’s face. Even the soldiers that gave their resignation letter when their seven years term expired are renewing for another seven years only because their bosses ask them to step on Meles Zenawi’s picture on their way out from their last day at work .

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