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Omer Abdo joins Ethiopia’s exiled journalists

Journalist Omer Abdo Juneyd, who has worked for more than eight years broadcasting (radio and online) about the injustices of the Ethiopian government and exposing its workings, has left the country to neighboring country of Kenya.

Journalist Omar
Journalist Omer was active in many media and used different pen names for years to avoid the arrests and beatings of journalists by the Ethiopian government.

Especially after the declaration of the state of emergency before six months associated with the inauguration of the issue of Oromia and Amhara opposition, it’s known that many journalists have been arrested. The government was after all the journalists it suspected in giving information to foreign media and Omer was one of them.

Until Omer left the country on March 15, 2017, government forces repeatedly checked his house and threatened his family to tell where he is. Omer has been obscured for weeks from the area of ​​the country, the only option left for him was to flee to the neighboring country of Kenya and forced to leave his wife and three children behind.

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