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OLF: The TPLF’s Regime declaration of war on Oromo people will not deter the Oromo people desire for freedom

The TPLF’s Regime declaration of war on Oromo people will not deter the Oromo people desire for freedom
The puppet prime Minister of Ethiopia Hayilamariam Dasalagni coming out on national television vowed to crash the Oromo people , Who have been peacefully demonstrating against the TPLF regimes brutality against the Oromo people .
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  1. olf thugs have no interest in oromo. these fascist thugs were bed fellows with tigre liberation front in 1991, and are responsible for the current debacle. olf like their masters tplf are enemies of the Ethiopian people. they are servants of Egypt, always intent on destroying Ethiopia.
    they shed their crocodile tears when some crisis arises, as if they are concerned for oromo

  2. OLF is responsible for the mass killing of Amharas in the late 1990’s, we must bring all OLF leaders to face justice from Eritrea.

  3. @Nadew, Amare Molla & Co.
    Are you still crawling in the 60s? Wake up!! OLF a quintessential component of the Oromo People’s struggle. The Oromos are about to harvest the fruits of what OLF had sown 40 years ago. Accusing OLF is tantamount to threatening the very existence of the Oromo people. What kept the Oromo people together in spite of all Odds is the Ideals of the Oromo Liberation Front that was coined by its best and brightest. OLF is a covenant that no outsider could attack as long as Oromo nationals existon the surface of this earth. Therefore, OLF and Oromo people are two sides of the same coin. Your accusation or lamentation is all in vain. you can not stop the storm. You better find ways of reckoning with it.
    Our struggle is not directed against any individual, group, culture, religion, nationality or language. It is against a repressive political system that, unfortunately, embodied the Amhara cultural Supermacy favoring a particular linguistic and cultural group. We have our utmost respect for the Amhara, Tigre, gurage, Kambata, Wolayta, hadya………as a people. We are fighting a repressive system. That is all. Wake up!

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