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OLF still maintained not Functioning Ethiopia but killing Ethiopia

OLF falg
by Biraanu Gammachu

This piece is mainly devoted to discussions on Functioning Ethiopia from OLF’s (Oromo Liberation Front) perspective, and thereby opinionates what ought to be embraced by stakeholders.

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  1. Biraanu: Thank you for the wonderful piece. It is my hope that those who have been singing the same song will be able to see the failures, which are very visible. You did a good job. Please continue to educate us by continuing to write on the same subject. Thank you again.

  2. If the guy is trying to get fame from the Habashas, he has done that. Unless he never ever achieved any other objectives. Bashing OLF or belittling Oromo cause has been a futile attempt. When the Habashas honeymoon is over ,you will be discarded like those individuals before you. Until then worship the statue of Menelik as your God..

  3. Summii: don’t be afraid to face reality. Biraanu has the gut. I wish I was like him and write like him. The Oromos are part and parcel of the making of Ethiopia. Why do you want to belittle us? As Biraanu put it, there is no past that is absolutely perfect. The Americas and other parts of the world have the same unpleasant past. We can’t be different. The present and the future are more important and more can be done to make our children’s future better. Decades have past singing the same song. It is now time to change it as the results are not positive. No research needed to talk about the failures. It is boldly visible. Lets come to our senses. I thank Biraanu for the breakthrough idea as he represents the significant youth group. It will benefit us (Oromos) and our non-Oromos Ethiopian sisters and brothers. Lets cooperate to make life in Ethiopia better. lets fight the anti-democracy and anti-human right government in office who is jailing our brothers and sisters.
    Thank you.

    • Obbo Ol`aanaa

      Excuse me to correct your name writing. Birhanu has no gut except he is submissive , apologetic and cowardice who fear to decide his own issue by himself. He try to get some leftover from his masters by bashing himself ( if he is real Oromo). The new generation of Oromo are self- confident, determinant and action oriented. Their project of liberating Oromia air will continue in liberating Oromia land. OMN has started to squash the supremacy of propaganda and the OLA will finish what is on the ground. Birhanu and like him will be ashamed by themselves. Oromo would not cooperate with those deny his identity. At least woyannee recognize Oromo and Oromia by name even though they do every thing to control him. Both of them are fighting each other to loot us. It is black and white when they oppose `oromo first ` and ` Annoolee and calanqoo` statue.

  4. Biraanu,

    For sure this is not you, Biraanu. Bayan Asooba has compiled the piece and forwarded it to you. You are still as shallow as you have been. I though that you did grow out of that shallowness and infancy. That is not the case.
    You are just obsessed with an attention seeking syndrome. You did your best to show off within the Oromo camp as you tried to display yourself as the most loyal compatriot to the Oromo peaple’s struggle spearheaded by OLF. Then we elected you to the central Committee of the Organization. That was not good enough for your fame/attention seeking driven ego. Then you started to act as OLF’s chief Idelogue with no ideology of your own. Friends and family mebers attempted to cool you down so that you could live up to your own capacities and capabilities. From where you are right now, Kampala, Uganda, friends told ou several times to stop your erratic reactions. Then you were captured by the ODF. Now you seem to defy them too. Sorry for those poor souls who are putting a false hope on you as a new start of the De-OLFiezed Oromo youth. Alas, they are the loosers more than you. Because we know you but they don’t.

    Calm down calf!

    • Calf??? I humbly suggest you focus on the issues he raised and show us you are more mature than a Calf, say be a bull?

  5. Biraanu
    Thank you for telling the truth and standing up against bullies who intimidate their own people. Others should come out like you and tell the true story.

  6. An amazing piece of writing! Hate and racism has no place in Ethiopia. Not after we have seen it in tplf Ethiopia. It won’t work. Albert Einstein, the smartest person in 20 th century had said “The definition of insanity is when you repeat the same thing again and again and expect different result”. OLF, please do not jam insanity through our throat. Stop it! Instead, try to be relevant again by forming a coalition with stakeholders to defeat the racist tplf. One of the funniest thing that I like the writer mentioned is that OLF is still fixating on Amhara while tplf runs amok in Ethiopia. OLF, that is how irrelevant you became. Please wake up! Chigir new eko, gobez. Awko yetegnan bikesksut ainesam yibal yele.

  7. Birhanu,

    The Oromo people do not bite your bait. We have a very strong sense of who is an Oromo and who an Oromo-wannabe is. You failed big time.

  8. @ berhanu,
    I don’t think you are a genuine person. Your analysis is very shallow and driven by some personal ambition. At the same time you tried to lend a piece of advice for OLF members. Where is your scholastic advice for the habashas based on historical facts of their hatred and belittling habits of Oromo in public which produced a fierce resistance for the last 7 decades and Resulted in the formation of the OLF by the brave Oromos four decades ago? Despite the extreme situations under which the OLF operated its activities, you benefited at least few things. Your knowledge and essay are not hold water. Let you live your life. I don’t think the Oromo people will give a dime consideration to your writings.

    @ Namo,
    Your approach or comments shows immaturity. Don’t associate a traitor to Bayan. I know your useless comment is a result of partisan sentiment under which you are suffering. Bayan is struggling for his people in his own way and leave him alone. If you have your line of struggle, just do your duty on your own direction instead of trying to trash other individuals or parties. Be a person of democracy. Don’t expect every Oromo follows your way or your party/organization. Have tolerance to others. Please grow up!!!

  9. OLf

    …….hatred and vengeance that is the end of the OLf narrative.

    that is what OLf is in summary, as Biraanu explained it.

  10. Dear Berhanu thank you for your eloquently written article. As you said no country has a bad past. The Americans did worst to the local community but the Red Indians never asked to build a monument. We all have seen the picture of Italian solders with the head of an Ethiopian patriot. We know what the Nazis did to the Jews and the Americans to the Japans. But look at how they live now. They are living together as if it never happened. This happens b/c they are civilized and our brothers want to live in the past as if the Oromos have no future. Why not they talk how to bring the Oromo people out of poverty. It’s b/c they don’t have vision. They want to talk about past and disseminate hatred. Why not they talk about what they did at Bedeno (in the 21st century). My brothers pls come to your sense. Hate doesn’t take us anywhere. Let’s be civilized and bring our country out of poverty.

  11. Any body which start by blaming why OLF is created and existed, hmmm, I will give already 60% doubt, by the time the criticizer gave us advice I will take none.

    OLF is formed for a reason, there is no way people die in the forest/jungle if they don’t see something is missing. They don’t keep their objective for that long to their heart and the people if they don’t have truth.

    OLF are great but thing didn’t work well for them for any reason you might say about them, probably new generation can fix it. As of OLF it is perfect for Oromo, only Oromo enemy will hate them.

    By the way I am not a member even but if you start with criticizing why OLF established u are dead wrong. No one will hear u. They have some truth to their cause and as u can see It will/some being implementing except democratic system and human right.

    Beraanu will get a big welcoming to Habasha camp who think Ethiopia is thiers and their making. The only problem is they don’t keep him that long because they don’t have any truth in their side. Ethiopia has and will never been thiers. it belong to the black people.

  12. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Dear Biraanu;

    Thank you. For lack of better expressive word I have no other word to explain beyond saying thanks. This is the best analysis I read so far eloquently explained the enormous defect of OLF. You are an amazing young Oromo ethnic whom the people of Oromo deserve to have.

    We have been saying all along that these groups under different names adding the word ‘Oromo’ are nothing but political criminals who confused the identity of the Oromo Ethiopian society with defected Communist ideology of self destruction.

    What OLF elites followed for 40 years that ended themselves and many thousands of Oromo people to immigrate to all over the world is hate politics. As you rightly putted it OLF is sadly little more than a collection of unrefined and less realistic political narrative, disjoined and pseudo liberators but hatred and vengeance against Amhara.

    As you rightly so, “ Amhara [Habesha] as a social group is simply the beginning and the end of its narrative. For that reason, it kicked-off a retributive nationalism which is a function of vengeance, ethnic sentiment and hatred. This is the main common denominator which has been shaping an identity of OLF. In an endeavor to expand, continue and consolidate its social base young Oromos at school, college and university has been the main soft target and their interaction with other social back ground almost exclusively from Tigre and Amhara has been deliberately sabotaged. This insidiously has been un-harmonizing togetherness, mutual inter-social interaction, tolerance and humanity among young Ethiopians or the people at large. Further, it has been not only a criminal act of disrupting their future life but also it has been dislocating them from developing critical thinking about their country at large beyond colors.
    Down the road OLF did not manage to create viable political society but very few sections of its target populous who sentimentally identify themselves against Amhara and Ethiopia which is simply wrong to any healthy political enterprise. Arguably, OLF is now at a point where neither taming nor changing its infamous agenda can work out minus risking its identity. The stalemate calls for competent and timely leadership to help it move beyond such a threadbare an eye for an eye business” end of quote.

    You can see the level of destruction OLF elites caused on Oromo youth, to the extent, forget their Ethiopian identity, but they lost their humanity to think as human family on this planet when they accused Ethiopian Arab victims as “criminals deserve killing and abuse and deportation while they urging Arabs to leave alone Oromo-immigrants in Saudi Arabia, claiming ‘Oromo’ are not Ethiopians who are criminals. Check this video how the youth are totally taken away their humanity by OLF elites. Their brain is not theirs any more. They are cult piloted by politics of hate. They need to be rescued by concerned intellectual genuine Oromo who are free of hatred like this our young Oromo brother.
    This website is very difficult to copy and paste from its commentary page. But, if it can allow you to copy and paste any part- try the following audio video to see how the OLF youth lost their humanity and normal mind.

    Why Do Shebab Jara Oromos View Arabs As Superior To Blacks ?
    http: //ethioexplorer com/ 2014/01/26/why-do-shebab-jara-oromos-view-arabs-as-superior-to-blacks/

    Thanks Getachew Reda (editor Ethiopian Semay)

  13. Sorry Berhanu ! I don’t think you have read about the making of current Ethiopia. I am a little bit confused about your essay. Are you writing about the Ethiopia we all know or the Ethiopia you are dreaming. Sorry to say but you have written an essay with out content. Let me ask you Why Eritrea breaks away two decades ago? Why Eritrean prefferred to re-unit with Ethiopia 5-6 decades ago? You have the right to write what ever you want. But doesn’t make any change on Oromo political conciousness. May be those who believes in the past but denies the current Ethiopia applauses for you. Just continue … you are a wise “Gamachuu”

  14. Birhanu Gemechu used to be a member of OLF central Committee till he resigned year 2012 and joined ODF. However, I am amazed how ODF erratic policies deep down are anti Oromo in their thinking? I hope Leencho Leta your village guy co-authored this article. You can not live there in Campala unless you act like sychophant to get some. This is a true nature of ODF

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