OLF Statement on Andargachew Tsege

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Click here to read OLF OLF Statement on Andargachew Tsege  

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  1. Bad grammar in such a “high profile” political statement? This shows that the educated elite has abandoned OLF.

  2. As an Oromo, i’m ashamed and embarrassed by the shoddy Press Release by the General. If wants to attract more members to his out-fit, he needs to produce statements disseminated to public as the one on this web-site. A fourth grader can compose a better prose than this doodle!

  3. To the above commentator,
    I agree that “OLF’s” statement was full of meaningless sentences and gramatical constructs. I disagree about your assertion of the educated elite abondning OLF.
    The statemnet was issued by a splinter group that still uses the name OLF as its trademark.This group is composed of former Oromo wing TPLF’s militia later turned Genrals as well as a bunch of refugees who graduated from Adult Education Classes of ESL (English as a Second language) and some mediocre pretenders.
    Whenever you see such gibberish issued in the name of OLF, that belongs to the group led by former Conscript and later POW as well as OLF’s captive, a certain Kamal Galchu.
    OLF is the making of the cream of the Oromo society, namely the Elite and is still in the hands the same class to continue the course until its intended goal is fully achieved.

  4. First of all I am really sorry for the abduction of Andargachew. This is not new, since 1992 it has been done on oromo elites, students, farmers, businessmen and others. The solution is accepting the reality on the ground and struggling together. ‘Rule of Law’ are you foolish or intentionally giving that comment?!!! These are rubbish collection who are trying to act as OLF, the ‘galtuus’ the new opdeos of Ginbot 7. I think it is Ginbot7 who is writing that press release in the name of the ‘ergamtuus’. Ginbot 7 has the right to fight for its people, but has zero right to put obstacle in front of the Oromo people. It is better if they refrain from doing such foolish dirty job. Wayane and the old ‘nafxanyas’ were not successful in that dirty job. Additionally, Ginbot 7 has to stop salivating to eradicate OLF. Oromo is OLF, OLF is Oromo. No body can eradicate OLF without eradicating Oromo. And it is difficult to eradicate more than 30million people to eradicate OLF. The ‘galtuus’/’gobanaas’ are breathing by Berhanu’s lung. They will be used until Ginbot 7 fulfills its ‘kaayyoo’. Then, they will be thrown to the garbage like Gobana Dache,Nagaso Gidaada,Junadin Sado, etc. So, don’t expect grammar perfections from the ‘kosii’, ‘dhoqee’, ‘baandaa’,etc.

  5. Rule of Law,
    I agree with you not only educated ones, ALL Oromos have no connection with the fake “olf” which is former Wayaane general, Kamal Galtu.
    Proper OLF has FULL support of its people both at home and abroad. If you are interested check Oromoliberationfront.org

  6. Yes the writing is really bad this is a sign that more educated Ethiopian need to join the struggle in Asmara and fight TPLF. Most Ethiopian don’t know how to write English properly I don’t know why we would insinuate that its Ginbot 7 that wrote the OLF statement. Since 1974 the education level of Ethiopians have deteriorated and has hit bottom, since TPLF took power. Most TPLF officials in government are awarded a fake college degrees from European Universities.
    For the that matter I doubt that even the Prime Minster of Ethiopia Hallemariam Desalegene could write a better English than the OLF General Kemal Gelchu. That goes for Meles Zenawi with fake purchased degreed from so called Free Universities in Europe. The fact the matter is General Kemal Gelchu is on the ground fighting for the cause he believe in. What we should do is join him in Asmara.

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