Ogaden National Liberation Army: Heavy fighting reported in Ogaden

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(ONA) – Heavy fighting reported between ONLF Army and TPLF regime forces in Ogaden.
The report says there has been heavy fighting between the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) and TPLF regime forces in Ogaden.

TPLF regime forces were engaged in harassment activities around the Dumodlay Village of Qabri-dahar district including rape, beatings, and arbitrary detention.

The Ogaden National Liberation Army attacked the regime’s forces in Dumodlay Village on the 15th of December, 2016 and has caused considerable damage against regime forces, killing 6 soldiers and wounded 8 others.

Ogaden is war-zone and the conflict between ONLF Army and TPLF regime forces is on daily basis.

Source: Ogaden News Agency

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  1. Anything that comes in the name of a certain ethnic group, be it Tigre, Oromo, Amara, somali ….and their lobbyists such as GIM 7 is destructive to the Ethiopianist anti zeregna struggle and benefiting the woyane regime, What is wrong when Tigre did it is still wrong when Amara is doing it.

    zeregnanet is condemned in any form!
    Ethiopiawinet shall prevail!!

  2. This is a false report ,The Somali-region is in peace and in continuously in progress with total loyalty to the regime. We , the Ethiopia-Somali are with the progress and the development of Ethiopia. We see that TPLF has succeeded that we all had failed. They have changed the face of Ethoipia to this great County. They have made every Ethipian to be proud Ethiopian his own region.
    Some Elites are just in blinded envy and simple a jealous of what the great people of Tigray did for the mamma Ethipia. Long live TPLF AND ITS PEOPLE. lONG LIVE Ethiopia.

  3. If the Ogaden liberation front fights for social justice, it is absolutely legitimate. One does not have to be a Somali from Ogaden to abhor the gruesome crimes Woyane is committing in Ogaden.

    That is why I fully support their movement as also wholeheartedly support the Amara armed struggle.

    What would be unacceptable is, any attempt at secession.
    Therefore, we should commend our brothers and sisters in Ogaden whose lands are being sold willy-nilly by the Tigre mercenaries in collaboration with a handful of Somali sell-outs.

  4. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! This is the front that killed more 50 innocent workers at a job site in the Ogaden region, right? 50 innocent daily workers who were the only bread winners for their families!!! Now it is churning out ‘false’ communiqués one after getting high on Khat or meth. They are photocopying their creator, Siad Barre. Siad used to claim how too many Ethiopian soldiers he was killing wherein one of my Issa friends told me that when he tallied the number killed, the grand total ended up being more than the population of the entire Ethiopia. Now this one is starting the count with 6. The next count will be in tens, then in hundreds, then in…You got the idea!!!!

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