ODF Statement on killings in Libya, SA and Yemen

April /22/2014
The Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) condemns in the strongest terms the killings and violent atrocities committed against Ethiopian immigrants in Libya, South Africa, and Yemen. The gruesome and extremely cruel murder of Ethiopian Christians in Libya is an appalling terrorist violence that shocks human conscience. We denounce these senseless and heinous terrorist crimes meted against innocent lives without showing any mercy to fellow human beings.
ODFWe are also disturbed by another tragic event that is taking place in South Africa. The xenophobic violence unleashed against African immigrants took the life of many who came to the country either in search of better opportunities or running from political persecution in their native countries. We are saddened to witness the violence committed against fellow Africans by criminal elements.
As Yemen is engulfed in internal and external war, many refugees from our country are trapped and caught in the crossfire and became victims of a vicious conflict. We urge the UNHCR to rescue these refugees and move them to places where they safety is guaranteed. These are international refugees who deserve humanitarian assistance and protection.
While we extend our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in these multiple tragedies, we also appeal to our people, political groups and the government of our country to work towards mitigating the circumstances that have produced outward migration. This national tragedy and humiliation can only come to an end, when we drain this swamp that triggers displacement. Democratic governance, legal protections for the rights of citizens, and equitable opportunities for people to live a life of dignity is the only solution to halt the flight of people from their own country.
Freedom & Justice For All !!

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