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Obama State of the Union 2015 Address: President's [FULL] #SOTU Speech Today on 1/20/15

Obama State of the Union 2015 Address: The president is laying out a vision for his last two years in office, outlining areas of possible consensus with Republicans as well as challenging them to support his push on education, child care and tax breaks for the middle class.
Obama State of the Union 2015 Address: President’s [FULL] #SOTU Speech Today on 1/20/15


  1. behezb tekebayenet yalew amerarena mere obama geret Tenkse
    ager bawku ameraroch tadegalech hezb endzaw merwen yakeberal mekbaber kal endand betesb yazmedal mezamed agerm endzaw teblesegalch lesw lig fetun yemyadergew
    ENEM lehagerye megnote yeh new

  2. he work hard to bridge the cliff between the filthy rich and the dirty poor. However, the rich rejected him and the poor misunderstood while the middle were utterly confused as the public.

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