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“Not another day with TPLF’s genocidal warlords! ”

The Horn Times Breaking News 10 May 2013


Ethiopia’s minority junta warned to stop ethnic cleansing and systematic genocide at a massive anti TPLF demonstration in South Africa.


By Getahune Bekele – South Africa

Always fearful of the mighty Ethiopians, the TPLF embassy did everything it could to stop this demonstration from taking place in Pretoria and issued a press release three days ago claiming victory over Ethiopian opposition groups in South Africa that it succeeded in  denying them the right to protest even in exile, much to the delight of TPLF cadres and supporters.

However, after a tireless work of Ethiopian community association president, the epic patriot Tamiru Abebe and co, finally, a vibrant and colorful crowed descended on Pretoria on 10 May 2013 shouting slogans and singing patriotic songs warning the ruling minority Tigre junta that Ethiopians are running out of patience with it after 22 years of brutal oppression and exploitation.

The demonstration was described as unique and the first of its kind in 22 years as it embraced various political party supporters and ethnic groups who eventually realized that standing as one people against an ethnocentric regime is the way to go.

The OLF, the Southern Ethiopia nations organization in South Africa, the Ethiopian community association in South Africa, The Ethiopian Orthdox Church under the Holy synod in exile, the Ethiopian Muslim community in South Africa and most surprisingly, the Ogaden National Liberation Front supporters in South Africa were all one in their condemnation of the ongoing ethnic cleansing  and systematic genocide in Ethiopia.

At the rally, Political prisoners such as Bekele Gerba, Andualem Arage, Albana Lelisa, Zerihun Gebreigziabher and Natinael Mekonnen were honored for their selfless contribution to the struggle to free Ethiopia from the jaws of the brutal junta.

The mentioning of jailed journalists Eskinder Nega and Woubishet Taye was also met with bursts of spontaneous applause.

In union buildings, a five page memorandum was warmly accepted by President Jacob Zuma’s Representative Meuruc Beki while Ms Mariane de Langer of the UN promised to forward the memorandum to the general secretary Ban Ki- moon as soon as possible remarking that her institution is well aware of the human rights violations committed by the government of Ethiopia.

We are one!!!

   “This is the most endearing and unforgettable experience for me. Seeing deeply divided Ethiopians coming together as one people is fantastic. Today is the birth of a new nation called Ethiopia.” Yohannes Sahelu, 34, told the Horn Times on the lawns of the massive presidential complex.

“We never advocate ceding from Ethiopia. But we want to cede from the minority junta which killed and maimed thousands of Ogadeni Ethiopians. We want justice. We want a Nuremberg type court to try TPLF warlords such as Gen Samora Younice, Gen Tsadkan Gebretinsay and the man currently ruling the nation, Debretsion Gebremicael; all members of the same clan that has been governing us for 22 bloody years.” A female supporter of the OGNLF told reporters waving Ethiopian flag and shouting Allah Waa Akbar, God is great, while “let our voice be heard!” the word made famous by Ethiopian Muslims reverberates in the background.

“Death to Ethnic apartheid, warlordism and tyranny!” Another protester screamed at the top of his voice.

“Ethiopia is a failed police state where Apartheid is openly practiced by the ruling Tigre elite. We need the help of African nations and the international community to end this criminal tyranny. Help us attain freedom. We are virtual slaves in our own country. We implore you to help us eliminate this genocidal minority regime from our land.” Fikadu Bekele, 43, who arrived in South Africa in 1998, told eNCA journalists.


Meanwhile, although the demonstration was a conspicuous success and a sweet victory for Ethiopian exiles, a respected organizing committee member didn’t hide his displeasure at the conduct of the South African government officials who repeatedly postponed the march and clearly sided with the TPLF embassy by raising complex security issues and labeling unfounded accusations against the opposition.

“Between April 15 and 10 May 2013 we were sent from pillar to post thinking that we would give up. The government needs to look into the work ethics of the diplomatic policing unit and all 13 state security apparatus.” The organizing committee member explained.

Furthermore, on learning the TPLF embassy’s request for more police officers to guard the embassy, during the protest, the Horn Times was shocked to find out that no TPLF owned business was opened.

All cadres and pro-TPLF fake refugees spent the day (May 10) locked up inside the embassy mulling over their future as the fall of the junta looms larger than ever.

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