Norway: Ethiopians demonstrating against the systematic torture of political prisoners in the country

Norway (BA) – We demonstrate in order to put pressure on the Norwegian government and the international community, so they can put pressure on the regime in Ethiopia , says EBSS Tesema to BA.

He explains that many of them are asylum seekers from the region of Oromia in Ethiopia , where the systematic injustice taking place.


Opposition politicians , journalists and regime critics are subjected to systematic torture at a police station in Addis Ababa , according to a Human Rights Watch report that was presented last week.

The police station is located in the heart of the capital Addis Abbeba in Oromia region .

Torture methods used include blow to the body with hard objects and flogging . Prisoners are also hung from the ceiling in very painful positions, writes Aftenposten.


Ethiopia’s ruling party , Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front ( EPRDF ) , has ruled the country for over 20 years. Following the disputed elections in 2005 , the authorities have turned down hard on the opposition.

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Anti -terror laws since 2009 have been used to imprison both journalists and dissidents .

It is these conditions Ethiopians in Bergen will have an end.

With banners with slogans like ” Stop the torture of Oromo ” and ” Stop lavishing “, and the use of megaphones , spread the message to people in the downtown streets.

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  1. The problem I have with protest is again reflecting ethnic group, all Ethiopians are in trouble by these government why stand alone, Oromians, Amhara, wollamo you can isolate yourselves or stand with your brother and sisters who are disadvantaged as you are and voice better.

    • How do you expect the Oromo to carry Menelik flag which is symbol of colonization and deprivation of freedom.

  2. Oh, I could not see any Tigrean flag. Did you expect any Tigrean flag? T our knowledge no one was barred from particpating. If others chose to remain at home it is their prerogative. Just remember that Ethiopian prisons are 90% full of Oromos. We have a unique and special reason for the government has singled us out for any number of reasons. We have to take all necessary steps to free our people.

  3. Kolennaw,
    How u say like this when the prison official language is afaan Oromo. Ethiopia and its government has some issue with Oromo people and we will soon deal with it either peacefully or with civil war (inevitable looking to stubborn style of snake habashisi.).

  4. How dumb can these people be! It’s insensible! Foolish! And stupid! to think they can librate themselves from the current brutal government by helping the government’s main tactic or method for staying in power this long, which is ethnic division! Why don’t these people understand that?! What they heck do you want us to do for what Minilk the II did close to two centuries ago?! It’s clear that it was greatly sad! but it isn’t like it was only done to the south only! It is just mind boggling what they want to accomplish! They have been trying these nonsense oneg crap for the last fifty years! Enough is enough! Join the rest of your people and take back your country Ethiopia!

  5. hilina,
    There famously said word in western world” if you are not with us you are against us” oromo were marginalized for over 120 year. and we have been viewed for as we are not part of any history .The are reasons we subjected to prisons and other inhumane and it is that reason what drives us be it right or wrong .we know what we lost, and we don’t want some one else’s .

  6. በጣም የምናሳዝን መነሻና መድረሻችን የጠፋብን ዜጎች ሆነናል ለመሆኑ የሰላማዊ ሰልፍ አዘጋጆች ኢትዮጵያዊ ነን ሳይሉ የድህረ ገጽ ባለቤቶች የOLF ባንዲራ የኢትዮጵያ ባንዲራ አድርጋችሁ አመጣችሁልን OLF ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ የማድረግ መብት አለው እኛ የምንለው ግን በኢትዮጵያ ስም አትነግዱ ነው የምትወዱትን የ OLF ባንዲራ አዝላችሁት ዙሩ

  7. love the flag above: Accept and respect the Oromians ! then we are ready to work with any genuine peace and stability lover! We long for equality, freedom and human dignity!
    No nation/country is build on air! History is the source of our current problem and the springboard of our future!
    ..we Oromo will never negotiate on the issue of dividing oromiya or prescribing Ge’ez script for Afaan Oromo!
    ..On the rest: peace, democracy and justice, we can negotiate and sky the limit! We can fight TPLF together! But first accept and acknowledge people’s free will (that is the source of power). Oromo is a single undivided political entity and Oromiya is indivisible!

  8. This demonstration is not ethnic based, it is oromos from Oromia, Oromos have been suffering these colonization discriminations for the last 120 years. But now it is on the way of ending that colonization, the new generation of Oromia is gonna bring that freedom either soon or later. Any one who believe in democracy, can join the struggle everywhere and anytime,but if you are still thinking that Oromia will stay under the flag of Abysinia you are too back to that old time of massacre .Oromos will never forget the massacreed and slaughtered nearly 10 millions of oromos by Amharas . So don’t expect oromos to be Ethiopians rather open your mind accept democracy and fight the TPLF with the freedom fighters. If you are still thinking that oromos are ethnic group of 50 million population, you need to finish your evolution from minilik chimpanzee stage to modern human beings. Other wise the lion from Oromia will update you .

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