Nile dam won’t harm Egypt, says new Ethiopian leader

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reviews the honour guard following his arrival in Khartoum for an official visit to Sudan on May 2, 2018

Ethiopia’s newly appointed prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, said on Thursday that the controversial dam his country is building on the Nile will not harm Egypt’s share of water supplies.

Egypt relies almost totally on the Nile for irrigation and drinking water, and says it has “historic rights” to the river, guaranteed by treaties from 1929 and 1959.

It insists the Grand Renaissance Dam will reduce its water supplies from the Nile, and talks on the issue involving Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have been deadlocked for months.

“We don’t have any intention to harm Sudan or Egypt,” Ahmed told reporters in Khartoum after meeting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

“In our opinion, utilisation of Nile would benefit the three countries with insignificant harm,” Ahmed said in English with Bashir standing next to him.

“The most important thing is to reduce, to minimise the downside of the project and we are doing that in a very responsible manner.”

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Ethiopia began building the $4-billion dam in 2012, but the mega project has triggered tensions primarily with Egypt as Cairo fears that once commissioned the dam will reduce its water supplies.

Cairo argues the treaties grant it 87 percent of the Nile’s flow, as well as the power to veto upstream projects. It fears any reduction of water supplies to the biggest Arab country will affect its agriculture.

Egypt is primarily concerned at the speed at which the dam’s reservoir would be filled.

To ease Cairo’s concerns a tripartite meeting between the foreign ministers and intelligence chiefs of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan was held last month in Khartoum but it failed to reach a breakthrough.

Bashir reiterated Khartoum’s support for the project.

“We have fully supported the dam since it was at its planning stage,” said the Sudanese president.

“We are assured that the share of Sudan and Egypt in Nile water is completely guaranteed.”

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The Blue and the White Nile tributaries converge in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and from there run north through Egypt to the Mediterranean.

The project aims to produce 6,000 megawatts of hydro-electric power — the equivalent of six nuclear-powered plants.

The dam was initially expected to be commissioned in 2017, but Ethiopian media reports say only about 60 percent has so far been built.


  1. Mr. Ahmed is lying. LIAR LIAR PANS ON FIRE. President al-Bashier is a damn fool to believe any word coming out of members of terrorist/criminal/mafia organization, TPLF/EPRDF, such as Mr. Ahmed. They are all the mother of all liars, crooks, back stabbers, looters and thieves.
    For the DAMN Grand Renaissance Dam to generate 6,000 megawatt, IT IS NO BRAINER that it has to divert large amount of water not only from Sudan and Egypt but also from the Amhara farmers who depend on Nile water for their livelihood. We all know that Mr. Ahmed and his party don’t care about Ethiopians. They only care about themselves and how much money they are going to make by selling over 90% of the energy generated from the dam to neighboring countries.
    Moreover, no study, SAY WHAT TPLF/EPRDF don’t comprehend research/study, whatsoever was done to determine the long term environmental impact of the DAM on agriculture, wildlife and soil in Ethiopia, Sudan or Egypt. Egypt should be locked and loaded to bomb the damn dam into ashes if a single drop of water is diverted from Egypt. PERIOD.

  2. There will be a wrong time when there is a wrong place to make the right decision.
    Abiy Ethiopiawe Segawe-WeeMenfesawe.

    I just quote the bottom article idea from professionals, but the basic concept of the above quotation is mine; please read the details about the Nile dam.

    “Common Challenges of Decision Making
    Although following the steps outlined above will help you make more effective decisions, there are some pitfalls to look out for. Here are common challenges you may face, along with best practices to help you avoid them.

    Having too much or not enough information. Gathering relevant information is key when approaching the decision-making process, but it’s important to identify how much background information is truly required. “An overload of information can leave you confused and misguided, and prevents you from following your intuition,” according to Corporate Wellness Magazine.
    In addition, relying on one single source of information can lead to bias and misinformation, which can have disastrous effects down the line.

    Misidentifying the problem. In many cases, the issues surrounding your decision will be obvious. However, there will be times when the decision is complex and you aren’t sure where the main issue lies. Conduct thorough research and speak with internal experts who experience the problem firsthand in order to mitigate this. It will save you time and resources in the long run, Corporate Wellness Magazine says.
    Overconfidence in the outcome. Even if you follow the steps of the decision-making process, there is still a chance that the outcome won’t be exactly what you had in mind. That’s why it’s so important to identify a valid option that is plausible and achievable. Being overconfident in an unlikely outcome can lead to adverse results.
    Decision making is a vital skill in the business workplace, particularly for managers and those in leadership positions. Following a logical procedure like the one outlined here, along with being aware of common challenges, can help ensure both thoughtful decision making and positive results.”

    When we come back to the point, about the Nile dam establishment and the bad consequence to Egypt is worried to our leaders; not the owners’ people of the Nile dam. That is the worst part for the Ethiopian people; ignoring the facts and they are doing as they like, without the consent of Ethiopian people.

    For the sake of political advantage and without enough knowledge for corruption it was started; as it was started by previous governments.

    Who was the problem at that time? the current the so-called government(TPLF and EPLF); now they think history forgot them. How many bridges, how many dams did they destroy and why?because they never thought the good thing for Ethiopia. To revenge for Fascist Italia they punished All the Ethiopian people by using contribution as a pretext. That is why I am saying: there will be a wrong time when there is a wrong place to make the right decision.

    Therefore when we see(ignoring Ethiopian professionals)the Nile Dam case: by this time to survive in Ethiopia is worse than before. The last forty-four years everything is written and making more mistakes; it doesn’t change the fact that killing time and pretending as a successful project(wrong time).

    It reminds me President Mengistu Hailemariam made a decision to build in the middle of nowhere”Hestanat Amba” by ignoring the professionals; after that the children who were growing… we remember them(wrong place).

    የአባይ ጭምብል።

    የሚዳሰስ ረቂቅ ነው፤
    አይታይም እያየነው፤
    እንደቁማር ነው መዘዙ፤
    መርዝ አለው ውስጡ ብዙ።
    ያጋዚ እርግጫ ከጣመን፤
    በወያኔዎች የግፍ ዘመን፤
    ነፃነት ገዳይ የሚያባብል፤
    ይሄው መጣልን:-
    የአባይ ጭምብል።
    እንድታውቁት ነው ለማታውቁት፤
    መርዙን ከውስጡ ሲደበቁት።
    የልሣኑ ማጭበርበሪያ፤
    የጨዋታው መጠሪያ፤
    ግድብ ነውና ቃሉ፤
    ልማት ነውና ምስሉ።
    እንደ ካርታ ጨዋታ፤
    ከሦስቶቹ በተርታ፤
    “ቀይዋን ያየ ይብላ ፤
    ከጥቁሮቹ ሌላ ፤”
    ልብ እያማለለ
    ሕዝብ እያታለለ
    ብር እየቆጠረ፤
    ነፃነትን የሚያባብል፤
    ተጀምሯል የአባይ ጭምብል።
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    የግድቡ ኃይለ-ቃሉ፤
    ጠንካራ ነው አባባሉ።
    ግና ከውስጥ ለምናውቀው፤
    መርዝ አለበት የደበቀው።
    እንደቁማር “ቀይዋን” አይተን፤
    ከጥቁሮቹ አለያይተን፤
    ግፋቸውን ካላወቅን፤
    እንዲያ ካሰብን ዛሬም በቅን፤
    በሰላም ሥም የገደሉ፤
    ብዙ ሰዎች ዛሬም አሉ።
    ለኢትዮጵያ ወሳኝ ትግል፤
    ሲንቦለቦል በሕዝብ ሲግል፤
    አንድነትን የሚገድል፤
    ደግሞ አምጥቷል፦
    የአባይ ጭምብል።
    ነፃነትን አትጠይቁ፤
    ዲሞክራሲም አትወቁ፤
    እንደሚሉ ያወቁ፤
    በተንኮሉ ዛሬ የነቁ፤
    በወያኔ ያልታነቁ፤
    ሆዳቸውን ያልወደዱ፤
    ለአጋዚ የማይሰግዱ፤
    በሕሊና ሕዝብን ያሉ፤
    በግልፅነት የታገሉ፤
    ዕውነቱንም አይፈሩ፤
    በሃቅ ለመሞት:- ናቸው ኩሩ።
    ይህ ጉጅሌ አቅም አለው?
    ሕዝብን ግና ያታለለው፤
    በጅምላ ነው የገደለው።
    አልቋል ዛሬ ሴራው ሁሉ፦
    በቃ እንበል!!!በቃ በሉ!!!
    ነፃነታችንን አፍኖ ሊገድል፤
    በመሳሪያው ጀግና መሆኑን ሲፎልል፤
    በባንዶቹ ሲያዳልል፤
    ባዶ እጁን ማሩኝ ሊል፤
    ትንሽ ነውና የቀረው፤
    ከግብፅ ልንደምረው።
    አባይ ለደቡቡ ምኑ ነው?እንዳለው፤
    ሸበጥ ረሳሁኝ ትናንትና ያለው፤
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    ሕዝቡንም ሊያባብል፤
    በለቅሶ ይለምናል:-
    ይዞ የአባይ ጭምብል።

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