News Analysis: TPLF | EPRDF | Ethiopia – Video

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News Analysis – TPLF | EPRDF | Ethiopia

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  1. Repressive intolerance is the hallmark of the TPLF. Particularly Dr. D/Tsion is one of the sick minded individual among them. He does see Ethiopia in two parts:
    one is the Tigrean people who are compared to be gold and the rest of the Ethiopians as dirt and uneducated. This thinking process lines up perfectly with the late TPLF head, PM Meles.
    In today’s Ethiopia, there is no government structure. If you are a Tigrean with a gun you can do anything you want as you see it fit. The so called courts, police and military structure is fully controlled by Tigreans. To say there is no TPLF dominance is being blind to the naked truth. PM Haile Mariam is fully aware there is domination by the TPLF, but he is a puppet and does not use his belief and head but that of TPLF’s. If you can’t breathe and speak TPLF’s language you will be eliminated through their systematic poisoning, killing squad, or through their spy/hired prostitutes network inside and outside Ethiopia.
    For any change to occur in Ethiopia, first, TPLF must relinquish power to an elected person(s) and change the structure of the military to be representative of the entire country. As it stands now, no amount of discussion or negotiation will yield peace and tranquility for our people.

  2. The fascist and racist TPLF has had more than enough time to modernize and redeem itself. It was wrong to expect the fascist party such as the TPLF to
    do so because fascist parties lack the will and ability to reform and cease oppression. The way ahead is to consign this fascist group to the dust bin of history. Democratic, peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia can only arise on the ashes and grave of the TPLF.
    Death to the TPLF and victory to the peoples of Ethiopia.

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