News Analysis: Teddy Afro – Video

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News Analysis: Teddy Afro – Video

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  1. If the past could be a guide to the present, I suggest for Teddy and his family to get the hell out of Ethiopia for good. It is simply not safe for him and his family to live and work there. Ethiopia is a country that cuts its head off literally and figuratively. As a matter of fact there is a book out there with such title. “Ethiopia, the Country That Cut Off Its Head: A Diary of the Revolution” by Blair Thomson.
    I believe he can do more out of the country than staying there and being tormented by TPLF and its sympathizers. I see zero reason to stay in Ethiopia!!

  2. Yes, the past is a guide to the present.

    I see that people who flee the country reduce themselves into irrelevce. Out of desperation after they flee, they swell the number of the disgruntled diaspora that lives in eternal anger and frustration because of its inability to contribute to change in the country. I can call names of recent arrivals in the Western capitals who left the country with the support of Western nations to lighten the burden of the government back home.

    Talking and writing rubbish already known by the whole world is what the new arrivals in their adopted countries. Once the heydays are over, they are all overwhelmed by the glitters of the new country and forget what they left behind. Then their true opportunity seeking personality shows.

    Those in the diaspora who ceaselessly claim to be doing something are not making a dint. I mean I have not seen any of it.

    Teddy, don’t flee. From your songs, its clear that you’re a patriot who loves his country and people. You know possible consequences of patriotic songs and get ready to pay sacrifice if it comes. Safety comes second.

    Good luck.

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