New York City Rally as part of World Rally against Graziani’s statue erection

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Dear Fellow African Americans,

On this month of February, Black History Month, Ethiopian and Ethiopian Americans remember Feb. 19, Yekatit 12 for millions perished by Genocidal rampage of fascist Italy in Ethiopia. The 76 anniversary is very painful because of the revival of fascism and the building of mausoleum for the butcher of Addis, Graziani.

Fellow African Americans should join us in this battle against the revival of “Grazianism”. We Should not allow Graziani to be honored as hero by civilized world. Will the Jews allow Hitler to be remembered by Germans erecting mausoleum ? How could then be possible for Italy to do so ? Where is Vatican ? Most of all Where is Obama ?


Tedla Aafaw

New York City


  1. Hailesilase was fascist! Dergu was fascist! TPLF is also fascist! There is no difference b/n Graziany & Amhara or tigre fascisizim. kalkalo silicha-silicha kalkalo!

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